Back on the Best Coast

C.O.: Hey what’s up?

Me: Exhausted son, been up for nearly 48 hours

C.O.: Where you coming from?

Me: Bombay son

C.O.: Wow India, tight, what were you doing there?

Me: Kickin it with one of my friends, good times

C.O.: Awesome! Well you can go get some rest now, welcome back to San Francisco, welcome home!

C.O. stands for Customs Officer. And I have to say, thank you thank you thank you San Francisco for having the most chillaxed and personable immigration peeps ever.


Alors, I am back home in Marin after a painfully long journey home from Bombay which included a stopover in Germany, an epic delay on my final flight, and having all my bags (and myself) searched cell by cell on THREE OCCASIONS at Frankfurt Airport. Really? Seriously? I really don’t know where in my leggings or embedded on the bottom of my Coach flipflops would I be hiding any semblance of contraband.

IN ANY CASE, I wasted no time in arranging a lunch date with my bestttttfrandddd from high school, Marta (and that meeting took place a good eighteen hours after stepping off the massive Lufthansa Airbus A380 which brought me back to the land of my birth).

Since it was a RIDICULOUSLY hot and sunny day (we’re talking 90 degrees plus!), we headed over to the ever-so-popular and delicious Sam’s Anchor Cafe on Main Street in Tiburon for some fresh n delish seafood:

Martaaaa! Isn’t she ridiculously tan (she’s a swimming teacher)

And her delicious char-grilled salmon salad with fennel and romaine

A very, very hungry, jetlagged (and significantly less tan) me

My dish: Absolutely delicious filet of sole with white beans, fennel, white wine, lemon, kale, and capers. Polished in under three minutes

The great thing about Sam’s is that while it’s popular with the tourists (as are most eateries on the waterfront of Tiburon overlooking the glorious San Francisco Bay), it’s equally popular with locals and one of the few restaurants which has managed to stay intact on the Main Street drag. Plus, their food is consistently delicious!

Sam's Anchor Cafe on Urbanspoon

Of course, we were still a bit hungry afterwards so we headed over to Swirl in Mill Valley so we could ease the heat of the day w with some frozen yogurt. Un-pictured but as usual my indecisiveness got me putting all ten flavours in my cup (yes, including blue bubblegum)


Despite my severe j-lag (12.5 hour difference…pretty much as bad as it can get), my mother insisted we go out to dinner (and she told me this AFTER I washed my hair and anyone who knows me well knows I NEVER go out with wet hair). In any case, she assured me I would:

a) not run into anyone I know and

b) that my hair won’t frizz out and look completely unsightly in it’s drying phase whilst out for dinner.

Yeah, so sue me, I know I’m a little vain about my mane. 

So, where did we go? To Tommy’s Wok in Sausalito-  Marin’s best Chinese restaurant (and the only Chinese restaurant besides Lucky Strike which I will eat at…I admit I am not a huge fan of Chinese food).

Shrimp spring rolls with mustard sauce and some other scarily red sauce. I didn’t have any, but mi familia is obsessed with this appetizer…they have a tendency to do that (get really obsessed with a shrimp-containing appetizer)

Mango prawns and scallops (I’m missing mangos already as you can see)

Cubes of filet mignon with garlic, ginger, onions, and butter. Oh yeah and my dad ate all the garnish, I swear only Finnish people do that! (I’m actually guilty of eating the garnish if I feel like my meal is lacking in veggies)

Spicy basil chicken: We always get this

Szechuan aubergine: Mi mamacita and I LOVE this, and my father pretends to even though I know he really doesn’t like aubergines that much

Singapore noodles with chicken and prawns. Love. I dislike white rice so these were my carbs for the night

Tommy's Wok on Urbanspoon


Do you like Chinese food? If so, any particular sub-cuisine? Personally, Sichuan is my favourite!

Do you eat the garnish?


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