4th of July (Semi) FOB Style

Happy Fourth of July Weekend to all my American peeps!

Fun Fact: This is the first time since I was under the age of four that I have been in the US for Independence Day. Yeah yeah, I know the fourth is tomorrow and not today, but tomorrow is also the day in which Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales will be having a gargantuan 75% off sale so you know where I’ll be celebrating the American emancipation from Britain!

Therefore, today my family and I tried real hard at living up to the oaths that gave us American passports (except for Nora and I since we were born here) and did the stereotypical thang and had a huge feasty BBQ!
Keep in mind, we’re still pretty foreign so there was definitely a Middle Eastern tint to it all (but hey food ain’t nice without some spice!)

Homemade baba ghanouj

 Whipped up a favourite dip

to go with…

Shish Tawouk cumin and other spices marinated chicken kebabs
BBQ’d red peppers, aubergines, and portobello mushrooms

 There was also MORE delightful variations of meat in the forms of:

Filet Mignon and Herby Kafta Kebabs
Parsley, Mint, Arabic spices dip for the Kafta

Sauteed Onions and Portobellos with balsamic vinegar for the Filet Mignon

 And the necessary BBQ flossing-inducers:

And all together, yes:


And now I have enough leftovers to feed me until the demise of my solid food ingestion. Yes, my friends, sadly my wise lady chompers are coming out this week- I have been procrastinating the procedure for ages and now the time has come in which I will live a week drugged in bed with a bowl of mashed cauliflower (or whatever it is health-nuts who get their wisdom teeth out eat)

Alright, home-skillets, gotta go convince one of my parents that going out for fro-yo on this 100 degree day is the finest of fine ideas!

What do you do on the Fourth of July?

Favourite BBQ Grub? DO TELL!

And yes, I know it’s ironic that I am still spelling stuff the British way despite celebrating an American holiday. In my defence (hah! Just spelled that the British way too!) I learned my impeccable spelling skills in a rural British village at the age of four. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks- ya know what I’m sayin?


One thought on “4th of July (Semi) FOB Style

  1. Don’t worry! After I moved back from India, I was actually writing favourite, centre, colourful, etc etc.

    OH and I wrote the date as 14/7 instead of 7/14…still do 🙂

    Old habits die hard….or however that phrase goes

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