Anticipated Pros of Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Tomorrow is the day, at 7am I am getting my wisdom teeth out.

Right now, I’m not thinking about how I will have to endure the excruciating blood sugar plummeting pangs that result in breakfast skippage- I’m just hoping they will at least let me have my morning java (which I intend to wake up at 5am for)

In any case, in the newfound summer sunshine spirit of positivity, I have decided to turn this potentially tear and torment-inducing experience into something to be optimistic about- hence a list I have personally generated about some of the:

Anticipated Pros of Wisdom Teeth Extraction

little caveat: please don’t take this too seriously, because then you’re just no fun :/

  • Painkillers: I hear they’re fun
  • Lots and lots of movies! So far I have prepared: The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, The Kids are Alright, and part one of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (yeah, I know, I need to watch it before I struggle to stay awake for the midnight showing of the second part I promised Marta I’d go with her to). Oh yeah and my mum also just enthusiastically taught me how to watch movies on Netflix Insta-watch!
  • I think this might very well be an excuse to have a day of eating nothing but frozen yoghurt for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Awesome I can start out with sorbet flavours, then do tart ones, and end the night with the sweet Red Velvet Cake type ones!
  • My cellulite might melt away
  • Tremendous amounts of money will be saved since: I won’t be able to dine out, I won’t be able to drive anywhere (petrol costs/Golden Gate bridge tolls), I won’t be able to act on my random boredom induced shopping impulses (no, contrary to what one might think, I don’t partake in online shopping for actual shopping unless it’s Gilt Groupe), and my mother’s only grocery costs on my behalf will be greek yogurt, healthy seedless veggies to mash up, and ingredients for moong dahl.
  • The constantly intensifying damage on my split ends can cease since I will really have no incentive to blow-dry/straighten my hair…I mean, who’s gonna see me?
  • My room might stay clean since I shall be immobile
  • I  might come up with some real profound stuff to blog about, since I don’t really think you’d wanna see pictures of the mushed up carrots I plan on having for lunch tomorrow
  • And I suppose the wisdom teeth which were apparently going to give me trouble later in life no longer will (since they’ll be gone.)
Of course, in anticipation for this likely to be meatless following week, my wonderful mother sought fit that I have a very very protein-tastic lunch:
Beef kafta kebabs/filet mignon sauteed with Arabic spices, tomatoes, parsley, mint with whole wheat pita


Babaghanouj with tomatoes, parsley, olive oil, smoked paprika
Mini salad with parsley, tomato, sumac, vinegar, and olive oil
My huge happy lunch

And I did proceed to add some un-pictured Fage Greek Yoghurt, because a meal without dairy, just ain’t merry.

My metabolism is chuckling in ecstasy from all that lean protein!

Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to go iron all my wrinkled suitcase-dwelling cocktail dresses, return a pair of unflattering shorts to H&M, then go for a consultation avec le doc who shall put me under tomorrow morning. I have v. important questions to ask him pertaining to coffee, painkillers, and dairy consumption rules.

Have you had your wisdom teeth extracted? How was it? Any tips?

What did you eat? How long was the pain? 



5 thoughts on “Anticipated Pros of Wisdom Teeth Extraction

  1. Good luck!! My experience with my wisdom teeth was so-so.

    It sucked because I got REALLY nauseous and felt like I wanted to die.

    It rocked because my friends, family, and boyfriend all got me ice cream (which I ate for breakfast), pudding, balloons, and little gifts.

    I’d say it’s a win-lose 🙂

    1. Thanks! Ice cream for breakfast sounds awesome 🙂 Luckily I only ended up having to get the upper ones out (and they’re still numb from anesthetic) so I’m hoping the recovery won’t be too excruciating

  2. Good luck tomorrow love!

    I had mine out, all at once, but the recovery was not bad at all for me, mine were not even popped through yet , so I dont know if that makes a difference, I did not bruise, and I really didn’t need my pain pills, it is different for everyone though : )

    Eat lots of ice cream when you are able!!!!

  3. i just had my wisdom teeth removed about 3 weeks ago and i’m not going to lie, it was awful. i was in quite a bit of pain, my cheeks swelled like a mad woman, and i was bruised. but, my teeth were impacted, thus the trauma.

    in any case, i lost some weight during that week because i was living off of milk and juice, and slowly i was able to have greek yogurt and applesauce. my recommendation? make smoothies. i didn’t do this because i lost my appetite, but if you can, try to pack lots of protein powder and peanut butter into some good old fashioned smoothies. it really helps. the low calorie diet i fell into made me feel awful, and i am sure it inhibited my recovery.

    good luck!

    xxx alexandra

  4. I got my tooth extracted four days back. After a day I felt the craving for smoking and did that. Today I am having pain in that area plus the smell is very foul…What’s the problem.Help doctor.

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