Mama Cama-rones

If I had to choose one restaurant with the best food in all of Marin,

it would be…

Sol Food

And I know I am not alone in this selection considering Sol Food’s CONSTANT line out the door, a growing number of reviews on Yelp (almost 900), and it’s Food Network fame.

But really, if you’re ever passing through Marin and there’s one place to stop, it better be this downtown San Rafael located Puerto Rican enclave which my friends and I have been frequenting since our high school days

Funny enough, I’ve been telling my parents about Sol Food for ages, but they happened to discover it over the past six months while I was up in Portland and now they are…le obsessed, shall I say?

Large Insalata Con Camarones: Pan fried garlic prawns with tomato, avocado, mixed greens tossed in lemon garlic dressing

This salad is ridiculous, I’ve been having it for years and the prawns are always succulent and meaty, the avocado/tomatoes/greens farmer’s market fresh, and the dressing packs one pungent garlic punch

My parent’s on the other hand’s favourite go-to is:

Nino Pobre: Puerto Rican Po' Boy with breaded fried prawns, lettuce tomato, garlic mayonnaise panini'd on French bread (oh yeah and the prawns are breaded in plantain and rice flour)

I had several bites of the Nino Pobre and it is PHENOMENAL- the prawns perfectly crispy yet meaty and the tangy garlicky mayonnaise permeating the fresh tomato and lettuce. Not greasy at all and a very satisfying midday meal. (And keep in mind I am a member of the Mayo-detesting club, but this one can set up shop on my sandwich anytimeeee)

Of course, no meal at Sol Food is complete without:

Their famous hot sauce. Whatever is in this needs to be at my last supper. And my wedding.

Marta and I once used up an entire bottle a couple of years back…delicious…but we both had the worst acid reflux of our lives.

Sol Food on Urbanspoon

Ever had Puerto Rican food?

Are you a fan of hot sauce? What’s your favourite hot sauce? 


One thought on “Mama Cama-rones

  1. this place looks UNREAL- i think i’d get what you got- shrimp, avocado & garlic are three of my favorite things to eat… its only 11 amand my mouth is haha

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