Pudding, Pyjamas, & Pineapple

Happy sixth of July, friends/family/readers/people looking for irrelevant random stuff on search engines who ended up here!

Hope you’re all having as wonderful of a wednesday as I am (and no, I am actually not being facetious, today has been about as good of a day as the circumstances provide)

I woke up at around 6:35 this morning, left the house at 6:39…in my pyjamas (clean ones, mind you considering I don’t actually sleep in real pyjamas but rather scraps of mismatched conveniently accessible apparel) for my wisdom teeth extraction!

It was quite a hilarious start to the day seeing my father’s flabbergasted facial expression when I came up this morning, “YOU AREN’T READY YET? We have to leave in five minutes!”

“I am ready, daddy.”

“What? You aren’t going to get dressed?”

“The doctor said I can come in my pyjamas.”

So I did. In my unflattering size XL L&C athletics t-shirt that I randomly found in my dresser and goes down to my knees along with some flannel bottoms also mysteriously found in my dresser which looked like something normal people wear when they go to sleep.

I can’t tell you I remember anything about the extraction…that is except for having an urge to unleash a laugh when the doctor asked the nurse for alcohol in the beginning (me thinking it was a joke…it was really the rubbing alcohol to apply to my arm pre-anaesthetic injection). Oh yeah and I think when I was high on laughing gas I went on a rant about my thesis and how the bureaucratic structure in India allows corruption to thrive. That’s the ‘need to inform others’ genes from my dad’s side in action.

When I got home, my lovely mother was all prepared for my disoriented arrival:

Mama's clipboard/ doctor's instructions on times for drug administration/other measures to be taken for recovery

And of course my essentials were already prepared bedside:

Potter's Family chocolate pudding cup (from Whole Foods), water, meds, and cooled down coffee

 Being the lil health nut I am, I decided to purchase the recovery-recommended pudding from Whole Foods and a brand with all natural organic ingredients: Skim milk, agave, dark chocolate (and i think corn starch)- NO HFCS or any of that rubbish and (get this) 5 grams of protein per cup! Awesomeeeee! I only have to eat about six of them to equal a serving of chicken…

…I’ve also been hydrating with a new fabulous find:

Okay, it’s so not new- I’ve been lovin’ the electrolyte-enhancing properties of coconut water for ages now, but for some reason it’s recently become super trendy here in the States and is THE IT BEVERAGE to rehydrate with after your Bikram sesh or stroll with the ladies through downtown Mill Valley in ninety-degree heat. And who am I to shun trendy beverages? I live for trendy beverages, especially for ones with actual health-enhancing benefits…even if I am only in my bedroom all alone in my oversized pyjamas away from the public eye witness to my consumption of said trendy beverages (hey, that’s what the blog is for, yes?)

Image from this Site

I’m currently sippin’ on the pineapple flavour, but mamacita also has a guava one ready for me chillin’ in the fridge. Delicious and I can already feel the nutrients seeping into tissue repair action!

Are you a fan of coconut water? Plain or flavoured?


3 thoughts on “Pudding, Pyjamas, & Pineapple

  1. You have to have coconut water from a real coconut!! It is 10 X better and just as expensive…I had one on fourth of July hahaha

    I’m sorry about your wisdom teeth 😦 Whole Foods makes everything better though

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