Breakfast Construction

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for your well wishes and advice in terms of my wisdom teeth recovery; very much appreciated! I’ll tell you, it’s been about thirty-six hours and life feels pretty empty without any decent meals to look forward to- I am SO over pureed cauliflower lentil soup and have to spend an hour tongue-squeezing elbow macaroni as my evening meal. And did I mention that my formerly little face has morphed into an exaggerated game of chubby bunny? Ughhhh. Time to refreeze my peas.


Anyways, when I was in India over the past few weeks my parents stumbled upon all my blog posts regaling my delight over my morning-starter of alphonso mangos. Hence, when I got home last week I found my mother had filled up our dining room fruit bowl with none other than two sunset-hued champagne mangos

One dazed morning last week, I opened the refrigerator to accidentally spill out an entire container of blueberries (my bad…well most of them were nearing rancidity), so instead I decided to cut up Senor Mango as my breakfast fruit component:

Looks pretty, smells even better, tastes…sort of bland.

Some things are better preserved to be enjoyed in their best state. In this case, that would be that mangos are meant to be consumed in India (or any of the nearby locales India imports it’s regal fruit to) in the sticky, steamin’ summertimes.

A similar little thing happened when I was sixteen and had spent three weeks living between Paris and a Southwestern French village. Breakfast on the daily consisted of: Brioche with nutella, nutella stuffed beignet, and Special K chocolat cereal. Healthy, yes? Upon returning to America I not only struggled to locate decent enough beignets, but finding a brioche that matched the rich fluffy texture and buttery sheen of my host mom’s brand of choice was an impossibility. Thus, I settled for steroidal Costco croissants and mini nutella packets as my morning sustenance. That is, until I realised that I simply could not receive the same satisfaction from such an energy-dense breakfast in my home environment. Besides, what fun is it to make a compromise on something you love about another place when you attempt to translate it everywhere you go?

I know have various breakfast routines for the various places I frequent.

A few examples:

Home in California:

Cinnamon Puffins

Plain Kefir w/ cinnamon & ground flaxseed

LOTS of fresh berries


whole grain pancakes

Fage 2% with berries

Maple Syrup

Home in Finland:

Fage 2% with cinnamon & flaxseed

1/2 korvapuusti (cinnamon cardamom pastry)

Kauppatori (Outdoor market) fresh Arctic cloudberries


Super grainy pumpernickel-esque breads w/ Smör (butter) and cheese or senap (mustard) and cold cut turkey

Plain yoghurt and fruit


Mango or papaya with a tinge of dahi (yoghurt)

Chapati with fried eggs and mango pickle

Saudi Arabia:

Al-Marai plain yoghurt with peaches/plums

Maamoul date pastry


Zaatar bread

Lebneh cheese, olives, shakshouka

How has your breakfast routine changed throughout the years? Do you gravitate towards the same breakfast wherever you are or tend to try new things?

Sweet or savoury breakfasts?

Best breakfast you’ve ever had?


9 thoughts on “Breakfast Construction

  1. dear sara, i think you should do a post on your style! i’d love to read it (and , er, pick up ‘fashion tips’ from you). heh.

  2. I have different breakfasts depending on where I am as well. In Seattle for instance, I ordered scrambled eggs with strawberries and steamed veggies. Every day. For 5 days! And in Paris I would have an omelette with half a chocolate croissant and loads of jam. Oh, and a glass of juice. It’s really amazing I didn’t gain 20 pounds on that trip but somehow I lost weight instead.

    I am already thinking up my breakfast of choice when I head to NYC next week. I can’t wait!

  3. I got my wisdom teeth taken out THIS MORNING! I know what you mean about not having decent meals to look forward to: so far today I’ve had some oatmeal and chocolate pudding! (though oatmeal is one of my absolute favorites, so I am thrilled to get so many opportunities to eat that 😉 )

    Happy healing! ❤

  4. awww 😦 ive enver had my wisdom teeth pulled out but ive gotten testimonials from my friends, they hurt like a *itch!

    don’t worry though, sooner or later you’ll get to eat awesome solid food again 🙂
    and i bet you make an adorable chubby bunny!

  5. You are so cultured and have been to so many places. I’ve only lived in Canada my whole life!

    I had my wisdom teeth out last year, and found the mushy food to get boring so fast, but don’t worry solid food will be back soon 🙂

  6. Sweet – and I love Germany! The bread is to die for (and Muesli? YUM!) Have you ever had the Ovaltine spread? It’s like Nutella, but better 🙂

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