Style Series: Inspiristas

Hope you’re all having a fabulous Friday full of sunshine and scrumptious food- give thanks to the little things in life you take for granted (like being able to open your mouth all the way when you yawn and being able to chew with all your teeth). In the meantime, I’ve progressed food-wise and had some cinnamon puffins for b-fast (I had to wait 20 minutes for them to soften enough from the kefir though…then it took me another forty minutes to chew them properly with my front teeth. TMI, je sais, je sais). Oh yes and my marvelous mama just headed to Costco to pick me up a rotisserie chicken for lunch- should be soft enough for me to spend a couple of hours munching on.

ANYWAYS since it might still be a while before my food becomes photography and swoon-worthy, I thought I would take this time off to do a few style posts (since fashion is the other F besides food that gives me a purpose to wake up).

So who are my style inspiristas?

Kate Middleton:

AFP/Getty Images

 In a quickly sold out $89 Zara dress. Such class and elegance, this woman can turn high street into couture without even trying

Image from Splash News/Reuters

Wearing Jenny Packham, stunning.

(Source: Reuters. Date:07/01/2011)

 Chic in an Erdem dress and nude pumps

Photograph by Chris Jackson-Pool, Getty Images

I’m obviously obsessed with this dress- everything about it is stunning- the slimming silhouette, demure take on lace, and royal navy hue

Photograph by Getty Images, Getty Images
Photograph by Chris Jackson, Getty Images

Again, in Erdem, lace done in a classy, regal manner

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but several years ago I was in front of Kate in line at TopShop on Kensington High Street. I didn’t even realise it was Kate until my dad whispered to me that the woman behind me must be famous since there were several paparazzo waiting outside the store.


Rumi Neely (of award-winning fashion-blog, Fashion Toast)

All images from Fashion Toast

Elin Kling, Swedish fashion blogger

Images from Style by Kling

In terms of mainstream celebrities, I also love a lot of what Blake Lively and Alexa Chung wear on the regular. For the most part however, I am a huge fan of Swedish fashion- the clean, minimalistic palate the clothes provide, and I like to combine it with a little zing courtesy of tasteful accessorizing (a killer pair of shoes, a large statement satchel, and/or simple yet elegant jewelry- if ever in doubt, you can NEVER go wrong with a pair of pearls in your lobes.) The bottom line: Don’t over-do it on the accessories.

More style-facet posts to come!

Who inspires your taste in fashion?


6 thoughts on “Style Series: Inspiristas

  1. I love the black Erdem dress…it is beautiful. Your little friend Kate is in LA today and all I can say is that she and her hubby better not affect the traffic! 🙂

    Carolyn Bessette Kennedy will always be my style guru, even if she is unfortunately no longer with us. But Elin King, who I hadn’t heard of until now, is beautiful! I kind of want to be her as well.

  2. hy,
    chanced upon your space while blog hopping..
    awesome space you have..
    Am your happy subscriber now..:)
    do stop by mine sometime..

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