Afghani dippin’

Merry Monday, mes champignons! Hope you all had a glorious, sun-speckled weekend and are ready to take on whatever this coming work week brings (Man I am jealous of all you people at work right now…no really. Don’t complain, you’ve gotta job!)

Anywayssss, my cheeks have deflated to an acceptable enough size for me to be seen in public (with the help of a little cover-up for the bruises at their base) so that’s good in my ‘hood.

In terms of eating, I have begun to eat almost everything again which has already made life EXPONENTIALLY better than what it was last week.

So, on the title of this post! Afghani food! I absolutely adore Afghani food- perhaps one of my top five cuisines! I mean, what’s not to like, it features a combination of ALL my favourite foods: kebabs, yoghurt, and aubergine #WINx3. So, for those of you from the Bay Area who frequent Farmer’s Markets and Whole Foods (which is probably EVERY blogger), you might have stumbled across the delicious Bolani: East and West Gourmet Afghan Food stand. Basically, they make these DELICIOUS (and quite healthy) super thin breads stuffed with either spinach, lentils, potatoes, or pumpkin. In addition to the bolani breads, they have a variety of scrumptious dips/chutneys and jellies (lentil curry, cilantro pesto, sundried tomato hummus, etc).

Welllllll, the greatest news in the history of Concord-based Afghani gourmet food is that COSTCO now carries their products- the spinach and lentil bolanis or for $11 you get THREE DIPS (Garlic mint cheese, cilantro pesto, and sweet jalapeno jelly)! Alors, I was a very chipper chipmunk when mumsy came back from her weekly Costco-swag-grab with THIS:

Closed containers
AND OPEN! United Colours of YUM

Packaging for Spinach Bolani
And all heated up and ready for dippage

 These are absolutely sensational, and you can use them as an appetizer, side dish, or get creative and make bolani sandwiches out of them (I ate them with half a rotisserie chicken and all the dips ‘cuz that’s how I roll). And besides being quite healthy, all their products are vegan (with the exception of the garlic mint cheese which is really made with yoghurt and taste like a glorified and zingy Kabul-ized version of tzatziki).

Have you ever had Afghani food?

Ever tried the Bolani products? What do you think?


9 thoughts on “Afghani dippin’

  1. That spinach bolani not only looks delish, but it looks like a nutritional winner, too! I’ve never tried Afghani food, but now I’m curious. I imagine they don’t eat alot of meat, do they?


  2. Thank you so much for posting this!

    I’ve always wanted Afghani food and my parents always promise to take me since they know somewhat about it but they never remember 😦

    I’ve read about Bolani and for sure I’m going to pick this up soon.

    It looks like a paratha or roti or something similiar?

    But pumpkin stuffed…mmmmm

    1. Yup, they sell it at Whole Foods as well (in the Bay Area at least) and at Bay Area farmer’s markets…check the website too cuz you can order it online I think

  3. The hell!! My Costco doesn’t have that!! Booooo!!

    I love Afghani food so long as it’s not the tired old kebab and stuff. I’ve been to an Afghan restaurant before and though I can’t judge if it’s authentic, I really enjoyed the food.

  4. I’m so glad that you liked bolani, and it makes me proud as an afghan. You guys should definitely check out afghan food because it will be like a party for your taste buds lol. If you guys liked the bolani you should try mantu or samboosa. ❤

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