Nobody wants a cold hard egg…

Yay, so sounds like a lot of you are curious about Afghani food! I say, give it a shot if you haven’t already, especially if you’re a fan of Indian or Middle Eastern fare! Plus, if you’re in the Bay Area you’re in a lot of luck thanks to the presence of Bolani AND the fact that the largest Afghani population outside of Afghanistan is just over in Fremont!

Anyhow, now that my wisdom teeth gaps have healed for the most part, I’ve jumped right back in into the eating game (no more pudding and purees for this little muncher!)

Yesterday for lunch, my mama and I headed to our personal favourite, Taste of the Himalayas (I just went there with Emily in a post from around a month ago). Between the two of us, we have tried nearly EVERYTHING on the menu, but yesterday we decided to venture past our usual meat tandooris:

No Himalayan meal is complete without starting off with some ground chicken momos and freshly made tomato chutney

And we also got the steamed veggie momos since they are also impeccable

Rice salad: Wild rice, chickpeas, arugula/mixed greens tossed in a ridiculously tantalizing chaat vinaigrette. This may be one of the best salads I have ever had

Velvety and rich Saag Paneer- I’ve mentioned before how I am not paneer’s number one fan, but this was phenomenal and just the right texture (not rubbery at all), and it helped having the fiery, piping hot spinach, masala, and cream laced gravy to accompany the fragrant pile of basmati and burning hot oven-fresh naan

*sigh* I love Nepalese food. Now I understand why Yurop gets homesick for his home-grub 🙂

Like I mentioned in my last post eating here, if you’re ever in Sausalito DO NOT hit up an overpriced waterfront tourist trap of a restaurant, come here and get some quality dining.

Taste of the Himalayas  on Urbanspoon


Then tonight for dinner, Marta and I decided to hit up Sabor of Spain, a Spanish (duh) restaurant in downtown San Rafael. The reason? We both had gift cards to use.

When we first entered we were a little skeptical if the restaurant was even open considering the entirety of it’s space was completely void of customers (that always makes me a little uneasy admittedly…) However, a few Marinite couples soon filled the nearby tables (including a lady wearing a rather ridiculous calf-length romper with matching wedges- it was a brave attempt at an outfit but I couldn’t help but wonder why she had neglected to iron her cardigan if she was taking such a Leighton Meester-esque fashion risk)

Anyhow, Marta and I decided to split three orders of tapas:

Tortilla Patata: A yukon potato omelette with asparagus, caramelized onions, and capsicum

I of course had to pick out the green capsicum (I’m allergic), but otherwise it was alright- the egg was a bit hard for my taste and tasted rather cold (I love eggs, but am quite picky about their preparation.)

White prawns in garlic, white wine, dijon accompanied by buttered garlic bread

The prawns were quite juicy and DRENCHED in garlic, but the sauce seemed rather oily for my comfort level so I just fished the little buggers out and pinched ’em right out of their shells

Coriander and cumin crusted chicken skewers with sauteed spinach

It was okay, now that I am typing out the menu description, I don’t really recall tasting any of the supposed cumin and coriander. Hmmm?

Conclusion: So-so. We’ll be back because we still have dough on our gift cards but in my personal opinion the food was nothing special. Maybe that could also be that I can’t help but compare Tapas places to Andalu (in San Franicsco) or the Portland superstar of Peruvian dining, Andina.

Sabor of Spain on Urbanspoon

How long did your wisdom teeth recovery take?

Do you tend to try new restaurants or gravitate to old favourites?

What’s your reaction to over-oily sauces (no seriously, legit question)?


7 thoughts on “Nobody wants a cold hard egg…

  1. I love your adventurous eating style! Nepalese food is fabulous, although I’ve only had it once. In Tokyo. Random, I know,

    I get really disgusted by oily foods which is why I rarely eat Pakistani food. It drives my husband nuts that I am so picky about it but seriously? An inch of oil? It’s NOT normal!

  2. Momos remind me of a school trip I took to this place in North India called Sikim. The Bird Flu was in full swing at the time but we ate chicken ones anyways. What can I say? We were only in the 8th grade so we could care less.

  3. My mouth is watering!! All of that looks amazing.

    My wisdom teeth recovery took about a week, I think. After that I was able to get out and do whatever I wanted and eat most things. I also no longer looked like a complete fool/chipmunk.

    I always like to think that I am an adventurous restaurant seeker, but in reality I do tend to stick to restaurants I know and love. It’s expensive to go out, so I like to know what I’m spending my money on!

  4. All those meals look fabulous, and not something I typically see. I love seeing new meals 🙂

    I tend to go back to favorite restaurants. When I go to new restaurants I’m always worried I’ll spend money on something I’ll be disappointed in.

  5. I love how you, too, don’t just eat the obvious ‘food blogger oatmeal, veggies, blah blah blah’ stuff 🙂

    Unlike you, I’m more a sweet than savory kind of girl (as my recent ice cream post(s) just go to show!).

    But Kombucha? That sounds interesting, I’ll have to try it when I get to LA! It sounds like such a hipster Californian thing to drink, hahaha 🙂 And I’m a total klutz, too, so I’ll probably be wearing half of the bottle – I hope it hydrates externally, too? 😛

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