Hipster Credibility Gone Awry

Ever have an appointment or an engagement that you end up arriving unusually early for?

Right, I understand that might not be the case for most people, but for me ever since I was old enough to have to ride solo to appointments/meetings/friend-dates I have had a tendency to overestimate my journey time (I always take into account potential traffic/an unusual road work detour I may have to take and rerouting time if I get lost) and thus almost always have a ton of free time beforehand.

The next big thing is being fashionably early, my people…

In terms of what I do while waiting? Well for one thing I am m not a fan of just chillin’ in my car since:

a) If it’s a hot day, I will most definitely scald to death since I have black leather interior

b) I feel like a little creeper just parked, sitting, and pretending to be highly engaged in the Volvo User’s Manual

c) I have a tendency to keep making sure my doors are locked since I might be *slightly* paranoid of any passer-by who either looks at my car or makes eye contact with me (unless they’re a mother with a stroller)…what can I say I was raised to be on my guard 24/7

So what do I do instead? Well in a best case scenario there would be a Nordstrom or a Whole Foods within walking distance!

Sure enough, yesterday I had forty minutes to kill before an appointment on the opposite side of the Bay Area and Hallelujah there was a beautifully gentrified Whole Foods summoning my presence (and dollars) under a beacon of Silicon Valley sunshine!

After a quick walk-around gazing at the local products differentiating this particular branch from the one(s) near my house, I headed to the beverage aisle to choose something to sip/pose in-

After much debate (around eleven minutes worth) and initially picking up a bottle of Mamma Chia (Some beverage made with CHIA SEEDS?! Anyone tried this, it looks…ridiculous), I chose my hipster-rejuvenation-bev of choice:

Gingerade Kombucha

Post-payment, I stood in line for the restroom so I could fix my hair/check for stray eyelashes and in front of me was a typical hipster dude (Cheap Mondays, flannel, retro-frames, slick hair) holding a half-empty Kombucha himself. At that moment my little hipster consciences swelled in that “connection-pride” and I felt the need to make my fresh bottle of the ‘buch more prominent to subtly communicate that our beverage values were in sync. Anyhow, while hipster dude was in the restroom I ignorantly shook my bottle of bucha, started opening it just to have it fizz over and start leaking over the sides- of course I immediately screwed the cap back on but there were still little streams of raw bacteria (or enzymes or whatever it is the stuff has in it) dripping down the sides.

Damn it, now I remember that the one other time in my life I drank Kombucha (back in college of course as entertainment while watching thesis presentations) that it said on the bottle to NOT SHAKE IT. Oops.

Sure enough, hipster dude exited the restroom, witnessed my mishap, and squeaked a rather elitist, “Oh no.”

In return I gave a look which communicated, “I know, damn Kombucha shook itself- what a shame now all the enzymes must be having seizures.”


Oh well, a bit of spillage in no way ruined my day- I went about my merry south of Marin business, drove back home in the afternoon (anyone else from Marin/San Francisco feel that royal sense of pride when driving across the Golden Gate Bridge? Each time I cross over there’s always a chorus of Bay Area hip-hop rapping in my head that this is where I’m from, this is my hood, forreal though)

All that driving/spacing out in my own merry universe built up quite an appetite, so my mama, Nora, and I headed to the adorable hole-in-the wall Small Shed Flatbreads in downtown Mill Valley to get a little local pizza (and salad):

Bolinas Beat Salad: Mixed greens, pistachios, fire-roasted beets, honey balsamic dressing…and I added free-range chicken since we were ordering vegetarian pizzas (it usually comes with Humboldt Fog Cheese which was described by our Server as a “stinkier version of Brie,” but we went without. Was more delicious than the injustice this photo does
Aubergine pizza (x2): Fresh tomato sauce, roasted red peppers, aubergine, grana, and mozzarella
Close up. This pie could have come straight outta Liguria. That good. 
Flatbread #3 Special: Zucchini, squash blossoms, tomato sauce, grana, oregano, and that hunk of white is fresh hand-pulled MOZZARELLA

 One of my favourite aspects of the pizzas here? How cracker-thin the crust is and how in true Marin County style the ingredients are organic, fresh, and locally-sourced. Plus, none of the food is salty or heavy and the true magnified flavours of everything from the produce to the sauces to the high calibre cheeses shine through to make an optimally satisfying meal!

Small Shed Flatbreads on Urbanspoon

How do you like your pizza?

What are your favourite unusual beverages at Whole Foods/health-food stores? 

What’s your opinion of Kombucha?

What do you do to kill time when early for an engagement?


7 thoughts on “Hipster Credibility Gone Awry

  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog, super sweet! I’m just the same with showing up early for appointments…unsurprisingly, it drives me mad when others are late! Blog reading and replying long overdue emails always help kill time!

    Looking fwd to reading mire of your blog 🙂

  2. Kombucha: amazing when flavored by mangos…undrinkable in any other flavor.

    I think it’s cause I really hate vinegar.

    I forgot that you were in Bombay a few weeks ago! Crazy how events turn out, isn’t it?

  3. mmmm Kombucha!
    I like my pizza with veggies galore! Pretty much any type of veggie will fly in my book 😀

  4. blahhhh I despise the taste of kombucha but seem to always be in the minority with that one. I am so picky when it comes to everything so I think that is why! I also like my pizza with just cheese. I am a total plain jane what can I say!?!?!

  5. Hi Sara! I really enjoyed this blog entry.. I had a good laugh throughout the read (particularly the Kombucha story). I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog entries! =) And thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me feedback too!

    -Mona P.

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