Style Series: Stylephile on Nora

My latest Stylephile post is on no other than my younger sister, Nora.

If you need any reacquainting with my feisty and ferocious kins-lady, you can check out this post


Name: Nora

Age: Close enough to be eighteen

Hometown: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Favourite outfit as a child: That fruity matching shorts and top set that mama bought for each of us…you know the one with the fruit print

Signature style touches: Long necklaces

Style Idol: Victoria Beckham…and the Fanning sisters

Favourite Designers: Alexander McQueen, Balmain, and Elie Saab

If given $5,000 to spend exclusively on accessories you would buy: A pair of Louboutins, Alexander McQueen clutch, and the rest would go towards a Chanel bag

Ultimate fashion faux pas: Denim on denim…heinous

Best piece in your closet: My Doc Marten boots

Ideal sandwich: Mozzarella, basil, tomatoes, balsamic, mushrooms, greens, and red peppers all panini’d up

Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs, sweater tee: Urban Outfitters, cut-offs: H&M
Cross-body bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs at Saks Fifth Avenue
Downtown Mill Valley: In J-brand skinnies and an Urban Outfitters white lacy tee
And her newest Marc Jacobs satchel

Nora’s style has always been quirky and a unique hybrid of urban and feminine chic…that is, after we both got past the embarrassing Juicy Couture velour hoodie/7 for all Mankind bootcuts/Uggs combo trend (in our defense it was 2003 where it was several notches less of a faux pas than today’s standard.)

Since then, you can find plenty of denim skinnies in her wardrobe (J Brand or Marc by Marc Jacobs are the favourites- though Miss Sixty and Diesel were formerly before they got a little embellishment-wild), autumn hues of oversized Trouve tees and knits, and some lace or chiffon accented blouses. In sum, the canvas is clean and the accessories are what bring the zing- namely a collection of long chain necklaces with animal or skull pendants, Doc Martens to dainty Vera Wang flats, and a killer Designer purse selection featuring several Marcs and the regular repertoire of Gucci/Prada/Burberry/Dior.

She’s stylish indeed, and the most efficient shopping companion I’ve ever had. She will INSIST you put that “hideous” pair of nautical shorts back on the rack and will correctly inform you prior to wasting time and impatience on a fitting room that there is no way in hell you’ll fill out that vanity-sized Theory pencil skirt and you might as well just give up on finding any work clothes that look or fit halfway well unless you’re willing to pay up downstairs at Armani.

Love ya sis.


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