If You are What You Eat, then I’m Made of Meat

In case you haven’t noticed, I might be a bit of a restaurant snob- actually just an all-out food diva in general. And this diva-dom tends to grow the more delicious food I taste and the higher my expectations get.

The type of epicurean snobbery my preferences fall under has undeniably shifted for the better throughout my life. I will admit that up until I was eleven or twelve I flat out REFUSED to eat at restaurants without tablecloths- and those checkered Italian-style ones DID NOT count. I don’t know why, don’t ask, but most of the places I frequent nowadays and just about ALL my favourite restaurants do not actually have tablecloths…since I realised the tablecloth-metre was in no way an accurate measure of culinary quality.

How am I still a food snob then?

 I cringe at the thought of eating at overpriced touristy establishments with subpar food. I skim and judge a place on it’s Yelp reviews like no other, do other research on Urbanspoon/Chowhoud/etc, evaluate the menu, the photos…you get the picture. For me, it’s just a complete waste to spend $20 on an oily oversalted mediocre meal when I can spend $5 on a killer falafel sandwich in some dinky hole in the wall in the Sunset district (of San Francisco).

I come for the food, for the uniqueness and character of the edible compositions at that particular establishment, for something I can’t make at home or get a carbon copy of elsewhere.


Yesterday was another beautiful Marin County day. Marta suggested we eat somewhere overlooking the bay so we headed over to downtown Tiburon to have a little pre-dinner walk and I decided to play tourist in my own hood and snap a few pics- what can I say, as much as I miss Portland I am proud of the beauty of where I live:

Tiburon coastline
City of my birth
Downtown Tiburon

Main Street, Tiburon

Tiburon, like Sausalito is ridiculously touristy in the day time- much due to it’s glorious views of the bay. It’s rather boring to be honest but sometimes you just want to stroll under the sunset and remember how lucky you are to live in such a gorgeous place.

Anyways, Marta and I have tried just about every restaurant on Main Street so we decided to go to the only one we haven’t tried, Guaymas, a waterfront gentrified (aka overpriced) Mexican place. I admit I was a little  very skeptical of how the food would be considering how discouraging many of the Yelp reviews are- plus Mexican is not one of my favourite cuisines to dine on (and spend a lot of $$ on) unless it’s one of those damn good taquerias in the Mission District which anyways are about as cheap as non-organic heads of garlic.

Marta: Pescado tacos with cumin salad, pumpkin seeds, guacamole

Marta liked her tacos and took the last one to go

Me: Ridiculous platter of 2 giant chicken skewers, 2 beef skewers, enough beans to feed the population of Puerto Rico, cactus salad, cotija cheese, and guac

 This whole plate was ridiculous. I mean, seriously look at all those beans (we figured out they gave me twice as much because I asked for the dish without rice). I ate all the chicken, the guac, cactus salad, and about half the beef- the rest of it was infested with fat…gross. Plus I don’t think it was grass-fed…

…the chicken was okay. In all honesty, the meal was a bit too shiny (aka oily/greasy) for my comfort level and suuuuuper salty, nothing special, seemed like something one would order at Chevy’s or Applebees (never been to either but that’s how I assume the food looks from the commercials)- but whatever you win some, you lose some and at least I’ve hopefully satisfied my metabolism with that ridiculous amount of protein.

Guaymas on Urbanspoon

Post-din, we drove over to Woody’s Yogurt Place in Strawberry for no other than fro-yooo! Even though Woody’s isn’t self-serve, their fro-yo is delicious and it’s the original yogurt spot in Southern Marin. Unpicured but I got a combo of Caramel, Butter Brickle, and Death by Chocolate.

Have you ever been to Tiburon/Marin County?

How do you choose where to eat when trying a new restaurant?

Fan of Mexican food? 


3 thoughts on “If You are What You Eat, then I’m Made of Meat

  1. Those pics make me want to come to California!

    And, this probably comes as no surprise, but I choose restaurants by their dessert menu 😛 I don’t even look a the ‘meal’ until dessert is selected 🙂

  2. Hahah you remind me of my friend (and I guess also my brother) who eat NOTHING but meat.

    My family went to Chevy’s a while ago because my dad realllllly wanted to use up a coupon and I’m not even that snobby when it comes to food, but nothing was appetizing!

    I used to adore it as a kid, but now I’ve moved on.

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