You be Killin’ Em

Confession: It’s been forever since I’ve properly exercised

I don’t have any sort of gym routine or schedule, heck, I’m not even a member at any such facility and usually consider the dinky weight training/crunches I do on random impulses at home to be my “exercise.” I wouldn’t say I am completely sedentary, but pretttttty close and currently living at home makes it difficult for me to be anything but sluggish considering I spend most days in front of a computer screen writing and editing cover letters with the occasional pyjama’d skype session.

Plus, being a blogger I can’t help but feel like the entire universe is circuit training on a schedule, attending Bikram sessions, and testing out their Garmins on the Elliptical.

Yeah…this kind of needs to change.

Here in Mill Valley, there is a rather well known trail that slithers from downtown up through the Redwoods called the Dipsea trail- and the first portion is 670 stairs split into three sets.

Lookin' up from the first set
2nd set, looks neverending

 This morning afternoon I slipped on my Gung-Ho attitude along with a pair of super ugly not-even-remotely-fashionable baby blue running shorts with a ratty old American Apparel tee and put my hair in a ponytail and drove down to Old Mill Park to conquer this thigh grinding arse-lifting heart-slaving beast of a run.

From the top...and now back down again

In the beginning I thought my heart was going to fall out of my mouth…like I said it’s been a while- but after the first set that familiar exercise-induced feeling of mental clarity, energy, and enlightenment dawned over me. I ended up completing the stairs, doing the first set twice, then taking a leisurely walk up and down through the hills of the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Additionally, in order to further enhance the experience of running amongst the Redwoods in my glorious make-up-free tacky outfitted existence I made sure I had some appropriate additions to my accompanying soundtrack/playlist:

You be Killin’ Em- Fabolous

Beautiful People- Benny Benassi/Chris Brown

Yup, I be killin’ em alright 😉 (and yes I am obsessed with the lyrics of that song). Music is the ultimate mood-setter!

New Goal: Do the Dipsea steps 3-4x per week and soon graduate to doing them TWICE!


So, as one can imagine, such heart-pumping action builds up a substantial appetite so we suitably asked our kind father to pick up some burgers on his way home from work…and not just ANY burgers but the ones from

Pearl’s Phat Burgers in downtown Mill Valley- which has only won how many Food Network and Bobby Flay awards? Lost count.


 Pearl’s has an innovative menu featuring several varieties of meat including Buffalo, Kobe, and organic grass-fed Estancia beef as well as grilled chicken, turkey, and veggie varieties. To add to the zing there are also various specialty burgers ranging from pesto or spicy southwestern style ones to open-faced ones smothered in chili or topped with hot dogs.

I’m a purist at Pearl’s however so I always get the buffalo burger on a whole wheat bun- massive but quite healthy if I may say so myself!

I may have been still hungry after finishing this thus I may have polished 1/4 of my mama’s Kobe burger…what can I say, I definitely don’t have an iron or protein deficiency, that’s for sure.

Oh yeah and we also got two varieties of fries:


Pearl's Phat Burger on Urbanspoon


What sort of exercise do you do? Do you have a gym routine or like to go out in nature/play a sport?

What kind of music do you have on your workout playlist?
And where can I buy decent looking workout clothes that won’t distract from my Balenciaga bag fund?


4 thoughts on “You be Killin’ Em

  1. Great goal! It’s always nice to read about ways of fitting in exercise without a formal gym membership! I used to be anal about my workout routine but now I’m just concentrating on fitting in any kind of exercise daily, be it running, walking or lifting!

  2. I love this post because I just finished writing one about how I haven’t been to the gym one single time this week. I am totally over the gym thing right now and I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one!

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