Kama Su…shi

Last night, the pesca-vorous cravings were in full force; so Nora and I went on a long and eventually fish-ful search to fulfill our wasabi accented raw sea dweller needs

Our venue of choice? Sushi 69 in San Anselmo (now do you get the oh-so-witty-of-me title of this post?)

First of all, I am not terribly familiar with downtown San Anselmo, but according to Nora’s iPhone we were a mere 278 feet from the restaurant when I parked my car on the main road, San Anselmo Avenue. What began was a trek in the sun…not any trek in the sun though considering I wore my dangerous 4.5-inch stilettos (it was a very Rumi Neely-inspired outfit along with $8 leggings, that Zara top from the last post and of course some compensating Jimmy Choo arm candy and Chanel wayfarers).

Oh yeah and Nora was wearing black Uggs on an eighty degree day. Really? Uggs? I’m about to revoke that Stylephile cred...kidddddding. 

Anyways, according to Nora’s iphone the restaurant was in the bushes, we walked around and around not knowing where the hell this little Sushi crib was and I was about ready to give up and just go have a lobster cobb at L’Appart Resto when I decided I would whip out ze Blackberry and get directions. And then we found Sushi 69, tucked down a ramp behind a bus-stop (and sort of in the bushes).

Point of the story: Blackberry > iPhone

Obviously walking in the sun in 4.5 inch stilettos (or Uggs) for 15 minutes builds up a substantial appetite:

"Sake" Salmon Sashimi
Chicken teriyaki salad with avocado, tomato, mixed greens, and a miso-ey/peanutty dressing
'Twas good but WAAAAY overpriced at $17, plus the chicken was sort of fatty and weird which makes it hard to dissect with chopsticks (and I have too much pride to ask for a fork)
Hiro Roll: Spicy tuna, salmon, avocado, light ponzu sauce- delicious!
San Rafael Roll: Tempura shrimp, crab salad, tobiko, cucumber

 We finished just about everything and our waiter apparently resembled Diane Kruger’s boyfriend (then Nora looked up his name on her iPhone because it was bugging her like no other…but I already forgot because I only pretended to agree with her- I don’t even know what this dude looks like).

Besides the food, it was good sister bonding time consisting of Nora trying to convince me to move back up to Portland (haha so I can drive her to New Seasons Market so she can get her custom wok noodles), but it’s definitely overpriced even for Marin standards (in other words this is a forewarning to the parental units of what to expect on my next credit card bill).

Sushi 69 on Urbanspoon

What do you normally order at Japanese restaurants?

iPhone or Blackberry?


9 thoughts on “Kama Su…shi

  1. Blackberry > iPhone….true story! Although I just switched to a Mac and am loving it so an iPhone may be in my near future ;)! Japanese is one of my favorite cuisines and salmon avocado rolls are always a must when I’m ordering. Bring on the fat :)!

  2. I would order every kind of sushi you did… it’s what I always get at a Japanese restaurant 🙂 Salmon is probably my favorite and any kind of roll with a bit of crunch to it, aka something is fried in there

  3. Mmm that all looks amazing, but I know how you feel about the price. I hate how expensive Japanese food can be. I hate when sushi cravings strike! My go-to order is spicy tuna roll(s), miso soup, and sometimes rice or edamame.

    I loved your comment on my picnic post. I can’t even imagine eating pb and pickles but sounds crazy enough for me to try!

  4. I’ve never heard of Lassi before. I used to buy Kefir all the time, but I don’t anymore because I prefer THICK yogurt. So, if Lassi is even more thin and watery, it’s probably not for me!

    I agree that Chobani has the best flavored Greek yogurts. We just got the mango flavor in where I work, but I haven’t tried it yet. We also got the pomegranate flavor, which sounds amazing!

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