Sunday was a dashing day in the food department- new product discoveries, simplicities, and some custom “Asian street food”

Guess what Trader Joe’s sells now??

LASSI! I ran out of kefir, so decided to give this a shot- there's also an Alphonso Mango variety (yayyy!) but for cereal-related purposes I chose the plain. Verdict: Delicious! Kind of tastes like kefir to be honest except slightly thinner and with similar nutrition stats

 And guess what hybrid of two of my favourite things I also (FINALLY) found this weekend?

Mango 2%!

Most of the Greek yoghurt I consume is of the plain variety embellished by way of fruit and cinnamon; and if not plain I occasionally will have some Chobani or Oikos vanilla, however in terms to flavoured yogs, Chobani wins hands-down with their creative varieties (Pomegranate, Lemon, Cherry, Pineapple, Strawberry Banana, Peach, Blueberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, and now the king of fruits, MANGO!)

Like tropical velvet

 Verdict: The best, along with strawberry banana and pomegranate- what can I say, 2% yoghurt makes a much creamier and more delightful treat than the fat-free counterparts


Want a simple yet ridiculously delightful lunch? Have your mama make you THIS:

Open-faced oven grilled caprese sandwich: La Brea Ciabatta bread, balsamic vinegar, fresh mozzarella, basil leaves, fresh plump tomatoes with a side of rocket/mushroom/basil/cherry tomato insalata

 Tasty and vegetarian-suitable. Who else loves burnt bread as much as I do?


Pour le diner, my mama and I were together on our own; the father was away at the recording studio jamming on the Fender and doing whatever it is people do at recording studios and Nora was at the movies.

Alors, mama and I wanted something quick, healthy, and nearby

Where to then? Charlie Hong Kong of course!

Charlie Hong Kong is an organic Asian Street Food hole in the wall in downtown Mill Valley (which originated in Santa Cruz) where you choose a signature wok bowl or rice bowl and then top it off with your choice of protein; as usual we selected two dishes to share:

Charlie's Pad Thai (wide rice noodles stir-fried with organic vegetable medley & mushrooms in a tangy tomato-tamardind sauce, garnished with organic peanuts, cilantro, scallions, bean sprouts, carrots, and lime and topped with organic slow-braised beef and three jumbo prawns
Close-up! Check out those juicy juicy prawns!

 Not your usual Pad-Thai, but nevertheless delicious and fresh ingredients (and we had a tonne of noodles left over, which I assume made a fabulous late night snackaroo for the father)

Gado-Gado (Stir fried organic vegetable medley & mush- rooms with black bean & spicy peanut sauces, garnished with organic peanuts, cilantro, bean sprouts, carrots, scallions & limes) over brown rice and topped with slow braised spicy ginger beef

They may have went a little overboard on the sauciness, but this was also delicious- I love bok choy so was happy to see it had such a prominent presence on the plate.

Conclusion: I really should come here more often! Their ingredients are fresh, the people that work there are friendly and efficient, and the place has a nice chilled out vibe and huge bottles of Sriracha if it’s not already spicy enough (which it wasn’t in my opinion)

Noodles or rice?

What’s the best new product you’ve tried?


What would you like to see more on my blog? Food posts, recipes, restaurant reviews, fashion, random ramblings, videos, any other ideas? All of you always have such wonderful input and I’d love to hear your feedback!

And another thing: I am beginning to think about switching to WordPress.org/Self-hosting but am as lost as a headless chicken on how to do that- any advice or host recommendations would be vairrrr much appreciated 


11 thoughts on “Söndag

  1. A little burnt bread never hurt anyone! I spy melted mozzarella yummy 🙂
    Noodles or rice- normally I would go for rice but I really like Pad Thai
    Jalna Natural Yogurt is the new product I’ve recently tried and it is delish.

  2. I have yet to try the Mango Chobani, but that must happen soon 🙂 And you are so right, the 2% is a better texture and much creamier. I used to only buy the non fat versions because of my fear of fats.. glad I am gettin over that!
    Noodles all the way for me
    And new product I have tried… Cocoa Almonds, oh so tasty

  3. I’m just curious…what is the motive for self-hosting? Is it for custom design reasons or just taking the blog to the next level? I feel like I should know all of this stuff, but truthfully I know nothing about computers and coding…thank god I’m not in computer engineering 😀

    Mango flavored anything is heaven!!

    1. Both custom design reasons and also you can start running javascript/ads on your blog (such as FoodBuzz). It all baffles me though and I want to make the switch sooner than later but don’t want to risk losing content/having something go wrong
      And yesss mango is the best 😉

  4. I love finding and trying new products! They don’t have Chobani in Canada…boohoo. I find Canadian dairy so much worse than American, but oh well like goes on!

    Your posts are such a great variety of things, you can keep doing what you are doing girl 🙂 I love slightly burnt toast, it always adds just a little something special 🙂

  5. London needs to get on the Chobani bandwagon! I’m yet to see flavoured Greek yogurt here, all we got is plain Total! I recently came across xantham gum which I am loving, makes my smoothies so thick!

  6. Noodles. Definitely noodles. But it also depends on what kind of noodles. I’m picky about my carbs. 🙂

    About the self-hosting thing: Google is your friend. I learned everything I needed from Google, then promptly forgot about them as soon as I was done.

  7. i don’t eat greek yogurt tho (although ive heard its delicious!), but that mango flavor looks pretty good! i love asian food!!! Pad Tai is always a great choice at an asian restaurant 🙂

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