Masaharu Morimoto Made Me Dinner

That would be the Iron Chef, my friends!

How, you ask? Let’s just say I sweet-talked my family into letting us dine at the highly acclaimed Morimoto Napa.

This suave and sleek restaurant and bar opened up on Main Street, Napa under a year ago and has been a bustling hotspot for sashimi, sushi, and the whimsical culinary creations of Sir Morimoto. In fact, when doing my pre-research about the restaurant I came across a photograph showing David and Victoria Beckham dining here with their spawn a couple of months back, and apparently LIL WAYNE and DRAKE ate there the following night! So, naturally it was quite necessary that Morimoto then be able to pen in Sara K******* into their guestbook.

I don’t know if I can communicate how ECSTATIC it felt to be given the menu (and the fact that my family was agreeing to eat here). All my hungry innards were dancing a Japanese jig in anticipation for a dining experience prepared by the Iron Chef himself (and his vairrrr professionally outfitted staff within eyeshot of the open kitchen)

Of course, the descriptions of just about everything on the menu were already making my taste buds SWOON which made it all the more of a task to select an entree, though Nora and I ended up choosing the same thing it was certainly the right selection:

Whole roasted lobster "epice" in garam masala with a lemon creme fraiche dipping sauce, ove a bed of broccolini and yellow beets

Come to mama you feisty Mughal sea scorpion!

From another angle

 Just look at that beautiful garam masala charred crust encasing the delicate and succulent lobster flesh

And yet another angle

I think we can all agree that dining on lobster is straight up #WINNING


Of course, an eating experience at Morimoto cannot be complete without some sushi:

"Sake" salmon sashimi, Spicy tuna roll and Salmon roll

This might be the best sushi I have ever had

And the WASABI and the soy sauce and the ginger…such mundane compliments that taste of the highest calibre- cool, now I’ll be disappointed when my wasabi doesn’t taste this impeccable

As for daddy’s entree- it came with a bit of a show, he ordered the Ishi Yaki Buri Bop which is a yellowtail on rice cooked at the table in a hot stone bowl with a some nori and ginger sauce

The waiters came and seared the perfectly luminescent slices of yellow tail as steam bellowed into the air, and the final result:

Melt in your mouth!

As for mama, it was all about the plump and moist Angry Chicken with marinated roasted peppers and a side of buttered vegetable medley

I can eat this chicken every day, I don’t know how they managed to infuse such a pungent blend of spices and flavour into the meat

The veggies: A unique array including various beets, broccolini, and edamame


-Amazing service, a very attentive and courteous waitstaff who have the menu not only memorized but can explain anything from the viscosity of a ginger soy reduction to the source of the hamachi.

-Absolutely delicious food, all the flavours are very intense and vibrant in the creative etnrees and the ingredients are of utmost quality

-Chic atmosphere like most of Morimoto’s restaurants around the world (I JUST made the connection that Wasabi at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Bombay was also one of Morimoto’s places…on that note the Napa location far exceeds Bombay’s), it is a bit loud and crowded, but nevertheless a fine culinary experience if in the right mood

-Yes it’s expensive, yes it’s overpriced, no it’s not somewhere you’ll go every Friday night, so order what you want (except perhaps the $80 Wagyu steak) and bask in the opulence then just spend the next week having cereal for dinner

Morimoto Napa on Urbanspoon

Have you ever had a meal prepared by a celebrity chef?

Fan of lobster?


7 thoughts on “Masaharu Morimoto Made Me Dinner

  1. How cool Sara! Not just that you were cooked dinner by a celebrity chef but that it was all so tasty and not overrated. Now that is an amazing concept!!

    And Morimoto has a place in Bombay? How phenomenal!

  2. You have been eating some seriously delicious-looking eats lately- I want to try it all! I agree, when you go to nice places it’s only nice to order the good stuff- no point skimping! I love lobster especially lobster linguine in a tomato sauce.

  3. Wow.. looks delicious! I can’t answer that question of whether I’m a fan of lobster because I’ve never had it! But I for sure will! =)

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