Style Series: Absolut Svensk

I have always been a little obsessed with Swedish style, from as far back as I can remember I would admire the trendy yet seemingly simple outfits my cousins in Luleå and Stockholm would put together- and of course I would try best to imitate it, or at least capture the essence of it. They just always looked ridiculously cool whether it was their WESC skater hoodies paired with cuffed skinny jeans or a feminine frock accented with a fedora

Swedish fashion has been gaining momentum globally in the past several years past high street phenomenon, H&M, and with more and more American/European/Japanese boutiques scouting the effortless designs from powerhouses such as Filippa K

In typical Scandinavian fashion, Swedish style can be best described as practical and minimalist yet extraordinary trendy. The women AND men of Stockholm are some f the most fashion-conscious people I have ever encountered but put their outfits together in such a way that defines the universal meaning of “cool.” Everything has to look like they’re not trying too hard, so no overly extravagant accessories, prints, or colours- but modern and clean lines, an emphasis on neutrals, trousers, and exaggerated proportions.

Mercedes-Benz even has a Swedish Fashion Week! In any case, here is a little introduction to some of Stockholm’s most well-known designers:

Filippa K


Tiger of Sweden

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair

Cheap Monday

Of course, these are all just samples of the many designers contributing to Sweden’s position on the fashionista map- there are many others including Whyred, Minimarket, WESC, and J. Lindeberg, but perhaps those will be for another post

What is your definition of trendy?
Have you ever been to Sweden? 


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