8:18 PM: Your Date is Waiting

Salaam mi chiquitas (I was going to say Hola but I thought I’d add an Arabic twist due to the nature of this post)

Tis the third day of Ramadan and so far I’ve kept my cool and done a decent job of not punishing slow drivers and slow Costco cart-pushers with my signature “you’re IN MY WAY and affecting my EFFICIENCY” dirty look.

Sweet. 27 or so days to go…and hey doesn’t it take somewhere around that long to break a habit? Or learn one?

In that case, I am learning to become more patient, to be more accommodating with strangers*, and to not allow a blip in my “efficiency protocol” put a dent in my composure.

*I am significantly more tolerant of those I know since I’m familiar with their circumstances, ever find yourself about to honk and give beezy-face to someone merging into your lane WITHOUT signaling just to notice it’s your ex-nutritionist or your friend’s mom?

Something that’s helping?

My Dipsea walks! Proud to say I’ve kept up this erry-other-day stair climbing, mind-defogging, motivation inducing mini hike

And guess who joined me on the path today?

Mill Valley deer fear nothing


Bambi over here followed me up the entire first set of stairs


My Blackberry's battery died after this photo but there were SIX more itty bitty baby bambis trailing this lil leader

Β ***

Besides nature walks and Costco errands and the regular shimshams of my day, I’ve been helping the mama cook up a Mezze-licious storm to be consumed the second the sun has set aka the moment of glory

In the Bay Area, that moment occurs at 8:18PM

Sit at the table and your date is already waiting (PS check out SuperSana‘s most recent postΒ for another witty rendition on dates):

Medjool Dates!

Ramadan fast is broken with the Palm Tree’s sweetest offspring, the date

The past couple of nights have consisted of the following:

Sambusak: Tissue-thin dough stuffed with ground turkey, parlsey, and spices and baked
Mama's baba-g and Foul Mudammas


Fattoush: Romaine, cukes, tomato, sumac, olive oil, vinegar, & parsley


Zat-lamia: Ground turkey, scrambled eggs, parsley, cumin/coriander/allspice/cinnamon/black pepper/salt/shallots/garlic


Traditional Hab Soup: Barley, chicken, shallots, tomato, Arabic spices

Kale Chips! I obviously insisted on making these...


The black sheep of the meal: Fried rice with peas, courgettes, carrots, corn, green beans
An appetiser plate: Sambusak, fattoush, turkey/aubergine/red capsicum/courgette Arabic stew, baba-g, foul mudammas

How patient are you?

What is something about yourself you would like to work on?

Dates? Yay or nay?


17 thoughts on “8:18 PM: Your Date is Waiting

  1. you only have….18 more minutes sara! here in la it’s 7:54 so i’m eating fruit chaat as i write this. i definitely wish i was up with you and your mom’s cooking because everything looks delicious.

    i am not a patient person but i am definitely working to be better at it during ramadan. costco is just not a place i can be anytime of the year though…i am not a saint!

    and dates are delicious. my dad always gets giant boxes shipped in from saudi and/or other places and they are divine.

  2. Can all of us just come over to eat at your house?

    I’m patient with people, not with kids. I can never be a tutor or a babysitter, considering what pain I have inflicted on my brother in the past…

  3. Oh lord, I used to be soooo impatient, but now, I am cool as a cucumber πŸ˜‰ I have to remember that what I focus on expands so if I get pissy or impatient I just make it worse πŸ™‚

    Awwwww bambi!!!


  4. I see deer all the time, too!

    I’m sooo impatient; I can’t wait for anything πŸ˜› Other than that, I want to work on making the most out of everything. And dates are usually a yes!

    1. Though when I first read it, I thought you meant dates with boys and I was like ‘YES! Especially when it’s a dessert date!’ πŸ˜› Dates are so much fun…dressing up, butterflies, etc. πŸ™‚

  5. Yay for dates and yummy looking Middle Eastern food. I was wondering if you fast too, but I saw in your reply to another that you don’t.

  6. I’m pretty sure that I would LOVE ever single dish you just showed us. Can you please cook dinner for me one day!?

  7. My patience fully depends on my mood- If its a relaxing saturday, I’m very patient. If its after work and I haven’t eaten enough and in traffic? god help me. I just love the little deer! His ears are so big!

  8. so much food making me hungry all over again I jsut ate …

    I ma the most impatient person I want everything NOW.. why wait life is short πŸ™‚
    I dont want to change anything in me , I am ME for that ver yreason if i change I won’t be ME will I πŸ™‚

    the pictures of the path and the deer are beautiful pity the phone battery died …

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