Salut mes cheries!

Before I commence this post I just wanted to let you all know how much I enjoyed reading your comments, you all are sweeter than the syrupiest jar of lavender honey.

Oh and regarding the shoes, I actually got them on sale at Nordstrom several months back for $45 (I think they were originally $100 or $120), they’re dangerous though, the same ones which caused my infamous “raccoon attack”.

Anyhow, today is my ACTUAL birthday, twenty-two years of Sara roaming the globe. (Wo)Man, I feel old (just kidding but not kidding), I mean, I’m not even freshly mimosa-legal or none of that anymore!


Alors, the morning started out fabulously. The best part about having friends living ‘errywhere in the world is waking up to a ever-blinking-Blackberry exhibiting a beautiful stream of Facebook wall posts. For those of you reading who are my FB homies, much love from me, I am so touched by all your wonderful posts, texts, phone calls, BBMs. Reminds me how many MARVELOUS friends I have in this world (and all over it too)!

And I also have a pretty splendid family…

…including my (ALMOST) eighteen year old sister who bought me lunch today at the tres chic waterfront Sausalito bistro, Le Garage:

Yachts on the Sausalito waterfront

Le Garage is located in a hard to find industrial tucked away bit of Sausalito…quite off the main road but still a gorgeous waterfront spot set in a “garage”

Nora being her stylish self as always

Lighting is a bit shady, but she’s as usual pulling off the cut-offs/cardi/crossbody bag combo

Pardon the wrinkles in the dress (it was vairrr windy)

 Chambray Dress: H&M, gold leather thong sandals: Coach (I bought them FIVE years ago on sale and they’re still in perfect condition!), oversize navy cardigan: Eight-Sixty (Nordstrom Rack), Pearl earrings, Louis Vuitton Eva Pochette purse, Chanel sunglasses

The crustiest, freshest, chewiest most amazing 'pain' everrrrr along with un peu de beurre and cracked black pepper 🙂

 We definitely dug into this bread basket. I think we can all agree that the best bread comes hot chewy in the fluff and crunch-tastic on ze crust

Grilled Prawn Salade avec watermelon radishes, frisee/mixed greens, rosemary, Belle du Jumet pears, and Sangria Vinaigrette. The menu said AVOCADO too but as I was driving home I realised they FORGOT the 'cado!

Delicious, light, and fresh…not filling though which is why I also ate half of Nora’s cheeseburger…

My sister and I don't mess when it comes to our gourmet cheeseburgers

 Hah not to be cheesy, but my sister is gorgeous, n’est-ce-pas?

Masami Kobe beef burger avec Kennebec house-cut fries and KILLAH garlic aioli
Ciabatta, butter lettuce, grilled red onions, tomato, aioli, Morbier cheese, 1/2 lb Kobe. Oh mon Dieu...fromage extraordinaire

Yum, Le Garage was most definitely a success! The atmosphere is lively and chic, perfect for a sun-speckled day, and the food is beautifully prepared and reminiscent of an afternoon en France (Moules frites, Lobster Salade or Croque Madame, anyone)?

I’ll be back…perhaps next time for Sunday brunch!

Oh well, gotta go my peeps and get ready for a special birthday dinner followed by cake and prezzies 🙂

See you all on the flipside (aka Saturday)!

Le Garage on Urbanspoon

Are you a fan of French food?

Who did you spend your last birthday with?


16 thoughts on “Double-deux

  1. YAYAY Happy Birthday!!!

    Hahah a little too enthusiastic there, but I like wishing people happy birthday 😀

    Does great style run in your family?

    Oof Sausalito…so beautiful and such a great place to spend a birthday.
    I am going to go through all of your posts one day and try some of the restaurants you went to…it’ll be a fun way to make my friends and family explore the other side of the Bay with me 😀

  2. Happy birthday!

    And wow, you guys are both ridiculously stunning (and stylish). Obviously the Finnish/Swedish/Arab gene combo is pretty awesome. New breed of supermodels, yes?

    I don’t think I’ve had much French food, though…I can’t really think of anything.

    1. You are far too kind…haha new breed of supermodels if supermodels started being under 5’3! Hahaaa you’re gorgeous yourself with your lovely gene combo!

  3. happy birthday, sara! the pictures of the water, food, and of course you and your sister are absolutely stunning! what a cheeseburger. haha i love seeing tiny little girls packing away tons of food 🙂 looooooooove your guys style, you always look so cute!

  4. Happy birthday!!! I’m moving to the houseboats in Sausalito in September- can we have culinary adventures?? Miss you and I hope you’re having a fabulous time 🙂

    1. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Whattttt?! I’m going to be in Europe until September 6th, when do you come here because I’m probably going back to Portland sometime in September (I have a lot to update you on) but I miss you toooooo so so so much 🙂

  5. I’ve never thought to put Morbier on a sandwich – always used it as a party cheese – but that is brilliant! And it looks amazing. My last birthday was pretty bizarre… I spent it having lunch at Ikea with my mom because I missed Scandi food so much, and my (now) husband arranged for me to raid an abandoned liquor store that night. Definitely goes up there as one of my weirder/better birthdays! Glad to see yours went off to a good start, hope to see more posts soon 🙂 Can I just say I LOVE your blog!

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