EPIC POST: These mini milkshakes brought me to the yard…

Merci beaucoup for all your beautifullll comments

And I promise this is the last post regarding this week’s special occasion, but nevertheless it is a grand finale of a post indeed, and I think there is a new restaurant which enters the “Best of Sara’s Life” Hall of Fame…on that note I really should make a page on SWC featuring these few notably OUTSTANDING meals


Alors, there is a highly acclaimed restaurant in Larkspur called Picco which for one reason or another I never got around to trying which really is criminal for someone like me considering this is often referred to Marin’s Best Restaurant. And for good reason (just waittttt)

Well, well, several days back I got onto Open Table and lo and behold there was an 8:30PM reservation, absolutely perfect timing in regard to the time of sunset (and for my parents to break their fast)

Of course I had to dress up…but just a little 😉

Top: Velvet by Graham & Spencer, Skirt: H&M, Shoes: Nordstrom, Bracelet: Tiffany & Co

And off we went!

When we got to Picco, the restaurant and surrounding sidewalk was bustling with food & wine-appreciating Marinites out to enjoy fine dining and company on this lukewarm weekend night

Such a lively atmosphere

We were seated immediately in a booth and promptly given our mouthwatering menus:

Don't you just want to order EVERYTHING?

The way the dishes are designed at Picco are to be shared (which is a plus since that is my FAVOURITE way of dining anyways)

We were all sufficiently hungry (especially daddy and mama from the entire day of fasting), but luckily the food comes out fast- and in courses!

Picco is famous for their made-from-scratch risotto and we happened to arrive four minutes before the newest batch was ready, hence we obviously began our meal with it:

Risotto special (made from scratch on the half hour): Arugula, cherry tomatoes, leeks
Such adorable little bowls

 Besides my mama’s, this is hands down the most incredible risotto I have EVER had! EVER! That’s saying a lot, do you know how many risottos I’ve tried?

It was an ideal al dente, robust in flavour thanks to the cheese and creaminess (but not heavy in the slightest manner) and enacted the most marvelous mouth-feel imaginable thanks to the texture of the leeks, tomatoes, and arugula

Comfort food at it’s finest

Appetizer: Avocado bruschetta, manodori balsamic, sea salt
Appetizer: Fire roasted padron peppers, fleur de sel, de padova olive oil
The amount of avocado on the brushcetta certainly made up for the "forgotten" avocado from lunch

Both these green appetizers were beyond the highest valley of phenomenal! Just look at the quantity of the optimally ripe avocado they slice with such eloquence onto the bread! And with the addition of manodori balsamic and sea salt, there’s a whole new dimension of flavour

As for the padron peppers, it’s astounding what a bit of fleur de sel and quality olive oil can do- in case you’re wondering, they aren’t spicy

Mesquite grilled shrimp, avocado & cucumber panzanella, basil, cherry tomato, lemon vinaigrette

This was by far some of the most succulent shrimp I have ever had! And the panzanella was fantastic- fresh radishes, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, garlic bread, and more awesome-cados in a light lemony vinaigrette

One of the best bits of having a multi-course shared meal is the time it allows to SAVOUR the food, and while you’re obviously hungry while eating, it becomes very much an aesthetic experience where you take the time to enjoy, absorb, and be mindful of all the flavours permeating your palate

Roasted Eggplant Filled Agnolotti, summer squash, brentwood corn, purple basil, toma cheese

All of Picco’s pastas are made in house, and though I’m not normally a huge pasta-eater, this was SO GOOD. I really don’t know how else to describe these delicate roasted eggplant/cheese filled pillows of pasta. I’m salivating again just thinking about it

Fettucini: Lousiana Gulf shrimp, jalapenos, scallions, basil, spicy lobster sauce, straus butter, breadcrumbs

Ok so the second pic is a bit of a blur-fest, but this fettucini dish was equally splendid! The plump bits of juicy shrimp, bread crumbs, half-globes of cherry tomatoes- a firework show of textures and palate-pleasers!

Three grass-fed mini burgers with pt. reyes blue cheese, caramelized onions, and mushrooms
That my friends would be the Pt. Reyes blue cheese

 Hey, a birthday girl has gotta have her gourmet cheeseburgers 😉 Aren’t these the cutest little dudes ever! As for the taste? Unique & umami and otherwordly- the pungent Pt. Reyes blue cheese mixed with sauteed mushrooms and caramelized onions, a grass-fed medium-cooked patty atop a freshly toasted bun. Yum yum yum


We thought we were too full for dessert…you know since I also had a CAKE waiting at home, but that was until we saw the (too) tempting menu:

Dessert menu

 It was a vair vair difficult decision as every single item appealed to me (what’s new?)

Isn't this the coolest dessert ever? Four mini yerbena raspberry milkshakes and soft centre chocolate madeleines
These Madeleines were a whole other breed of amazing! Hot, rich, not overly sweet dark chocolate
(Excuse the neurotic facial expression) My milkshakes bring....yeah Ima stop, my parents read this blog...

Well those milkshakes definitely brought the Sara to the yard

Most incredible meal ever, I have eaten all over Marin and I can truly say that Picco is Marin’s most delicious restaurant, not to mention that the service is an entirely new breed of impeccable (we had the sweetest, most informative, most delightful waitress- I wish I knew her name so I can give her personal accolades)! In fact, I am not even going to waste my time eating anywhere else in Marin for special occasions…party at Picco, my homiessss!

Plus, EVERYONE in my family couldn’t stop talking about how incredible everything was. Daddy even said on the drive home, “What on earth did they put in that food to make it that good?” Go here. seriously. Go. Here’s the address, you have no excuses!

Picco Restaurant on Urbanspoon


Believe it or not, that wasn’t the end of eating for the night, because we had to get home for a vairrrr special something

Let me tell you: My mama makes the best chocolate cheesecake in the whole entire universe

 I have been a connoisseur of chocolate cakes since a very young age, over two decades in fact:

That’s me, demolishing entire cakes since my first birthday

And a more recent rendition:

My mama’s baking is out of this world! Ask anyone who’s tried her treats whether it’s baklava, chocolate ganache cake, zucchini bread, or her FAMOUS oreo-bottomed chocolate cheesecake

We were all too full (obviously) so the entire fam shared a slice

However, this will be my breakfast for the next week (excuse the blurriness…el blackberry was awake past her bedtime last night)

Alright peeps, do you have a special restaurant you go to for special occasions?

Opinions on pasta? Love it? Shun it? A snob about it?

What dessert would you have chosen?



15 thoughts on “EPIC POST: These mini milkshakes brought me to the yard…

  1. Not a fan of pasta, but your dessert (and appetizers) look amazing! Though I think I would have chosen the sticky toffee cake…

    Also, if I were your little sister, i would *definitely* steal that skirt, just fyi 😛

  2. Sara, it’s official- we need to dine together- all your eats are so up my alley! I would never think to order a milkshake for dessert but that might have to change- v cute!…and don’t even get me started on that cheesecake- my ultimate favorite dessert!

    Shun pasta? nooo chance!

    1. Yessss please! No seriously, besides the US it seems like we frequent a lot of the same places (London, Bombay, Dubai) so hopefully we can one day meet n eat!
      And isn’t cheesecake the best. Yeah…I’m totally eating a slice as I write this 😉

  3. What an amazing restaurant…I sort of wish I’d read this post much later in the day because it’s 7am and now I’m hungry and I have far too many hours to kill until sunset.

    I want to re-create that bruschetta! Delicious.

    Love your outfit!

  4. You are so beautiful!! Happy birthday love!! U really know how to celebrate! The food looks amazing, especially the avocado appetizer and the dessert!!

    The cheesecake your mom made looks so damn good! I am not a cheesecake fan, but I think that could change if I tried that! Happy birthday!!

    1. Thank you as are youu 🙂 I’m normally not huge on cheesecake either, but my mum’s chocolate one is DELICIOUS I promise, and she uses the best quality chocolate for it so it’s extra yum!
      Ahh and the avocado bruschetta was heavenly, I think I need to recreate that at home 😉

  5. Can I just say that you are gorgeous, girl? I’m loving your hair! How do you get those beautiful curls?

    I usually go to The Cheesecake Factory for special occasions…. or for no reason at all 😉

    1. Thank youu! You’re stunning yourself 🙂 As for my hair, that’s actually my natural hair…but only if I blowdry it and use Moroccan oil to soften the ends, because if I air-dry it it turns into a crazy mess of frizzy curls

  6. That avocado bruschetta looks absolutely heavenly! I love the idea of toast, avocado, and balsamic. I’ll have to try it soon 🙂

    I’m pretty OK with pasta… but I tend to like it when it is accompanied by LOTS of veggies. I could never eat a big bowl of pasta and be satisfied. I need to have a lot of different textures and flavors in the bowl.

    – Nicole

  7. OHHHH my gosh you are so beautiful!I LOVE your outfit!! and that meal looks OUT OF CONTROL! especially those little milkshakes–ahhh soo cute!

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