Friend Crushes

It’s intriguing to me how the internet brings out a whole other dimension of people’s personalities. Chai-sippin’ cafe corner-inhabiting introvert doubles as that “friend” on Facebook who puts up the cleverest yet most befuddling statuses and an occasional mobile upload of a package of feta cheese in a Turkish grocery store (or in my case pre-packaged mini burgers)

Then there’s that chick you had some intro class with your freshman year of college who inflates your ego with helium like no other thanks to the number of times they retweet you…despite the fact that you’ve spoken once.

With the lack of “in person” social life I have now with currently livin’ at home and all, I do admit that I spend a rather ridiculous amount of time online- either via Blackberry or ya know…by way of Signore Macbook Pro. I refresh my twitter feed while waiting for my takeout burritos (there is stuff I eat which you don’t know about) and spend hefty amounts of time reading and re-posting HILARIOUS Thought Catalog articles and finding out which Facebook friends my true unabashed unfiltered interests coincide with (yes this is evaluated by the statistics mentally compiled by way of frequency of “likes”)

As a result I have developed quite a few “friend crushes.” When I say “friend crush”, it is not romantic in any sense, but rather a crush on just how all-around “cool” they are and how much I admire and am inspired by their “coolness.”

However, I do become a little forlorn that when we knew one another in person we never quite ‘hung out’ and went to power yoga together. Or sauntered around SE Portland in our enviously trendy too-big sunglasses n sweaters sipping java and kava and tamarind whiskey sours and getting our fill of sustainable sashimi. Or even straight up chilling, talking and laughing and relating and basking in one another’s mutual perceptions of “COOLNESS”…and taking pictures, because we’d obviously be feelin’ so fly that we’d have to document how cool and artsy we are for all our twitter followers to see.

I talk about Twitter a lot, huh?

I think it’s because I have a “friend crush” on quite a few peeps I follow/follow me on Twitter- the ones with eloquent and cleverly composed statements. Ironic ones, politically incorrect ones, witty plays on words, and all that jazz. Twitter still lacks the same popularity and membership stats as Facebook obviously, so in a way when starting out on Twitter you’ll follow others you “know” on there even if it is that random chick you took Intro to Anthro with five years ago- but over time you may build some sort of a Twi-bond, you see the real them, or the version of them that wants to be perceived.

I personally, am a rather shy person, that is until I know someone well. I despise coming across as pushy, aggressive, or obnoxious. I love to speak, but I also love to write, to edit, to re-think, to use written words as a mode of expression and creativity and it fills my little heart up with Chanel Coco Mademoiselle scented bubbles of joy whenever someone shows admiration for my creations and most of the time that admiration is reciprocal.

So many people I wish I got to know better…in person. Our in-person facades can be so deceiving.

Alright, spill, tell me about your friend crushes

What’s your personal definition of “cool”? What characteristics/traits/factors warrant coolness?


8 thoughts on “Friend Crushes

  1. Well written post! Alter egos tend to pop out within people through social network sites! I suppose we all have a second personality to an extent.

    mmm friend crushes I have lots of them on people’s blogs I read ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Interesting! I’m usually not that interested in social media and rarely thin someone is cool from their social media (unless blogs count, in which case I take that back). Cool to me is friendly, self-assured, secure, unique, and excited about the world – not afraid to be different or to care about things ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I think my personal definition of cool are people who are totally fine with just doin’ their thing, whatever that means to them.

  4. Wow having no internet for a few days means I miss out on great posts!

    I can be shy too until you know me… And then friends say that I’m loud!

    Anyways I don’t have friend crushes but I’ve come to start truly appreciating the best friends I’ve made so far.

    There are SO many people I wish I had a long conversation with so I’m gonna try to make more of an effort this year to do so.

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