Stuff I Was Once Obsessed With

This past week I have spent a substantial amount of time in my room…

…de-cluttering that is! Finally taking the monumental step of sorting through all the memorabilia of my life which has been gathering dust at the top of my closet. It’s been a nostalgic and inquisitive past few days seeing all the various phases, obsessions, and interests I once had during some part of my childhood:

In the spirit of my adoration of list-making:

Stuff I Was Once Obsessed With:

1. The Titanic (not the movie)

Age: 6-11

Evidence: 8 Titanic coffee table books, 5 computer games, 3 documentaries, an “artifact” box, 2 posters, 2 novels, a business plan to create a Titanic Hotel (Maya and Hannah if you’re reading this, I know you remember this)

2. Geography and Memorizing Every Country Capital

Age: 3-13

Evidence: At least 20 atlases of every size/category/etc, an interview with me published in my middle school newspaper about how I had memorized every country capital when I was 4, 20+ maps/posters, A light-up globe

3. Outer Space/Astronomy

Age: 3-10

Evidence: A LOT of encyclopaedias of space, books about stars/constellations/astronomy, a mini Planetarium set with a ceiling projector and cassette player narration, glow in the dark stars, a telescope, a white board where I would teach my parents about outer space facts (Jupiter’s moons, etc) and then make them take insanely difficult tests I created

4. Rocks/Precious Stones

Age: 6-10

Evidence: A collection of rocks collected from the Finnish countryside, Amethyst, Tiger’s Eye, other semi-precious gems purchased at random museums, DK Encyclopaedia of Gems


Age: 3-11

Evidence: A lab coat, a chemistry set, Encyclopaedia of science

6. Writing books then selling them to my parents

Age: 4-14

Evidence: Several 100-200 page novels type-written between ages 7-10; a book titled “President Clinton’s First Camel Ride,” which I sent to the White House at age 8 and received a wonderful prized letter from the “President” himself; A collection of short stories I wrote at age 6 and “published” at Xerox in Dubai and sold to all my parents friends for $15 each; A bookstore named “Bahirma Books” which  I opened in the playroom in our house in Dubai where I sold all my self-authored work to anyone who would buy them; thousands of pages of manuscripts and storyboards

7. Tomb Raider

Age: 11-15

Evidence: Every single Tomb Raider PC/Playstation/Gameboy Advance game ever released, Thousands of pages of walkthroughs and cheatcodes, article cutouts whenever Tomb Raider was mentioned in a PC World article

8. Computers/Technology/Pentium 4 Processors

Age: 10-14

Evidence: Begging my parents to take me to Best Buy and CompUSA, business plans for epic gadgets, bragging about my Pentium 4 1.4 GHz PC I got for my 11th birthday, living for the Sunday paper Best Buy ads, reading PC Magazine for fun

9. Rammstein

Age: 11-17

Evidence: Every Rammstein album and DVD ever released, print outs of translations of Rammstein lyrics, several “Sehnsucht” and “Mutter” t-shirts given to me by my fellow Rammstein-phile/high school best friend, Becky

10. Juicy Jackets (and other merchandise)

Age: 13-16

Evidence: 17 Juicy Couture zip-up hoodies. Don’t ask. I suppose I should also add: 4 pairs of knee-high socks, 8 pairs of sweatpants/shorts, 4 sets of pyjamas, 20+ shirts, 2 pairs of platform flipflops, a charmbracelet (with charms), 10+ other pieces of jewelry, 2 laptop bags, 3 make-up bags, 1 umbrella, 2 journals, 1 mouse-pad, 10 pairs of underwear; a shoebox with all the saved price-tags, days where I would wear head to toe Juicy to PE class. #Iforgivemyself

There are other things of course…like super cheesy European Ministry of Sound esque house/techno music (think Scooter…who I am hoping you have NEVER heard of), wearing chains on my pants, and boys who spent their entire lives playing World of Warcraft

What were your childhood obsessions?


35 thoughts on “Stuff I Was Once Obsessed With

    1. Haha yeah rock collections were the best…especially now looking back at the rocks and remembering how I tried to turn my room into a rock museum

  1. oh my goshLOVE THIS
    i was obsessed withthe titanic too (the real thing AND The movie)
    hahaha i thought that the event was SO SO COOL and i secretly wanted the whole leo romance to actually have happened!
    obsessed with making up dances with my sister….thought i was cool…wed sweat it out in the basement for HOURS making up new routines…pretty sure every dance ended up being exactly the samee

    1. Right?! Oh yes I was obviously also obsessed with the movie when it came out- I mean I can seriously never get sick of it, it’s amazing! And the whole Titanic thing was just so fascinating, I used to memorize the passenger lists and who died and who the rich First Class Passengers were and what food they ate/where all the staterooms were located etc…ahhh I’m getting so nostalgic just writing this, I wish my Titanic computer games worked on all the new computers.
      And the dance routines…that’s soo cute 😉

  2. HAHA! You sold books to your parents!? That is too much

    I used to write songs and put on performances for my parents, but that was pretty much as far as I got 😦

    1. Aww that’s adorable! Childhood is such a beautiful thing…I worry that it’s getting all screwed up nowadays with everything children have access to/try to do from such a young age

  3. hahaha I LOVE THIS. you really were such a cool kid, i’m too jealous. I wish I could say I enjoyed memorizing country capitals, but I’m afraid Barbie stole the scene around that time.
    This is pretty much the only reason I EVER enjoy cleaning. brings back the best of the best memories!

    1. Haha I loved barbie too…I remember I wasn’t allowed to have my first Barbie till I was 5 but someone gave me one as a gift when I was 4 and it was love at first sight…I mostly loved buying all the different outfits and having barbie fashion shows

  4. Oh my god.. I was such a boring child compared to you. All I was obsessed with were beanie babies, pokemon..and that’s probably it, haha.

    1. Oh I remember beanie babies! All my friends were obsessed and dragged me to this Beanie Baby bash where there was some raffle to win “Legs” the frog (some supposedly valuable beanie baby) and I won…haha the only time I’ve ever won anything

      1. ummmm i remember that. we were in 3rd grade…. my mom has pictures of the beanie baby bash!

  5. Hahah could relate to so many, especially memorising country capitals…wow was I a dork or what! Can you believe I’ve never seen Titanic! I remember being ridiculously obsessed with Beanie Babies, i must have had over a 100 and some were even the 30+ pound ones- gah!

  6. I used to write books all the time too! They would start out strong, but then I would get bored and start my next “novel” 😉 hahaha

  7. I love this list! I couldn’t agree more with the Titanic one… I was rather obsessed too and had all similar stuff like you did!
    I was obsessed with horses when I was younger. I wanted one of course, but I also played with those plastic horses all of the time…had a barn for them, pasture, all of that good stuff 🙂

  8. 😀 😀 😀 you really make me wanna go and grab an old manuscript of mine to get into writing again. the things you mentioned made me kind of wanna be that age again and be passionate about playing tomb raider (she really was my childhood hero) and reading jane austen until late at night. good to know that i wasn’t the onyl weirdo child obsessing about strange stuff 🙂 !

  9. Rocks : 5 – 12
    Books: 3 – Present
    Science: 7 – Present
    Spies: 7-11
    Stationery & Journals: 9 – 14 (maybe a little bit, still)
    Writing Utensils: 13 – 17 (maybe still…)
    Lip Gloss: 8-13

  10. I LOVE Tomb Raider. I have some of the best memories of playing Tomb Raider with my mom. We always used to make Monkey Bread to eat at night, while we played Tomb Raider. 🙂

    1. Hah no way! Tomb Raider is the BEST! Some of those levels were scary though! In Tomb Raider III I was terrified of the snakes in the Indian jungle

  11. first off i love the description of your blog–sartorialist meets foodie, gotta love it 🙂 childhood: pogs, milk ads, tamigachi (spelling?), sketchers, friendship bracelets, rocks/precious stones (we had a similar one there!)

  12. This post just made me love you more, as if it’s possible. You were quite the freaking adorable nerd! Wahahah!

    I was obsessed with superheroes when I was young: power ranger, Sailor Moon, any female superhero exuding girl power.

  13. Wait..what’s wrong with Juicy? I have a couple of their velour outfits and their jeans are fabulous! Fit me like a glove. Also, Maya has a Juicy for every day of the week…they are super durable and easy to wash. Did I miss the memo that they are out of style now?

    I used to be obsessed with the Titanic too… I worked at Paramount Pictures when it was released and I collected every piece of memorabilia the studio sold/handed out.

    1. Haha I used to overdo the Juicy though- like head to toe/jewelry/the whole shebang! I agree about the jeans though, they’re quite flattering and their newer less JUICY emblazoned clothes are actually pretty cute/preppy.
      I still admittedly have around 10 of the jackets which are the comfiest bum around clothes ever 😉

  14. I was very into precious gemstones/ rocks/ geology as a kid too. I did a lot of agate collecting and seriously considered a rock polisher 🙂

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