Orientalist “Fashion” And one Embrace-able Trend

I am a harsh critic when it comes to fashion and trends

And sometimes by the time I start embracing a trend it’s usually withering away and I am thus branded an off-season dresser. Whatever.

I do however appreciate and acknowledge that there is a difference between viewing fashion as something to wear and as a form of art (such as my adoration of the whimsical creations couturiers put on the runway for all those respectable fashion weeks)

However, there are some things which I will NEVER be caught dead in, even if Rumi Neely, Elin Kling, and (the royal family forbid) Kate Middleton be photographed parading about in (about to be said) trend.

“Tribal” pants (which tribe exactly are these inspired by?) and “Harem” pants. You know, all those orientalist (if you went to a liberal arts college such as myself, I am sure you understand this term) interpretations of ways to look so carefree and stylish and like you belong in an iPhoto “antique” edited photograph from your $500 weekend at Coachella.

Yes, I do own “harem pants,” two pairs in fact purchased for 50 rupees a piece ($1) in India- but I NEVER leave my room in them…even going to the kitchen is pushing it considering the types of remarks their presence usually elicits from my snarky stylephile of a sister.

And when harem pants are mixed with heels? Oh dear, we all know the only reason that is all of sudden regaled as fashionable is because the person wearing it is a model and would probably look like a million pounds (the currency not the measurement) even if wearing a Juicy Couture emblazoned potato sack lined with mink fur.

Thakoon, $315...on sale from $450
Max Azria, $238...yes these are pants.
Malene Birger, $185.50 (on sale from $265)

I respect all three designers featured above for some of their OTHER creations, but as for the harem pants. NO. Just no. If you want to check out some more triple digit orientalist, “chic,” Shopbop has a whole TWO PAGES devoted to it.


Alright, I’ll stop sounding so negative. Here is one trend I thought was kind of gross and unflattering, but now have dove head first into:

Slightly oversized/unfitted clothing.

For special occasions and such I tend to still gravitate and prefer form-fitting pieces, however thanks to my sister’s influence (I give credit when due), I’ve decided I really like huge and soft-fabric t-shirts, sweaters, knits and the like

1) They’re comfortable

2) They’re good for putting together that oh so popular casual daytime look of, “Oh look I just threw together some vintage cut-offs and a huge grandpa sweater and if you think I look like a walking faux pas you obviously aren’t fashionable.”

3) On par with #1 they are fabulous for traveling. If you need a refresher, you can read my Savvy Traveling Efficiency Protocol Post

Just make sure you don’t wear humongo pants or something with them because then you’ll straight up be drowning in fabric and pulling a Mary-Kate Olsen, and only Mary-Kate Olsen can properly pull that off


Why did I write this post? Well, let’s just say I’m traveling somewhere in the near future which is overly abundant with the most effortlessly stylish people in the universe so I am in the process of replenishing my wardrobe with the appropriate fixtures


I tried on this sweater/chunky knit thing the other day…in mustard yellow though, it’s $44 and I’m still debating whether or not to go for it


I tried this $39 henley on in safari green and was going to buy it…then I saw the white one, and a peach coloured one and just got straight up overwhelmed over which one I liked best, plus couldn’t figure out if the chunky knit above was worth more (I only had $60 with me at the time and I ONLY ever pay cash for clothing). So I straight up put everything down and went to Safeway and stocked up on their 10/$10 Fage deal.


I really like this top. A lot. I saw it online though but not in store, and I think I like the skirt as well…hmmm…this would fit in quite well in my upcoming destination


What’s a fashion trend you absolutely cannot stand?

Oversized tops/tees/cardigans…love em or hate em or just don’t care enough?

What is your newest trend adoption?

Off topic, but I HAVE to purchase a red lipstick that will not make me look like a child playing dress-up for an upcoming event and I need recommendations (since I don’t own a single lipstick)


14 thoughts on “Orientalist “Fashion” And one Embrace-able Trend

  1. Ha ha you crack me up! I’m nervous to admit it but I LOVE harems- so comfy especially when it’s crazy hot outside! I guess we can always be similar ;)!
    I’m excited to hear where you are travelling to! Something tells me Europe! Also you have amazing willpower to only pay for your clothes with cash! I always pay by card and then realise I’m not as much a baller as I thought…guess that explains why I hate looking at my bank statements ha!

  2. hahahah the Malene Birger harems are killing me. I agree with Khushboo Thadani’s comment above me.. comfortable? Yes. Fashionable? Not the least bit. Unless of course you’re going for the man crotch look. Then certainly 🙂
    I love your fashion posts! keep em coming 😉

  3. going to france? how cool! I am learning french for half a year know.
    also love the top with the green skirt, you should definitly go for it. it would be to wide and sacky if you just wear it on its own, but with the skirt or a cute shorts to define the waistline it makes a great outfit. … oh yeah, and those harem pants 😀 I am 5,3′ I just look ridiculous in wide clothes like that.

  4. if i had to choose, i would definitely pick the first pair but yes i couldnt agree with you more (in fact i would hi-5 you if i could) .. saw a girl in harem pants at the mall the other day… i had to cringe, for her sake 🙂

    xoxo ❤

  5. the crouch on the white harem pants you posted! ahhh! anyways, i really do not dig the harem pants, here or while abroad (i remember coming to this realization after nita pointed out to us that we all look like stereotypical tourists in our harem pants/v-neck t-shirt combos)… although the slightly harem punjabi pants do look good underneath a long kurta.

    1. Hahaha right? So repulsive! Dude yeah we all did look like stereotypical tourists in our 50 rupee harem pants haha…now I know those things are meant to be paired as a Salwar Kameez.

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