Looking for: Personal Photographer

Being a food-esque blogger/writer/document-er, I do sometimes feel a bit awkward photographing what I’m about to eat…or what my dining companions are about to eat; especially when it is someone I may not know terribly well or with whom I feel a need to explain the reason why I am itching itching itching to snap a ‘moneyshot’ of their Banh Mi/Falafel Sandwich/other visually appealing bite on deck. And yes if I am a little too embarrassed or the setting feels inappropriate to whip out ze Blackberry Cam, I do stow away that secret motive to help crunch my way to the top of Urbanspoon’s Blog Leaderboard totem pole via food-photography and focus on other things. Like the conversation. Hah just kidding, I’m always focusing on the conversation.


You guys remember Kyle? Well Kyle is from Petaluma and happens to be home for a bit so OBVIOUSLY I met up with Kyle and his friend Emily last night for no other than some Sol Food. You know, because we always have to eat like the epic Burberry loving ironic hipsters we are when we are together:

Combaciones Vegetariano: Black beans served over rice with avocado, organic salad, and fried plantain
Ensalada con camarones: Pan-fried garlic prawns, fresh tomato, avocado, organic mixed greens, and famous lemon-garlic dressing

Bistec Encebollado: Thinly sliced steak sauteed with onions, served with rice, black beans, organic salad, and fried plantain

Garlic fest galore. Emily and I were talking about how epic it would be to have a Sol Food catered wedding…hot sauce party favours!

As we were leaving the establishment, there was a group photo happening on the sidewalk…of you know a bunch of middle-aged peeps (probably tourists and Food Network watchers) all holding up their order numbers.

How cute.

I admit even though we were kind of slightly making fun of them a part of me really wished I had a personal photographer who would document my food nerdventures in the same way. Or the times I make a fashion choice which I am proud of…that’s part of the reason you don’t see a lot of fashion photos in SWC; I feel toolish asking others to take pictures of me in industrial looking trendy places posing in my oversize chunky knits while my insect-ring populated fingers grope a grass-fed drippy fromage-burger.

Le sigh.

I bet all those fashion bloggers who I not-so-secretly am in love with (*cough* Rumi Neely, Elin Kling *cough*) all have photographer boyfriends/sidekicks who document their ‘hot-mess late night greasy pizza while wearing Chloe’ moments.

Anyways, Emily, Kyle and I jaunted over to the San Rafael Fourth Street Farmer’s Market

After this photo was taken the vendor said photos cost $5. I pretended I don’t speak English.


Kyle and I have another adventure planned for next week…one in which I will venture up the dusty trail that is Highway 101 up to Petaluma for some more cow-town Michelin-esque favourites. Can hardly wait!

How do you feel about photographing your food in public? When do you deem it appropriate/inappropriate? How do you justify it to people if they ask?

If you’re a blogger…do your friends/family know about your blog? What do they think?

Do you think self-taken/posed photobooth pics are toolish?


23 thoughts on “Looking for: Personal Photographer

  1. i buy purple cauliflower ONLY bc it is beautiful and everyone asks me “what that purple stuff is on my plate” while at work.

    my step mom knows about my blog but it doesnt really matter since i havent posted in a month. yikes! i need to get on that.

  2. Because I can’t seem to do anything in the right order:
    3) Yes, but they’re fun. So who cares? A little toolin’ is okay, hahaha πŸ˜›
    2) My mom and dad are the only ones that know and they’re caught on the ‘so people actually send you their food sometimes to review? For free?’ part, so right now they’re semi-okayish with it.
    1) Oh wow do I feel awkward! As in always? I’m trying really hard to get over it, though, because it’s no fun to feel awkward, super unproductive, and costs me some pretty awesome food pics.

    1. I’ve never been sent free food to review…haha how did you get hooked up with that??
      I find amusement in toolishness…I think it’s okay to do it as long as you don’t take yourself too seriously, people who do…well they’re straight up screwdrivers then

    1. Yeah, it’s most awkward when it’s photographing something that’s reallllllly not that interesting, I used to think people would get the wrong idea that I was documenting/obsessing over my ‘intake’ or something ridiculous.
      Just out of curiosity, is there a reason you don’t tell those close to you about your blog? I admit that none of my friends/family knew about my prior blog, Sprinkled With Cinnamon- I wanted to be able to discuss things on that without the critiques of those who personally knew me

  3. Fried Plantain I haven’t had that since I was in Ghana like 4 years ago!
    My parents don’t know…I don’t think they would really care or read it unless I was overseas or something. They don’t think its weird I photograph my meals since my brother is always photographing the food he makes (he’s quite the chef)!

    Purple cauliflower does it taste the same as normal white one’s?

  4. At first my boyfriend thought it was humorous I took photos of everything I ate, but now he’s used to it and encourages it! My mom loves it whenever I’m home, because she likes to assemble dinners in very “gourmet” ways so I can show it off on the ol blog!

  5. I hate photographing food in public. I feel so uncomfortable. My family and friends don’t know about my blog because it’s something that I started for myself, and (although I shouldn’t) I feel kind of embarrassed sharing it now.

  6. Almost everyone I know is aware of my blog so when I whip out my camera, i just say ‘it’s for the blog’ and they let me carry on! Initially it was super awkward but after all the support I keep getting, I have no qualms about it anymore. However there are some occasions where I personally rather wouldn’t if I don’t deem it appropriate (e.g. at a sit-down wedding dinner)!

    Random side-note but that shade of cauli is so pretty. And that bit about not speaking English made me crack up πŸ™‚

    1. Haha when I was in Bombay I was eating out with my best friend Naz and some of her other friends but I thought it would be awkward to photograph our food…but luckily Naz knows me well and announced to the whole table, “Sara I know you’re dying to take pictures so go ahead.”

  7. I would LOVE a sol food wedding!! My friends would certainly think it was random, but how fun would that be?! And delicious!

    WhenI first started blogging it was awkward for me to take pictures of my food, out in public. But now I don’t think anything of it, and neither do my friends or family, they are all used to it. I never take more than one though. So I rarely get “money” shots. I don’t like to be the girl who makes everyone wait to start eating their food!

    1. Yeah I don’t bother with ‘money shots’ either plus I’m not a pro at photography in any way, I like to make it quick n snappy πŸ™‚ And a Sol Food wedding would be amazing!

  8. “After this photo was taken the vendor said photos cost $5. I pretended I don’t speak English.”
    hahahhah i love you.
    my family knows about my blog, but not my friends (thats why only pictures of the family go up!). On vacation it was ALWAYS acceptable to take pictures of my food, or so i thought, but at home I never take pictures at restaurants. Haha I don’t know my reasoning there but it seems so much more appropriate on vacation πŸ˜‰
    self photos are a little toolish, especially when posted on facebook.
    but self photos on blogs aren’t nearly as bad.. especially if youre doing a fashion post!
    I say give it a go πŸ˜€

  9. Hmm….I don’t go out to eat much but I think I’d feel weird taking a picture of my food…I feel weird taking pictures of what I eat when I’m at home! My family does know about my blog, my mom loves it, dad doesn’t mention it, and my aunt doesn’t really mention it either….Hm…should I feel offended? lol. Nahhh- I love my blog. If i were to take a picture of my food in public though, I’d just be “yeah- I have a blog. I might want to post this delicious ____ on there!” haha

  10. Haha! Sometimes I think it is embarrassing, especially if the waiter is right there. I don’t really care about doing it around my friends, though. And definitely not around my family πŸ™‚

    To be honest, I don’t really like posed photobooth pics when it is of one person. I always think, “I wonder how many they took before they decided to post that one!”. If they are doing something in the picture that is interesting (like holding up a product or something), then it doesn’t bother me.

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