Style Series: Designer Ch(eap)

H&M, Target, and Macy’s are known for their designer collaborations in recent years, bringing the designs of internationally-renown high end fashion houses to the general public at an affordable price.

However, H&M’s marketing strategy has undeniably been the most successful with the whirlwind hype it employs with the release of each limited stock collection, even causing diehards to spend nights on the chilly pavement outside stores just so they can be sure to snag a pair of $150 Jimmy Choos or a coveted Alber Elbaz-designed $200 Lanvin cocktail frock (for the record, I didn’t spend the night to get my Lanvin goods last November, I just had to wake up at 5am…then again I was in Portland and not NYC).

Target on the other hand began the unique idea of collaborating with designers starting with the line Luella Bartley designed back in 2006 (I think…I know it was my junior year of high school). What’s up next for Target? Italian designer Missoni’s 400-item Target line’s release date is set for September 13th and spanning not only apparel, but also accessories, home decor, kitchenware, luggage, and even a bike! And the lookbook is officially out (you can view the whole thing on Fashionista)

Some samples (which have stayed true to Missoni’s signature zigzaggy colourful stripes retro-chic):

Alright, so in all honesty, I’ve never been crazy about Missoni prints; it’s just not my cup of coffee, but if anything I’ll be picking up some kitchenware; I’m loving the black and white zigzaggy plate/mug set



Now let’s get back to H&M? Who’s up next for the mega Swedish fashion retailer? Well, fashionistas, mark your calendars for November 17th because that’s when Donatella Versace’s H&M line will be released. I’m not crazy about Versace, but if I’m in Portland I’ll be there…at 5am. I wake up early anyhow. And hopefully by then I’ll have a job to go to afterwards.

However, besides Versace it’s been confirmed that DJ slash model Leigh Lezark is also designing a collection which will have it’s own section exclusively at Selfridges department store in London. She might not be an official designer *yet* but I dig her style:



Macy’s appears to be the least successful of the three retailers in gaining press and momentum for it’s collabs (I found a bunch of pieces from the Matthew Williamson collection at 60% off the other day), but that might be about to change.

First up, starting August 31st Karl Lagerfeld’s Macy’s collection will be released (I mean it’s the KAISER, how can you ignore that?!)

And continuing on the year’s trend of Italian designer-American high street collabs, it has just been confirmed on Fashionista that no other than Giambattista Valli will have a Macy’s collection out October 26th.

Okay, I will definitely be there. DEFINITELY.

If you need reminding about how brilliant Mr. Valli is, take a look at some of the pieces from his MAGNIFICENT Fall 2011 Couture Collection (I really couldn’t narrow down my favourites to less than this many pics…as always the following photos are from

So much drama and extravagance, n’est-ce-pas?

I can’t wait to see what he’s going to whip up for Macy’s (and apparently everything will be priced between $50-$150) #Winning? I think so.

Do you buy from designer-high street collaboration collections?

What has been your favourite collaboration so far (from any retailer)?

PS: I’ll be back with food posts soon, it’s just I haven’t really gone out to eat in a while (that’s a lie, I went to Nopa last night in San Francisco with two of my favourite ladies in the whole world but I was having too much fun to remember to snap a pic…my baddd)


7 thoughts on “Style Series: Designer Ch(eap)

    1. DEFINITELY! I snagged a leather bag from there that I still use all the time…well actually my sister snagged it for me because I was in India at the time and made my family go 🙂 haha

  1. I’m just so not fashion minded hehe. I actually shuddered at some of the pictured outfits…that’s awful. I do like the black & white dishes though 🙂

  2. I can’t wait for the Missoni line at Target- I love their prints and bright colors. I usually like the designer collaborations at Target (at least a piece or two from each collection) because I tend to just love Target haha. I’ve had really good luck with clothes from there for the past 6-7 years. I remember when I was younger, their clothes were pretty lame.

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