My Original Partner in Snark and Mayhem

Meet my friend, Becky:

(She’s the blondie on the far left, the other two are Alex and Louise, our respective “Frenchies” from our junior year of high school)

Becky and I go way back, to sixth grade in fact when our friendship began

Besides one another’s infectious personalities to the other (did that make sense?) we also bonded over the many obscure interests and activities we shared throughout the years:

-Spending hours on Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, and Tomb Raider (those are PlayStation games, my friends)

-Friday afternoon tennis lessons with our coach, Joe and our other friend, Gaby

-Saturday morning Capoeira for an hour also with Gaby (and on occasion her parents)

-Steaks. Big hunks of meat. Massive cheeseburgers from Pearl’s with extra avocado.

-Being doubles partners when we played Varsity Tennis in high school…and having our names published in the local newspaper for being the tie-breaking victory match for our high school

-Splitting the price of a bottle of artisan olive oil to keep in my locker and venturing to Whole Foods for lunch every day in 10th and 11th grade to buy fresh ciabatta and an assortment of olives to eat it with

-An INTENSE mutual obsession with the German Industrial band, Rammstein…an obsession involving lyrical memorisations, music video fests at her house, merchandise goes on…and apparently to this day Becky feels guilty for slapping me in France for saying that Till Lindemann (the lead singer) was no longer attractive to me (NOTE: I completely forgot about this encounter)

-The day before thanksgiving, our high school would have “all you can eat” pumpkin pie available for students; but since we were little rebels we would buy our own entire pumpkin pie from Safeway with two cans of CoolWhip and eat the entire thing (Don’t judge). I was reminded recently however from reading an old “diary entry” that it was a sad turn in our friendship before Thanksgiving senior year when Becky told me, “I ate the school pumpkin pie today…you know since you don’t eat pies anymore.” (Note: Today is my two year anniversary of re-instating pies into my life…which really is something to toast to if you know what I’m sayin’)

-Becky was in band which was awfully convenient since I had a monumental crush on three boys in Band/Orchestra. Alors,I was constantly late to French sophomore year of high school due to “hanging out in the band room” at the start of sixth period.

We went on the epic class trip to France together junior year: We shared a room in Paris, ate Ghirardelli mini chocolates (intended for Becky’s Frenchie’s family) on our balcony while watching a massive riot happening outside the Sorbonne, she accompanied me for the epic purchase of my first PINK Dior purse, we ate LOTS of steaks, frolicked at a Reggae music festival in a village called Poyanne in Southwestern France, bought matching Cyrillic Diesel t-shirts, bought matching German Army coats at a vintage shop in the Marais, and you know took pictures of each other to document the entire experience

Some examples I found, from 2006:

Becky struggling with her bag as her Frenchie, Alex leads her to the car…at the finish of the epic weekend in Poyanne (The French Reggae Music Festival town)

Becky gazing into the distance in the town of Mugron…several miles from Poyanne (long story short: The only food in Poyanne available was duck sandwiches and French fries, alors we set off on the freeway in search of better fare and an epic several hour walk resulted in arriving in the town of Mugron where the only restaurant didn’t open till nightfall- so we settled for a baguette, borrowed a pharmacy’s phone to call a taxi and headed back to Poyanne (and to our very angry Frenchies))

Me near my tent in Poyanne, with my suction tongue ring thinking I was the shyatttt

Becky so thoughtfully photographing me at Charles de Gaulle in my ever so stylish Juicy sweatpants-pink Uggs ensemble, and stunna shades since you know…it’s SO BRIGHT at the baggage claim

Yet another epic shot courtesy of Becky…of me pretending to fall off a cliff at some Basque ruin in Orthez. Or something. I wish I had more pictures of Becky, but she is a mysterious lass and therefore once I was halfway done writing this post I realised most of the pictures were of me. Oh well…a window into my pre-pie shunning past

So why did I randomly decide to write about Becky?

Well besides the fact that she is historically speaking my ORIGINAL partner in mayhem and snark; I just hung out with her for the first time in YEARS! You see Becky is somewhat of an anthropologist nowadays so she never comes back to Mill Valley and instead spends her time doing digs in Madagascar, Kenya, Italy, you know- the USUAL. And it was by random fate that she happened to be in town for one night last week and it was fate that I still had her mobile number memorised from high school (remember that, when you used to actually KNOW your friend’s phone numbers?)!

Alors, I stopped at our high school Whole Foods en route to her house to pick up a little celebratory reunion snack:

I probably should have bought a pumpkin pie or olives or something, but she was going out to dinner in a couple of hours so I thought I’d keep it simple n classy and anything with champagne in the name is most definitely game

We chilled in her living room, sippin with the grapes, dishing about the past and the future and what happened to everyone we went to high school with and it was just like old times

How close are you still with your friends from high school?

Did you ever share a unique one-of-a-kind bond with a friend? Are you still friends with them? What was it that made that friendship special?

How good are you about keeping in touch with old friends?


15 thoughts on “My Original Partner in Snark and Mayhem

  1. I’m semi close with my friends from high school, but sadly a lot of them fell off the face of the planet 😦
    I guess its part of life though?

  2. Now THAT”s a baller fruit ;)! This post is so sweet and Becky sounds like a lot of fun! I still have a group of girlfriends who I’ve know since Kindergarten and the bond I share with them can never be replicated. I can still remember all the memories and they make me smile!
    I have a few friends who I am amazing with keeping in touch with but the rest, not so often! Although I guess that’s proof of a good friend- despite time/distance passed, the friendship remains in tact! This post has made me want to tell my friends how much they mean to me! 🙂

  3. I love facebook for helping us keep in touch. <–as cheesy as that sounds.
    When it's a true friend you really CAN love on eachother through the internet, you know?

  4. Your shenanigans made me miss my college friends so much! It is definitely hard to keep in touch because when we were in college we all lived in one place. Now that we’ve graduated we’re spread out all over the state. We make it a point to get together at least once a year, but its tough. Social media is a good way to keep up with each other though.

  5. aww girl i totally am like you and have a BEST FRIEND that will always be my best friend regardless if i see her every single day or just once a year!!! thanks for this post girl reminded me of how mch i miss her! calling her noww!

  6. hell yeah, lovin those champagne grapes 😀
    I love good friends. Hard to find, but seriouuuuuuuuuusly irreplaceable. My best friends? my siblings. Cheesy, I know, but we’re so dang close!

  7. What a nice post, I loved reading this 🙂
    I have had a lot of on and offs with friends and I am currently at an “off” stage. I had a really close group in high school but then my eating disorder emerged and we slowly but surely drifted apart. I do have some closer “newer” friends at home now, and am hoping to meet new people this year!

  8. I have one BEST FRIEND but I’ve known her since 5th grade. We text a lot and we’re actually taking a class together this semester. I have a really good friend from HS who moved away and who’s always busy, but we text occasionally when he gets time. I hate it when friends move away 😦 It’s hard to keep in touch with time changes/ schedules.

  9. The return of pie is definitely worth celebrating (perhaps with pie? Heehee), congrats! 🙂 And having such a close friend sounds awesome. I had a best friend in middle school, but we drifted apart. And then I had some kind-of friends in high school, but not really…Best friends are the best :P, so hopefully in college!

  10. I’ve actually been really good about it lately. I just moved to California, so I find myself wanting to catch up with friends all the time!

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