Stockholm: Ramen Forking Gangstaaaa (in a Swedish accent)

I was not a “normal” college student.

Never have I ever consumed a bowl of Top Ramen, or any other type of noodle-esque concoction from a broth whether packaged or kitchen fresh.

Despite being a frequent visitor of London, never have I ever set foot into a Wagamama’s nor have I ever had Pho- some “foodie” I am, right?

Well, that is until I came to Stockholm and Jiyeon, my uncle’s ever-so-lovely wife suggested we grab dinner down the block at Ramen Ki-Mama, a hole-in-the-wall noodle nook heavy on the crowds and even more on the flavour

Marta: Miso-Ramen

Jiyeon: Gekikara Ramen

Me: Tom Yum Ramen

It was heartily delicious and of course we also got a side of kimchi since Jiyeon is Korean and I’m simply obsessed with fermented things that are NOT herring. However, I felt like such a novice not knowing how to correctly manoeuvre the noodles/broth/veggies in such a way that would not splash across my chin. Definitely not first date food…or even platonic date food considering I still need to graduate to chopsticks. Have a few tips, Sophia?


Earlier in the day however, Marta and I walked a good fifteen or so kilometres around the city considering what an absolutely stunning day it was

Stockholm is by far one of my favourite cities in Europe. Not only is it very safe, but also very manageable, pedestrian and biker-friendly, and has some of the most beautiful and scenic routes to meander on to get around the city

Bridge to Gamla Stan (Old Town)

One Stockholm tradition I have is to venture into a certain graffiti’d alley in the middle of Gamla Stan and photograph myself in a ‘gangster’ pose. Yes I know how gangster-orientalist that must sound and how cheesy and ridiculous, but whatever I’ve been doing it ever since I can remember and it’s always a must to venture out to little Didrik Ficks Gatan and get a pic with the dumpster:

Yeah and convinced Marta a few years back to start the same tradition…

Except she’s obviously nowhere near as gangsta as Mr. and Mrs GB Glace and I are. Just kidddddding. But not really.

Alright homies, time to have a container of vanilla Skyr with a Karelian Pasty and call it a night.

Many more Stockholm updates coming tomorrow. Concerning meat and no meat and dairy and Jimmy Choo-ed out weddings and being hit on and lounge-couch violated in Chinese.

Hyvää Yötä (Good night)!


10 thoughts on “Stockholm: Ramen Forking Gangstaaaa (in a Swedish accent)

  1. Wow– that ramen doesn’t even COMPARE to the ramen that I have stocked up in my college pantry for Will haha.

  2. uuuhhmm… my mouth gets so watery. the ramen looks exactly like in my favorite japanese ramen food chain in china, even the spoons are the same!

    and my tip for chopsticks: try to use them at home for unusual food like dry rice or italian pasta. this will be so hard, that eating typical asian food with it will seem like a joke to you afterwards 😉

  3. Uhm, can I have your jacket? You look great!
    And so does your fooooddd. stop it! I just ate dinner!
    Hope your having a great trip 😀 Can’t wait for more updates!

  4. Nice outfit! Loving the gangsta pose!
    All the different Ramen dishes look so tasty. Can’t wait for more updates of your trip. Stockholm looks like such a lovely place to visit. I’m living vicariously through you 🙂

  5. Love ramen- such a hearty meal…so much better when it’s made from scratch though, none of those ‘just add water’ packets! I have to say, you might be the classiest gangsta I have come across yet! Gorgeous pics, especially loving the one of the bridge!

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