Stockholm: “I do’s” in Choos

The main reason I skipped across the Atlantic at the end of August with two large suitcases and a garment bag?

For my Uncle’s wedding to one of the most beautiful, intelligent, and elegant women I have ever met- aforementioned Jiyeon

Of course, since those of us in my family do things quite extravagantly, this is not their first wedding…in fact back in April they got married in Korea in Jiyeon’s hometown, a wedding which the REST of my family attended as I was drowning myself in espressos as I finished my thesis. However, with TWO weddings there was no way I was going to miss the Stockholm one since I am after all without a job to tend to

I’m sure as you can tell, my family is quite international, Finnish-Swedish-Arab, and now Korean as well, oh and my dad’s cousin married a man from Sierra Leone (who bytheway tore up the dancefloor like Michael Jackson at this wedding) so we’re rather intercontinental, yes?


As I am sure I have made apparent, Jiyeon and I have become fast fast friends since we met last summer all starting with our mutual adoration of a certain red-soled stiletto brand and anything with a brown and gold LV logo printed on it’s surface

For the day of the wedding however, I was honoured to arrive to the hotel early, Lanvin garment bag in hand to get my hair and make up done with the bride upstairs in the suite

If you remember my most recent video post, I know close to nothing about hair and make-up (besides the bare bare bare basics), plus my hair is a fry-fiesta of split ends, so I was more than happy to leave it to the professionals

The dress on the hanger…I wish I could remember the name of the designer, but I know that Jiyeon is the only lovely lady in the world with this dress from the 2012 collection

She had originally wanted a Vera Wang, but the new Vera collection is a mermaid silhouette…yeah not exactly that cute, especially for those of us under 5’2 even with the help of Mr. Choo. And now I am softly kicking myself for having forgotten to photograph the beautiful (yet apparently painful) silver Jimmy Choos which Jiyeon wore (with a matching clutch of course) and an especially classy tiara ordered from our beloved London-based Harvey Nichols

Wedding Suite

Suite view: The royal palace

Best hotel room view in Stockholm without a doubt


Helena, the make-up and hair lady did me up as I sipped ice-chilled Evian in a bathrobe. Ahhh la dolce vita

However, when I turned around to look in the mirror afterwards I was quite frightened to see myself with so much action on my face an my hair done in pins and curls.

“Oh snap I look like a drag queen”

Well that may have been from the fake eyelashes Jiyeon bought for us, but luckily Helena noticed my failed attempt at seeming nonchalant and trimmed the faux-lashes to a more appropriate length so that I was a little less startled with all the hairspray, foundation, and “rouge”

Oh faux eyelashes. This was my first time and whenever I think of them I can’t help but think of them as “boy entrancers” as nicknamed by Georgia Nicholson in perhaps my favourite childhood book series…please someone tell me they also read “Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging?”

Oh well, I certainly felt special, as Jiyeon finished she gave me a hug and squealed, “We’re probably the only people at this wedding in fake eyelashes!” I love her.


The photographer soon arrived in the suite and started snapping photos like no other, and I admit it felt quite nice to be a supporting object of interest to la papparazzo…she snapped about forty pics of me putting on my rouge crystal-studded Lanvin pumps and strutting around the suite helping the wedding planner pin the veil to Jiyeon’s gown

At around 7pm, my uncle and I headed down to the mingle-fest where I met up with all the other guests who were already guzzling champagne and interacting joyfully on the balcony of the hall against the background of the sparkling Stockholm harbour; and then it was time to enter the main hall for the presentation of the bride and groom and ze dinnnnnnner:

Rising for the Bride and Groom

Course 1: Lightly baked salted char, albacore tuna tartar topped with caviar, and grilled scallop

The tuna tartar with caviar was my favourite- there really couldn’t have been a more perfect appetiser for a room full of Finns and Swedes

Course 2: Grilled fillet of beef with tarragon-spiced beef sausage, sun-dried tomatoes, asparagus, spring morel sauce, and Finnish new potatoes

Glorioussss. It’s all about the seafood and steak in this country…oh and the CHEESE:

Course 3: Selected Cheeses from Herve Mons of Roanne with tomato jam, rye bread, and crackers. The far left one was a sort of brie cheese, the middle perhaps from the cheddar family, and the right was a pungent bleu. They were all so velvety and bite-able and swoon worthy and made me take back every time I ever made fun of my dad for choosing the cheese plate for dessert whenever we traveled


Between each course, we were all entertained by three HILARIOUS comedians (definitely humour recruited by my uncle, a man who surely shares the clever humour gene with my quite-unexpectedly-funny father)

And then, it was time for the cutting of the cake

But since Jiyeon and my uncle are a vair vair modern couple, this was their impeccable choice of matrimonial dessert:

And the cutest imitation of them at the top

Dark chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting and assorted Nordic berries

Quite proper fuel for all the dancing in heels that ensued afterwards

There are a few moments in life which turn out to be treasures, which are to be savoured and milked for all their beauty and pleasure. This night was loaded with those moments, most memorably: Dancing with all my might and energy alongside my father’s cousins, my uncle, his beautiful new wife, my younger cousin, her babysitter, the joie-de-vivre exemplifying mother of the babysitter, Jiyeon’s brother (aka Korean dancing machine), and all the other wedding guests young and old. All in the spirit of love, joy, family, and life and all the tiny sparkling often underestimated diamonds that rim it’s lining.

It didn’t matter that it was 3am and we had a flight to wake up for

It didn’t matter how much my feet were BUTCHERING me from prancing around like a copacabana parade in stiletto pumps

It didn’t matter how dehydrated I was about to look tomorrow once all the poudre and faux-lashes came off my face

Because these moments are so rare and beautiful and need to be treasured and tucked away into a silk lined garment bag where no weathering can come to them

And hey, we didn’t look so bad at the end of the night, did we?

How you likin’ my red Lanvin pumpssss? The heel actually is crystal studded but I guess I forgot to position myself to show that

Much love xx

What are some moments in your life that have been treasures? Where you felt like “THIS IS LIFE”, or in other words were overtaken by a monsoon of joie de vivre?

Have you ever been to a wedding? Got ready with the bride? How about if you have HAD a wedding? What was that like?

Do you also come from an international family?

**Note: I’m un peu paranoid since this is a public blog which is why I don’t show faces of relatives


25 thoughts on “Stockholm: “I do’s” in Choos

  1. Sara- You are looking hawt!! I’m obsessed with your shoes and that cake! Both my parents are an Indian but I’ve certainly had an international upbringing: grew up in Nigeria, studied in London, US-passport holder and now living in Mumbai!

    The wedding sounds glorious. I attended my cousin’s wedding in July in Prague which was super OTT but amazing- every tiny detail was taken care of and I’m sure you’re aware how lavish Indian weddings are. When my sis got married in 2008, I felt like I was the bride- she insisted that I got equal treatment in terms of clothes, makeup, hair etc- loved and cherished every second of it…even more so than the pampering, just being together with close friends and family felt amazing!

    1. *Blushing* You are FAR too kind! And the cupcakes were amazing obviously ๐Ÿ˜‰ Wow I had no idea you grew up in Nigeria! What was that like? I just saw an amazing Nigerian art exhibit at a museum here in Helsinki, it was reallllllly fascinating looking at all the pics throughout the history there. But please do a post or something on your upbringing in Nigeria, I’m super curious! And you have US citizenship?! Were you born here? Haha I’m dual american and Finnish, both come in use for different reasons!
      I love Indian weddings- first wedding I ever went to was Indian, an I sure now all that goes into them! A couple of years back I went to my cousin’s wedding in Saudi and it was a similar affair with royal family and all, MASSIVE amounts of food and even a famous Arab singer recorded a song specially for the bride and groom which all the guests got a CD copy of! Ahhhh! I hope I get married one day and get to have an amazinggggg wedding!

    1. Thank youuu- quite the compliment coming from a gorgeous recent bride ๐Ÿ™‚ Yesss the cupcake idea was definitely innovative and they were delicious!

  2. Oh my wow! You look gorgeous (of course) certainly not drag queen.
    My fam is US all the way …and “white” is pretty much all I can say to describe us. I wish there was a bit more culture.

  3. Beautiful! And I mean all of it..YOU, the gown, your pictures, YOUR FOOD. hah ๐Ÿ˜‰
    My family is pretty all-American, but we’re pretty well traveled thanks to my dad. He’s always been a traveler and it’s worn off on us too ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Looks beautiful!!! Did you hop on over to Finland afterwards? Laughed about the falsies/drag queen comment–I actually really like falsies now ever since I wore them as Bjork at a costume party this summer (with lots of help from Kyle to glue them on! haha). But really, I did feel like a drag queen…and I kinda liked it!

    Uh when are you coming back to this side of the globe? Because you should come visit me ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yup yup, I’m in Finland now but doing all the Sweden recap haha- of course Kyle would have falsies expertises- and I know they’re so fun aren’t they, and really easy to take on and off! PS I love love love all the photos on your blog- like those huge spiky fruits, what ARE they?
      And I’m going back to PDX in a couple of weeks, but I would love to visit you in Vietnam! Haha I guess I’ll see how the job search goes and if nothing comes up I’ll take off again ๐Ÿ™‚ Miss youu!

      1. Thanks! The spikey fruit, its the notorious stinky fruit (durian). Its really good if you’re acquired to the smell, but otherwise, (as Connor explains it) it apparently smells like a mixture of garlic, papaya and vom. haha
        Say hi to PDX for me!! Miss you too!!

  5. I’ve never been to a wedding, but I’d really like to! It looks like you had a lot of fun! Oh, and lovely dresses. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And YES, I definitely read every single one of the books in the series…they were just too much fun! I took to saying things like Hamburger-a-gogo Land for a while. ๐Ÿ˜›

    The more international, the better! We’re a bit international, too (German-Zimbabwean-South African-English-American)

  6. You look amazing ( I know, I know “amazing” is a word that really is boring and overly used but I mean it!).

    I completely understand what you are saying about those moments that just feel so perfect and happy and too good to be true.

    Most of them happen when I travel, but even when I’m quietly sitting outside and just breathing the air of Northern CA and taking in the view…really precious.

    I also had one of those moments at a wedding for a cousin in Australia…just dancing with all these really joyful people around. Weddings are always a good time. Sighhhh I want to be at one.

  7. sweeeet photos thanks for sharing ! and i’m from a sicilian family which is loud, and well, loud. truly enjoyed this post though. love seeing other cultures/traditions/foods!

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