Stockholm: Fashionabla

Forgive me, it’s been a hot minute, but blogging had to take a bit of a boot-seat considering my stats of the past week:

Monday: Helsinki, Stockholm

Tuesday: Stockholm, Chicago

Wednesday: San Francisco

Saturday: Portland

That’s right, I have moved back to Portland and my nouvelle abode already reeks of Chanel and coffee; but that my friends is for another post because I’ve saved this one final Nordic post; and yes it’s fashion, but it’s also food, because nowadays the stuff you eat can be fashionable as well


To save some redundancy and/or remind you of my passion and penchance for Stockholm style, you can check out these prior posts:

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Stepping onto the streets of Stockholm feels like walking through the pages of a Vogue city shoot. Everyone is beautiful, dressed impeccably, and cascading down the sidewalks with an infectious aura of confidence and nonchalance.

Cool originated in Sweden…in more ways than one if you catch my drift…

Even the shop windows are adorned with innovative pause-worthy exhibits; most notably the newest ones bordering the perimeter of Nordiska Kompaniet (NK), Sweden’s most high-end department store:

Albeit the glass reflections, you have to admit that NK did a magnificent job in hiring their visual team

Besides the abundance of Swedish designers sold at NK and in luxurious boutiques throughout Scandinavia, there are also select non-Nordic designer lines with immense popularity amongst the fashionistas of the region,most notably:

*Alexander McQueen (and McQ by McQueen)

*Alexander Wang (think all those incredible shoes and black leather zipper totes and purses)

*Rag & Bone

*See by Chloe

*Vanessa Bruno

*Paul & Joe/Paul & Joe Sister


*Jimmy Choo

*3.1 Phillip Lim

*Helmut Lang

Let’s just say I got dangerously close to losing  a substantial percentage of my savings when I came into contact with the Alexander McQueen skull-adorned clutch collection at NK. One day, one day.

Of course, the dollar-krona ($1: 6.2 SEK) exchange rate made shopping a bit scant this time around; however I did manage to pick up a couple of pieces over at the very affordable and urban chic, MTWTFSS WEEKDAY (aka Cheap Monday’s mother store):

Part of Nora's birthday gift, SEK 100

 Some stylish and practical black skinnies for a very affordable 500 SEK (I paid full price, but some of the jeans on sale were as low as 90 KRONA…less than $20)! What I also love about purchasing jeans outside the US is that they have LENGTH measurements posted as well (which are still too long on me, but it’s an improvement). On a side note, Urban Outfitters sells select Cheap Monday items in the States

MTWTFSS Chopin silky Polka Dot dress for 300 SEK; it looks like a top in this picture, but I plan on wearing it as a dress as it actually skims my knees

Shopping in Stockholm is overwhelming for me considering that a good 80% of the clothes for sale are appealing to me which makes it all the more difficult to evaluate the facets of a potential splurge; however I travel here rather frequently and will hopefully be generating an income the next trip around so that I can spoil myself rotten at any of my favourite haunts:

1. PUB: A department store exhibiting the best of Swedish brands: Fashion, accessories, shoes, you name it

2. Nordiska Kompaniet

3. APLACE: A chic fashion store and magazine in the hip hood of Södermalm, which is sure to give you goosebumps, because everything from the products to the decor is just so ridiculously cool. Brands sold: Alexander Wang, Acne, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Resteröds, Minimarket, Mads Norgaard, The Local Firm, and more


And since shopping in this magnificent city can be quit exhausting (mentally and physically), it’s quite necessary to conclude the day with a proper meal…fashionably of course and perhaps at Roppongi near the city centre in Kungsholmen:

Yes that is entrecote sushi surrounding the spicy tuna roll...and it's delectable

And as any fashionista knows, dessert is always on the agenda

Rhubarb cheesecake with red currants


Raspberry Pannacotta

If you could have a $10,000 shopping spree on one label, which would you choose?

What’s your choice of a non-chocolate dessert?

What do you tend to splurge on? How do you evaluate whether a purchase is worth the splurge?


7 thoughts on “Stockholm: Fashionabla

  1. Wow you’ve been on the move this week, that’s for sure! I’m horrible at deciding what to splurge on, it usually takes me a good hour just to decide between two books in the bookstore! The rhubarb cheesecakes sounds like such a unique flavor combination 🙂

  2. I’m not sure what label…but I love fashion! They’re are just too many lovely ones. 🙂 I love shoes, but tend to splurge on travel and gifts, especially for my family. And my favorite non-chocolate dessert is *obviously* ice cream! Maybe with some berries, nuts, caramel, and praline bits? 😛

  3. Damn, you lucky gal. I’m so full of wander lust right now.
    And i’m sooo not a fashionista. The only fashion brand I recognize from your list is Jimmy Choos. I don’t ever splurge on clothes, that my mom’s job. haha! But I do splurge on food and technology. Such a greedy Geek!

  4. I love the window display at NK! These fashion posts of yours are so fun :)!

    If I had (or should I say when I have) a $10,000 shopping spree, Hermes or Chanel would my go-to…the sad part is that chances are I’d only walk out with one item! As for non-chocolate dessert, easy–> vanilla ice cream or cheesecake (any will do). As much as I LOVE choc in bar form, I find choc desserts like fondant too rich! Welcome home 😀

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