Portland: Potato Patrons

Potatoes. I love them, Naz loves them, Yurop loves them, I mean how can you NOT like potatoes? There are so many forms you can consume those yellow orbs of scrumptious starch and sustenance- baked, mashed, au gratin, pomme frites (I’m being fancy here), wedges, scalloped, boiled, buttered, in pancakes, in bread, named aloo and mixed with some garam masala/gobi (cauliflower)/mattar (peas), as hash browns or tater tots or roasted with the skins on and even eaten in a salad! How versatile, no?

Being back in Portland has been an “absolute blast” insofar, it’s like I never even left except for the fact that I now have 1200 square feet of bachelorette pad all to myself- which essentially means I can switch rooms on the hour to recharge my job-search and Emaho article brainstorming motivations.

Of course, the best part of all has been kicking it with my wonderful now near and eternally dear friends; such as yesterday which began with lunch at Paragon, a nouvelle-Americaine restaurant in the Pearl District

Busy man, Yurop was able to escape his fashionably attired leopard-print-with-tassels-scarf-ed self from the office to meet Naz and I for a quick bite

He predictably ordered the pan-fried chicken cutlets with caper-brown butter, mashed potatoes, and green beans. I didn’t try it, but he fished out the cutlets on a separate plate since they were too “oily” and ate them with Naz’s ketchup

Naz on the other hand decided on a sandwich, also accompanied by a popular form of potatoes:

Chicken Pesto with parmesan cheese, oven-roasted roma tomatoes, arugula, pesto aioli, and delectable rosemary fries

I also went the sandwich route:

Jerk chicken sandwich with habanero aioli on focaccia; I was under the impression that I too would get a side of the glorious herbed potatoes, but instead I was given a rather bland cucumber jicama salad. How sad. I ate it though considering I needed to meet my veggie quota since there was NOTHING on the sandwich besides the jerked-cutlet and aioli (which was quite tasty though). Pre-ordering however the waiter had warned me the sandwich might be “very spicy.” He obviously didn’t know who he was dealing with; and no it wasn’t spicy in my not so humble opinion

Paragon Restaurant & Bar Portland on Urbanspoon

Post-Paragon, we bid farewell to Yurop as he headed back to the office and Naz and I headed to her/Olive/Jahnavi’s house to kick it/sort of nap while leafing through all the issues of Glamour and W Olive subscribed to courtesy of expiring mileage

Then, at around 3:30, Naz and I picked up my sister, Nora from school and headed to Target in hopes of  scoring some of the goods from Target’s Missoni collection

HOWEVER, we were in for a rather bitter surprise:

Sold out. Everything except baby clothes, a floppy hat four times the diameter of my head, and a pyjama top Nora found abandoned in the gardening supplies aisle (which she did purchase if I may add). Somehow, I did not get the memo that a) People in Tigard, Oregon would ambush over a Missoni collection at Target and b) that this particular collaboration would reach Lanvin for H&M-ambush status…considering that Target has been having designer collabs for YEARS and has always had plenty available even weeks post-debut.

It was very, very, sad…walking around gaping at the bare racks and displays bearing nothing but teasing price tags for how ridiculously CHEAP those zig-zag adorned bath towels, kitchenware, and cardigans would have been had I known to merge a trip to Target with my morning java consumption.

Oh well, fret I don’t as Naz and I agreed we would be up bright and early for Versace’s H&M debut come November and thus remedy the current situation at hand leaving with a different Italian product…in the form of Moscato d’Asti.

Apres the slight fail of a Target trip, we picked up Olive and headed to my very very favourite eating spot in all of Portland and suburbs: ARABIAN NIGHTS

I won’t bore you with photos of food you have already seen on this blog (think huge Mezze plates, piles of fluffy pita, and charred kebabs), but we did order something a little more off the grid this time, and in participation with our potassium-filled theme du jour:

Sumac and parsley dusted fries with a side of the swoon-inducing garlic sauce

It was a fabulous time, as any time is with my favourite people; accentuated by laughs, garlic, and magnificent nostalgic and comforting food

I’m so happy to be back; now if you’ll excuse me I have some major job searching and bachelorette pad-assembling to tend to

Were you able to snag anything from Missoni for Target?

How do you like YOUR potatoes?


12 thoughts on “Portland: Potato Patrons

  1. Oh man I love potatoes in a big way..sweet, regular,roasted, boiled- ill take any! Have u tried truffle fries…orgasmic!

    That’s so annoying about the Missoni @ Target…clearly the residants of Portland are more stylish than I give them credit! I wouldve kicked myself too but nothing like meat and garlicky fries to give u something better to focus your energies on 🙂

  2. There are still items that aren’t out of stock on Target.com. The Target by me was also pretty much entirely picked over. Oh well. And I do love potatoes of all kinds but especially love them topped in garlic of any kind. YUM!

  3. Aww not going back to the Bay?

    But it seems like you truly are happy to be back in Portland!

    I’ve never been to Portland but I’ve always wanted to go there and Seattle JUST for the weather. Love the drizzling atmosphere.

    Garlic + fried potato = mmmmmmmmmmmm
    but sweet potato = 😛
    I just don’t like them!!

  4. What inspired you to move to Portland? I know you’ve lived there before, but school is over and you live in California, too. It would be really interesting to hear what Oregon has that California doesn’t! 🙂

    1. Ahh it’s a long story; I’m permanently moved out of California and back in Oregon; i love the beauty here- it’s so green, the people are so down-to-earth and wonderful, everything is super cheap (no sales tax), the food culture is the best I’ve ever seen, and most of my friends live here so it’s a win-win…I’m honestly over California 🙂

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