No Room for Lethargy

How was your weekend?

Life as of late has been nonstop, from this to that, pause for a coffee refill, to respond to an e-mail, to find something to apply to as my blackberry regains enough juice to get me through the next 8 hours out

It’s all good though; a tightly-packed schedule is the perfect fit to my life mantra; my need to constantly be on the go and having a row of targets to hit for the day/week/whatever scope of time we’re talking about

Friday afternoon, after some grocery power-shopping (think a Trader Joe’s run consisting of black figs, aubergine, spaghetti squash, crumpets, and eggs), I met up with my favourite fluent-in-Chinese Idahoan/Minnesotans: Claire and Megan

Apparently my alma mater now has an option where for $100 per semester you get a weekly vegetable box with fresh/local/seasonal Oregonian produce! What an incredible idea, and a way to inspire students to cook healthy and local fare! Megan and Claire’s box for this week contained AMAZING cherry tomatoes (they tasted like candy!), dill, parsley, basil, weird cucumber thingies (I forgot the name), a green capsicum, husks of corn, pluots, and fat rustic carrots (I have a root veg fetish).

Of course, Claire and Megan being as creative and awesome as they are put their veggie boxes to good use, as you can see on their new Tumblr site documenting some of their innovative and tantalizing culinary creations: PanMancakes

Speaking of food, we all went out to one of our favourite little activities; fro yo, this time trying a new place called Yo Town Cafe:

And while we were sitting there discussing my aspirations of learning how to make poached eggs so I can impress my future husband with eggs benedict (that’s also what inspired me to purchase crumpets at trader joe’s), the owner of YoTown decided to put on some Paula Deen for us to watch…how joyous; have you noticed that almost all fro yo places tend to have LG or Samsung plasma televisions?

Apres our productive and inspiring HO-sesh (Hang-out session), I ran drove home to get prepped up for a night on the town at Departure on top of the Nines Hotel in Portland

Luckily the weather was decent (read: not raining) so we were able to go stand outdoors and gaze down at the very empty city streets; Yurop showed up later in time for happy hour and we ordered some legit $3 chicken samosas with raita, but I don’t have any pictures because I was so hungry at that point I was already eating drink garnishes


Saturday was another crazy busy day- between shoe shopping (not for me), restocking my sister’s mac and cheese repertoire (there is a guest post from her in the near future regarding her number one connoisseur-ism, mac and cheese), and finally getting all dressed up again for Yurop’s company’s corporate party:

Excuse the blurriness, we were having trouble figuring out whether to use flash or not; the party was at Bluehour, a snazzy restaurant in the Pearl District and it was quite the classy soiree. As expected, Naz, Yurop, our friends Denise, Manuel, and I were the youngest people there (by a couple of decades), but we had a magnificent time between mimes, Moet, and mingling…oh and the raspberries we stole off all the lemon bar canapes. After meeting a fascinating mix of international business folk and concluding the party at around 1:45 am; we headed down to Teardrop, stayed until past closing (which is 2am…the latest you’ll find anything open in Portland), had a fabulous time and woke up the next morning fresh as an organic Oregonian fig at 9:30 and ready to go pick my mama up from the airport for an epic trip to IKEA

A substantially un-gourmet lunch, however, was very much in order:

Concrete proof that not everything I eat is high maintenance; considering how cheap IKEA food is, it was okay…the best part was the potato/broc rosti potato cake things…honestly I was craving the meatballs with potatoes and lingonberry sauce, but sadly IKEA uses pork in their meatballs which made it aΒ  no-go pour moi

After several hour of mama-fueled shopping and finally spending my LAST night on an air mattress thanks to my new daybed coming in the next hour; we had to stop for our favourite IKEA treats:

Naturally, upon arriving in the new apartment, my mama’s maternal instincts took over and I found her organizing/rearranging/cleaning up the entire place, so as a result it is looking far more presentable

Have you ever eaten at IKEA?

Have any good savoury fig recipes? I have a HUGE box of black ones I need to use…I was thinking something with balsamic?

How do you feel about networking/mingling? Any advice or tips that you have found helpful?

Do YOU know how to make poached eggs?


24 thoughts on “No Room for Lethargy

  1. This might sound totally crazy but I love bacon-wrapped figs. I usually fry up the bacon a bit so it has some crisp and then pop them in the oven – depending on the size of the figs you could even stuff them with goat or blue cheese. Super delicious.

  2. They do a local CSA box through your school?! That is beyond amazing! My school has fast food 😦

    I’ve eaten at IKEA several times, but have never had any of the food you did. I think I had breakfast there once which was pretty good, and I tried a decent lick off of my friend’s ice cream cone once, but that’s the jist of it 😦

  3. “Concrete proof that not everything I eat is high maintenance”—> ha ha! I’ve actually never eaten at Ikea but that ice cream cone has my name written all over it- could eat vanilla soft serve by the bucket. Actually everything you guys ordered actually looks delicious- I’m impressed! I love mingling/networking–> you never know who you’ll end up meeting and what kind of opportunities/doors a single conversation can open up! Also I’m with Sarah- love your outfits, especially the black skirt/white shirt combo!

    1. Thank youuu πŸ™‚ And it’s true what you say about networking, I’m pretty shy for the most part but I’m beginning to get used to the nature of mingling and networking and truth is I have met some very fascinating people while doing so!

  4. I have never even tried to poach an egg… it’s on my “to-make” list haha… eventually I shall πŸ™‚ And I haven’t eaten at Ikea either! The closest one to me is about an hour a way so when I go I want to make it worthwhile and I haven’t needed to quite yet πŸ™‚
    Love your outfits too, you are darn adorable girl!

  5. U looked beautiful in those pics! Love your style, pretty and classy : )

    I have never eaten at Ikea, but damn that ice cream cone looks good!

    So funny your mom is organizing the place, but cute too! Im sure she is glad to be spending time with you!

    Have no recipes for figs! I have only had a fig, when it was a fig newton! lol

    1. Thanks Katie πŸ™‚ And yup it’s actually vanilla fro yo for only $1! Lovely steal, yes?
      Oh and I love fig newtons, my mama put them in my lunchbox for my recess snack as a kid

  6. I LOVE Ikea food πŸ™‚
    I remember eating in-store a LOOOOONG time ago, but it is seriously so fun to eat there! I also like going to the shop on the lower level and buying those Anna’s ginger snap and lemon shortbread thins. Yum!

  7. I am all about networking. You never know who you will meet or who that person knows and can refer you too. My best tip is to go with someone you know but then stray away from them. They will help you to feel more comfortable but you don’t want to stand in a corner with that person (which is what people tend to do). By separating you can tackle more of the room. My other tip is to go in with an idea of what questions you may ask someone. You want to make the most of that 2 minutes you might get!

    1. Thanks for the tips, I definitely made the mistake of sticking to my friend when I came with him to this networking reception; and I also made the mistake of not having business cards, but I’m slowly learning how to best make a good impression and gain a few contacts

  8. Never eaten at IKEA, though I don’t turn down a vanilla cone anywhere…

    I’m a fan of the idea of networking, but actually doing it freaks me out!

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