Stuff I’ll Endorse Once I Become Famous

The past twenty-one hours I have been highly committed to one particular errand: Moulding my body shape into my new IKEA Sultan mattress (it did say to do that on the instruction sheet).

In the midst of one of my Twitter feed refreshes, birthday mama Nicole Richie had composed a tweet about getting her new Samsung Galaxy somethingrather just in time for her birthday. In all obviousness, that led me to wonder how much cashmoney she is making from Samsung for seven milliseconds and 87 characters worth of advertising (I did just count…and my estimate was correct).

And of course, that train of thought morphed into speculating about what sorts of products and services I would give into endorsing once I become famous a little more well-known. You see, the thing is when I am passionate about a product/place/person/idea it is in my nature to make sure the world knows it; I am all for supporting loud and clear those who enhance my life and lifestyle whether it’s my friends who have secret day-bed assembling talents (NAZNEEN) or Voss for upping my trend-cred by way of being the Proenza Schouler of waters

However, I know that in  most cases companies pay random starlets stashes of cash to tweet/talk about/wear/publicly eat their products even if said starlet doesn’t actually use said product in real life. That is where I am not sure if I can compromise my authenticity; that is to falsely incorporate a product into my life which I am not passionate about…even for a stash of cash.

Alright, forgive me for jogging several miles ahead of myself, but living in such an identity-formatted society is bound to root such thoughts. We have been wired to believe and think that what we are consumers of and what and who we associate with are components to who we are as people; are indicators of our values, interests, backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses. There is of course several doses of truth to that; and I can discuss this topic at length but I know most of you have jobs to tend to or homework to finish so let’s just pretend for all our sakes that endorsements would come by choice as opposed to merely monetary incentive.

In that case, I would happily endorse spaghetti squash (which I guess would be supporting the spaghetti squash farmers…and I sure love farmers)!

In case you’re a new reader or have forgotten; these photos from a series of 30 taken last January  pretty much sum up my feelings towards the Veggie Spaghetti:

This also reminds me of how stoked I am for cold weather so I can bring out the leopard shrug againnnnn. Tacky, you say?

Considering today was a home-day; dinner was also going to be home-cooked affair and the staples I had at my disposal that needed to be used asap were:

*Trader Joe’s natural chicken tender breasts

*One plump aubergine

*Spaghetti Squash

*Abundance of fresh thyme, basil, and parsley

Hence, I figured I would do a play on pasta; and spun Senor Spaghetti Squash in the microwave for 12 minutes; de-seeded, and scooped out all the beautiful innards:

And since spaghetti squash is quite boring on it’s own, mamacita and I tossed up a sauce comprised of:

Pan-sauteeing the chicken tender breasts with olive oil, garlic, and onions

Dunking in a can of chopped tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, chopped mini portobellos, a tinge of sea salt, black pepper, dry basil, dry oregano, chilli flakes

And topped with fresh herbs, grana padano parmesan and some roasted aubergine:

I obviously proceeded to add a tonne of Trader Joe’s chilli pepper sauce; something else I would happily endorse

Absolutely delicious and surprisingly filling considering it was squash and not pasta

On that note; I’ll leave you all with a brief list of endorsements I would gladly once welcome once the fame train arrives at my platform:

*(Humanely-raised/antibiotic & hormone-free) Meat consumption

*Ordering everything “as spicy as possible”

*Matching your beverage bottles to your outfits (Voss Water is highly recommended) as well as matching your smartphone and pedicure to your car

*Fage 2% Greek Yoghurt

*Stockholm as a fashion capital

*Having your coffee black and espresso-strength

*Chanel Gardenia

*Walking briskly

*Flying Emirates

*Never mixing gold and silver/white gold/platinum

*Anything designed by any of the Alexanders (McQueen or Wang)

*Air conditioners

*Baby Powder

*Reading photogenic travel and food magazines during your airport transit time (that is, after you stock up on Chanel stylo yeux waterproofs at Duty Free)


What products would you/do you regularly endorse or are passionate about?

How do you like your spaghetti squash?


11 thoughts on “Stuff I’ll Endorse Once I Become Famous

  1. Creative post! Love how real you are :)! My post tonight is about a product which I would happily endorse…and should probably receive income for doing so! I would also endorse Johnson baby wipes as a godsend for getting stains off (i’m talking soy sauce off white tshirts), Davidoff instant coffee, Opi polishes, and my latest favorite chocolate: Madagascar flavor of Lindt…trust me, Sara on this – you will love it!

    1. Madagascar vanilla is the highest quality and most delicious vanilla in the entire world- is it vanilla Lindt because I haven’t heard of the Madagascar flavour- must try it though! And I do indeed love your latest endorsement 😉

  2. I’m with you on most of the things you endorse…but I cannot endorse Emirates! The flight from Dubai to Pakistan was one of the worst ones I’ve ever been on. And then the return trip was terrible but luckily British Airways helped me recover on my way back to London.

    Love the spaghetti squash recipe! You are a pretty creative and amazing cook Sara! I am impressed.

    PS – I agree with Khusboo…LAX is the WORST airport. Ever.

    1. Oh no, I’m sorry about your Emirates experience; I think with me the one airline I absolutely will NEVER fly on or endorse is American; after a hellish trip from Delhi-Chicago where I was repeatedly discriminated against and accused of smoking in the lavatories (I don’t even smoke), then threatened with having the authorities meet me at O’Hare. Oh but I do love flying BA, plus I love their lounges at Heathrow!
      Thanks Ameena but I am anything but a creative cook, haha, I’m still learning and since my mum is currently visiting I have her help in the kitchen otherwise it will be back to failed experiments.

  3. I second air conditioners and walking briskly! There’s a bunch of things I’d add my to list 😛 but the first ones on my mind are granola, muesli, peanut butter & honey, bread, ice cream, quark, and frozen berries. Oh, and apples 😛

    1. I forgot about ice cream! There are farrrrr too many things I would be happy to endorse; most of them edible. But yesss air conditioners are bliss; especially for someone like me who’s internal body temperature seems to always be about ten degrees higher than everyone else’s

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