How Friends are like (Good) Fat

If I were a fat-soluble vitamin, my friends would be the fat

“Is that the best metaphor you can come up with?” you think…but fat’s negative reputation is mostly overindulgence fear mongering hype; in fact it’s a vital macronutrient that we all need a little bit of to be the best and most glowing version of ourselves. So yes, this is a very relevant and complimentary metaphor, one which came to mind as I was falling asleep last night and was tucked away in the “remember this in the morning” section of my brain.

I’ve reiterated it many times, but there really is nothing as enlightening as being in the company of your good friends, and how you I know who these people are:

  • Awkward silences and internal stress about how to keep the conversation going simply do not exist
  • They are willing to give you an alternative perspective and call you out when you’re being unreasonable or ridiculous
  • They will help you put together your IKEA day bed and insist that all the screws are tight enough even when you become so exhausted that you stop caring whether they are tight enough
  • They make you sound like a hotshot in front of strangers at sweat-inducing-for-the-unsweatable awkward networking receptions
  • They will gladly accompany you to potentially awkward +1 receptions
  • You will spend hours with them one on one and it will never feel foreign or suffocating
  • They will happily split food and the weird Greek yoghurt bars you want to try from Costco with you
  • They hang out with your parents; when you aren’t even there; in fact they e-mail/text/BBM your parents and it’s not even regarding you
  • They buy you frozen yogurt/chicken samosas/Moscato and you drive them to doctor’s appointments/rehearsals/get their car
  • You tend to find their Bobbi Brown lipglosses and Rolex Catalogues in your car
  • They become even angrier than you when they see you being mistreated
  • You don’t stress out about holding in your bizarre/un-PC/potential-to-make-you-sound-crazy thoughts in their presence
  • They will tag you in pictures of coconuts/canteloupe/spaghetti squash
  • You do mundane stuff together…like going to the carwash
  • You have at some point split a rotisserie chicken

Besides Portland being a lively, creatively invigorating, and nostalgic city for me; it’s also the one place where I have the greatest number of these good friends- and with so many within a ten mile radius, my vitamin self gets that nice dose of fat-solubility every day;

like yesterday for instance; even though I didn’t get to see Naz and Yurop, I did get to see David and Clare

David and I met for lunch at Pok Pok, a Portland favourite run by James Beard winner, Andy Ricker- and of course we decided to split a spread of four fantastic dishes

Salad of tomatoes, hmong chilies, cilantro, and fish sauce dressing

Loved the kick from the hmong chilies; David doesn’t like tomatoes and thought that ordering chili-fied tomatoes might help him change his mind; it swayed it but I ended up finishing this starter

Yam Makheua Yao: Smoky grilled long eggplant salad with spicy dressing of Thai chilies, lime, fish sauce, palm sugar, topped with boiled egg, shallots, and crispy garlic

I love anything with aubergine; need I say more?

Het Paa Naam Tok: Spicy forest mushroom salad with soy sauce, lime and chili powder dressing, shallots, lemongrass, cilantro and toasted rice powder

This is the vegan version of the salad normally made with flank steak and it’s still meaty in texture and multi-faceted in flavour

Kai Yaang half-bird: Charcoal rotisserie roasted natural game hen stuffed with lemongrass, garlic, pepper, and cilantro served with spicy sweet and sour tamarind dipping sauces

Any form of rotisserie hens/chickens/guineas/fowls is always a must have, especially when accompanied by proper dippage

After catching up with David, I headed to campus to hang out with 1/2 of the culinary team extraordinaire of PanMancakes, Clare. Clare is also my original rotisserie-fowl-sharing friend as you may remember we split a rotisserie chicken with sriracha in the library last semester…with adequate portions of canteloupe and mixed berries for dessert. We both obviously have refined culinary palates and a knack for enhancing our study sessions.

I hung out with Clare in the Chinese language apartment, scheming over our future dinner parties, watching her straighten her hair, dishing about top secret things and of course listening to her describe the mac & cheese/tatertots/more cheese dish she’s planning to prepare for her Friday night dinner party

Then of course we hit up our favourite frozen yogurt place of all time: PEACHWAVE (and as a frozen yoghurt connoisseur-ess who has personally sampled over 20 different froyo shops in the Portland area, I believe I can authoritatively say that Peachwave is the best in terms of texture, variety, taste, and a prime location between Whole Foods and the Saks outlet.

Mine- an epic mixture of cheesecake, cookies n cream, cupcake, peanut butter, coffee, tart, mango, and white chocolate macadamia; Clare thought it looked too healthy

Clare’s which also starred cheesecake bites, cookie dough bites, caramel sauce, and other things I don’t recognize

It was delightful as always, especially since it was empty enough that we got to snag the couch. Then they started playing Bassnectar, oh and I forgot to mention the high school aged dude working there gave us like four sample cups each, served with a smile. Now, that’s SERVICE.

Peachwave on Urbanspoon

What’s your signature dish- that you would make or order?

Is there any unique attribute your friends associate you with?

Opinion of rotisserie chicken?



19 thoughts on “How Friends are like (Good) Fat

  1. Amen to good friends- it’s so funny as i could relate to each and every one of those! My best friend and mom planned a lunch date today and while I did pretend to be annoyed about my lack of invite, I really do love how well they get along! I want fro yo SO bad right now, especially if Clare’s cup is involved! I gotta say, when I think Portland, ‘amazing eats’ isn’t the first thing that comes to mind but I should clearly not be so quick to judge….all looks fab!

    1. Haha yeah my mom and my friend, Naz are basically like mother and daughter- it’s hilarious; in fact today Naz is coming over because my mom wants to teach her how to make baklava! And surprisingly Portland is America’s best culinary secret; we have SO MANY award-winning and just plain amazing restaurants here (a lot of NYC’s great chefs are exported from Portland), plus it’s all pretty cheap- and no sales tax!

  2. My friends would say I exercise a lot and eat weird things…and make inappropriate comments 🙂

    I love fro yo, and I love that you’re a connoisseur of it.

  3. Awww this post is so cute. It makes me miss my friends that go to college in a different state than I do because we are totally like that.

    Your fro yo looks awesome. It is making me want to go out and get some like right now.

  4. I’d love to visit Portland someday- it seriously sounds like my kind of place! One of my good friends from home goes to Lewis and Clark and she’s constantly raving about it. Also that grilled aubergine looks ah-mazing.

    1. Really? Who’s your good friend? I just graduated from Lewis & Clark (and actually hung out with two Bahraini/Saudi girls I know from there last night)!

  5. I intuitively though of Chicken Caesar Salad as my signature dish. I also love oatmeal and raisin cookies. Well, cookies in general. In Finland I crave porridge. When I lived there, that wasn’t the case;) Funny how distance makes us nostalgic.

    My friends call me Miss Sunshine. They find me upbeat, joyful and a good listener. These are the very things I long to spread around me. I want to talk about ‘real things’. Go to the essential. Be the kind of person who is there with you no matter what.

    Thank you for sharing about coping with ED. I am on the way of recovery. Slowly but surely accepting a normal body weight again. There are good days and then the ones that are more challenging, like yesterday. But i talked things out a bit, and then ate pretty much normally. Never wanted to struggle with ED, like none of us, but the evil one just invited itself. Now I have to kick it out. I am so encouraged to read that you have been okay for some time already.

    1. Oh Porridge; my grandparents up near Rovaniemi eat porridge every single morning so I got permanently sick of eating it just from having no other breakfast options as a child- but I am obsessed with karjalanpiirakas which are filled with rice porridge 🙂
      I think those are the best qualities of a friend- a good listener, compassion, and being able to be there for each other in the good and the bad times
      -As for recovery, it’s a long and arduous process, and it can take years and takes a lot of strong will in order to be TRULY 100% committed- and the truth is you HAVE to be 100% committed to getting better otherwise the illness will find a way to weed itself back into your life; I attempted/relapsed several times before I finally entered a four-month long intensive treatment programme and had plenty of support with the struggle of detaching myself from something I had identified with for years- both mentally and physically. It’s possible though; while I wouldn’t say I am 100% recovered (as I am skeptical about how possible that is for anyone who’s had the experience of this illness), I am lightyears away from the way I was then; and while the thoughts creep in every so often I have the tools instilled in me to brush them off and not act on them- as I have seen that real life is far preferable to the misery of the illness.

  6. I adore …ADORE that list — your friend criterion is much the same as mine. (Except for the chicken part…make that a bottle of wine.)
    I’ll add that you know you are my true friend when I sing ion front of you ….like, full out sing. Not joking or dumbing it down.

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