Six for Six

Would you believe me if I told you that you can dine on gratifying and high quality food for cheaper than homecooking? Or even fast food?

How cheap? You ponder; well it depends on the parameters of your appetite, but my assumption would be that you can make three hearty, good-sized meals out of a six dollar fork over; that my friends would be $2 per meal. TWO DOLLARS? Unless you’re buying four IKEA hot dogs, not many fast food meals come that cheap (plus WHO in their right mind would want to eat four hot dogs?)

And to all my vegetarian and vegan readers; this deal includes you! You see, as a self-proclaimed meat-head, it takes one earth-shattering meatless meal (or three in this scenario) to select in lieu of a chicken/sirloin/lobster-centered one. And let me tell you, it is a happenstance of luck that my absolute favourite veg place in all of Portland (and perhaps the West Coast) happens to cost less than my parking metre

Allow me to present to you the pride of SW 12th avenue in Portland, Bombay Chaat House:

You did read that right; a massive six course meal with free chai for the price of $6! The meal consists of naan and basmati rice and four dishes which vary from day to day. Besides famous Indian vegetarian delights such as Channa Masala, Mutter Paneer, and Aloo Gobi, Bombay Chaat House’s menu also features Chaat, which are the snacks found on the streets of India. However, the best part is now you can eat them without risking your health!

Some of the chaat options include channa samosa (chickpea filled samosas with chutneys), Pani Puri (small cups filled with potatoes, spices, and spiced’ water’), Dahi vada (a fried ‘doughnut’ eaten with yoghurt), and many more!

Nazneen had a craving for some Mutter Paneer (Peas and paneer curry):

The basmati is under there somewhere…

Nora, Olive, and I went for the six course meal, which yesterday consisted of: Navrattan korma (a creamy sauce with nine different types of veggies), Aloo bhaji (a potato/veggie dish), Dal Tarka (black lentils), and Channa Masala (those vibrant chickpeas)! It also came with a massive blanket of garlic naan:

You know you want that

I was also dying for some chaat so Nora and I split the Aloo Tikki Channa:

Consists of two spiced potato pancakes doused with channa masala, yoghurt, chutneys, and chopped red onion. Absolutely out of this world!

We dined in the Portland breeze at a nearby picnic table; in which our meal was inhaled in silence (well the parts of it we managed to eat)…let’s just say my refrigerator has picked up a rather enticing aroma of garlic and masala

Bombay Chaat House is hands down the best Indian cuisine I have had in the Portland area (YES, that includes Desi-restaurant-laden Beaverton), and that is saying a lot considering they don’t have my beloved chicken tandoori tikka on the menu. The flavours are robust and authentic, swoon-worthy and piquant, and yes, will leave your fingertips smelling like a Bombay kitchen (in the best way possible)

Bombay Chaat House (Food Cart) on Urbanspoon

What is your favourite type of vegetarian meal?

Have you ever had chaat before?

Where do you go for some scrumptious cheap eats?


17 thoughts on “Six for Six

  1. Oh wow, yumyumyum! I’ve always been curious about food trucks and that looks *amazing*! 🙂 Plus, I’m curious about that doughnut and yogurt combo…

    I do enjoy Indian food, but my go-to for cheap eats is the Reformhaus Bahcer ready-counter… which is pretty cheap, but still about 2 to 3 Euros for a meal and that’s more than your tasty Indian one!

    1. It’s not a sweet doughnut, but a savoury one, but still absolutely delicious! Try and look for a South Indian restaurant; South Indian food is delicious and quite different- much of a focus on coconut/coconut milk, curry leaves, mustard seeds, curry leaves flavours, lots of steamed rice/stuff made with lentil flour- and mostly vegetarian/healthy. Absolutely delicious though.
      Hey 2-3 euros is pretty cheap for Europe!

    1. Food trucks are the best; and Portland literally has hundreds of them with every choice you can ever imagine- plus they’re cheap and quite the culinary experience 🙂

  2. You know how I feel towards Indian food but day-ummm that’s a pretty bargain meal…I like it :)! Ironically enough, channa masala and naan are 2 of the few Indian foods which I actually do enjoy! Did you ever try South Indian cuisine when you were here like idlis, dosas & sambar! Those are by far my favorite and if you haven’t, consider this a personal invite back :)! Also on a separate note, although it’s not vegetarian, Nandos in London is fab for a cheap & cheery meal!

    1. I LOVE south Indian food- and there isn’t enough of a presence of it OUTSIDE of India; people tend to think Mughlai food is the only thing to come out of India! Mysore Masala dosa is my absolute favourite with sambar and coconut chutney! I also love Uttapam, idlis, and dahi vada 🙂 When I was in Andhra Pradesh & Bangalore/Mysore it was so good to eat all those amazing dishes.
      Oh yeah and I love Nandos 😉

    1. Emily!!! You, me and Anna once went there together so it’s really you who introduced me 🙂 OH and btw India Chaat House and Bombay Chaat House have merged and are now ONE cart (it happened in January apparently)…I don’t know what that means what happened, but still. Definitely is a funny story though about the chaat house wars- looks like they’ve finally made peace 🙂

      1. Did we?!! I can’t believe I forgot about this! We went that one time during lunch! Ah damnit, its been so long since the three of us (and Hallie) have been together.

  3. That channa masala is making my mouth water. Like seriously. I was never a big fan of Indian food but living in the UK for 3 years changed that quick!
    You’ve inspired me to scour Nottingham for some South Indian restaurants 🙂

    And cheap and tasty eats for me has to be Egyptian street food – if you know where to go. Koshary stands are ubiquitous in Cairo but only a handful are really good.

    1. Yes channa masala is absolutely DELICIOUS and there really is nothing like good quality Indian food! If you ever go to India you will absolutely fall in love with all the amazing vegan options- some of my favourite dishes are Baignan Bhartha (it’s an aubergine-masala), vegetable jalfrezie, and of course all the south indian options!
      And koshary with shatta is one of my childhood nostalgia foods! yum!

  4. Food trucks are a lot of fun! This food looks absolutely delicious — and what a steal!

    Btw the other day, I learned that ‘chai’ means ‘tea’ in Hindu, so a lot of people in the US say “chai tea”, or really “tea tea.” I had no idea!! Guilty as charged 😉 from now on I will just say ‘chai.’

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