Tongue in Tongue

On Thursday night I ate lamb tongue:

With gin ponzu, daikon, and truffle oil

And it was delicious; perhaps the tenderest slab of meat I have ever had the pleasure of savoring; it gives a new perception of “melt in your mouth” along with a crispy crust. Plus, the whiff of truffle oil and mild daikon crunch turned each bite into a textural exhibition

At the same time however; knowing it was lamb tongue brought on a “conflict of interest,” (similar to my predicament with the beef heart skewers at Andina)- incredibly scrumptious and pleasing in flavour, yet somewhat repulsive by thought. It’s a good thing I have adventurous friends like David to push the envelope on our ordering selections


Our Thursday night dinner at brand new Southeast Division hotspot, Wafu was by all means an impressive and unique dining experience

Utensils available: Chopsticks and a combo Spork-Knife

Besides the lamb tongue we also lunged for some of the other enticing specialties:

Tartare: Beef tenderloin, ginger, daikon, togarashi, wasabi tobiko
Tempura Shrimp: Creamy spicy sauce, wasabi mayo, and chive
Ceviche: Mahi mahi, fennel currants, pistachio, spicy tomato citronette

 And no trip to Wafu would be complete without trying some ramen:

Aburasoba Ramen (brothless): Kimchi, fried egg, scallions, nori, corn

Anything with kimchi and a fried egg on top is a regal feast

The service here is incredible; the staff is warm, knowledgeable, and endearing and the food lives up to the phenomenal culinary reputation of this particular portion of Southeast Division

Wafu on Urbanspoon

Would you try lamb tongue?

What’s your idea of a regal food-enhancement/accompaniment?


11 thoughts on “Tongue in Tongue

  1. Lamb tongue. That is definitely weird. I probably would try it, but I would enjoy it more if no one told me what it was. That is how I had pate for the first time. My mom was just like oh it’s a spread of some kind. That sneaky woman.

  2. As I’m vegetarian, no. 😛 But the ramen looks good! And sporks bring back sooo many memories, ahh…

    Hmm…regal accompaniment? I’d say a cleanser course of cucumber sorbet. 😉

  3. Truffle oil is the ultimate enhancer! I’ve been eating it a lot recently as a salad dressing and I die with each bite- so heavenly! Never tried lamb tongue although I’m intrigued! I always feel so bad ass when I try hardcore meats like that!

    1. Haha I know we’re both a fan of the truffle club 🙂 So heavenly- and yesss I also feel that tinge of bad-assyness being able to say I ate such weird meat parts.

  4. All I can say is that I wish I was as adventurous as eater as you. I can’t even eat chicken, nevermind tongue. You are pretty amazing Sara!

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