Gone in Sixty Hours: Classy In Portland Part 1

The past week has been an infinite chest of pleasant surprises

One of those surprises? Naz’s best friend from home, Ashni finding a flight ticket to Portland and thus jetting here impromptu for the weekend (from Boston, not Bombay since she goes to uni there).

You see, many of our foreign friends/family have a rather distorted expectation of Portland: That it’s a village as opposed to being an ACTUAL small city- and luckily Ashni took the plunge to come and see the PDX for herself and that WOW, there are skyscrapers buildings over ten stories high! And yes, there are several Nordstroms, a Louis Vuitton, even hotels with rooftop lounges (well, one hotel).

And of course, since Ashni is only in Oregon for a mere sixty hours, Naz and I constructed an itinerary of classy to show her a fabulous time in Rip City.


10:38 am: Fetch Ashni from PDX

Noon: Give a tour of our gorgeous campus (which is rated the #2 most beautiful college campus in America) while simultaneously giving me a wonderful opportunity for me to revisit my old stomping strutting grounds

At one point, Naz had to jet off to a meeting so Ashni and I took up residence at one of the campus cafes. This was the first time we’ve both met (despite hearing so much about each other), but seriously I AUTOMATICALLY loved this lady! And anyways, how can I not love anyone associated with this girl:

2:30 PM: Take advantage of the rare Portland sunshine and head to NW 23rd Street for some l-u-n-c-h…and dessert at Papa Haydn’s:

We were FAMISHED; I like my butter smooth and my bread hot and crusty. A+, Papa H!

Risotto with parmigiano reggiano, lobster mushrooms, corn, tomatoes

Exquisite and velvety risotto: Definitely the crowd favourite

(unpictured): Blackberry vinaigrette caesar salad…unpictured for a reason, it looked like a bunch of romaine with melted sorbet on top

Eggplant sandwich: Spicy grilled eggplant, garbanzo bean purée, red pepper-garlic aioli, feta, watercress, rustic roll

Note: The frites here are addictive.

And since Papa Haydn’s is most famous for their museum showcase of desserts, we had to struggle in selecting a couple for our meal-cap:

Velvet something: layers of chocolate cake with hazelnut mousse

I am SO GLAD to have friends who are always down to split dessert

Salted caramel ice cream; yes we are all obsessed with salted caramel anything; Naz wanted to order THREE SCOOPS for us to which Ashni and I vetoed it down to two…and yes this is what two scoops here looks like.

Papa Haydn on Urbanspoon

4:00 PM: Find a nail salon on 23rd which does gel manicures for $25! Promptly book three gel manicures for 11:30 am, Saturday

4:30 PM: Return home for rejuvenation/rest/getting ready for a classy night in the Pearl

6:30 PM: Put on my new shoes, pick up Nora, and re-pick up Naz and Ashni and head to meet Yurop for our reservation at nuevo latin american trend-spot, Oba

Oba is definitely a date restaurant; the lighting is so dim that sadly this was the best documentation of the meal:

That’s SUPPOSED to be my wild salmon ceviche, but due to a #flashfail you’ll never be able to visually experience all it’s wonder (unless you go there yourself)

Everything we ordered was delightful however:

black bean and requesón cheese quesadillas
with oven-dried tomato salsa and chipotle crema

¡oba! césar
with roasted corn and manchego cheese

heirloom tomato/basil oil/cotija caprese

tamales de mariscos
two housemade tamales topped with shrimp and bay scallops
in a rich creamy corn sauce, hand cut salsa and basil oil

And the service is impeccable, our waiter who seriously looked like his name would be David checked on us frequently (in a non-annoying way of course) and was very friendly and knowledgeable about the menu (and very supportive of my LOVE for cotija cheese on heirloom tomatoes)! Of course, if you go to Oba don’t ask for David, because that probably was not his name; he just looked very very very much like a David (probably because I thought he bore some facial structure resemblance to the maintenance guy at my complex…whose name actually is David)

Oba on Urbanspoon

8:30 PM: Head to Andina to meet up with Olive and Jahnavi

8:33 PM: Leave Andina due to a rude hostess (I’ll just give her the benefit of the doubt that she was having a rough night, probably a new hire, and thus doesn’t recognize our business impact as regulars)

And that’s all for now…the rest of the night was a non-blog-worthy adventure throughout the Pearl and other parts of Portland, promptly ending before midnight due to our excessive exhaustion (and need to get some sleep before our morning gel manicure).

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go get ready for some brunch and shopping- Saturday and Sunday recap to come later

How do you react to rude service? Especially at an establishment you normally love and frequent regularly?

What sort of itinerary would you design for a friend visiting from out of town for a weekend?

Ever had a gel manicure? I’ll show you mine tomorrow!


19 thoughts on “Gone in Sixty Hours: Classy In Portland Part 1

  1. We usually call the restaurant and complain after we’ve left to report bad waiters 😉 That way we remain anonymous lol. But your food looks delish as always! And I’ve never had a gel manicure but I’ve heard a lot about them lately.. I’m excited to see yours!

    1. Yes! Gel manicures last for two weeks without chipping; so in a way it’s a great deal (I almost ALWAYS chip my polish as soon as I leave), plus it dries super fast

  2. mmm, looks delicious! Hey, if the food is good, sometimes I can care less about the service. However, as a former waitress, I do hold waiters and waitresses to a pretty high standard (but I also understand if they are “in the weeds”).
    I love it when people are down with splitting a dessert too (or beer…or both!).

    1. I agree about the food part; but in this case a couple of friends and I were going to the table of a couple of our other friends who were having drinks at a table (just to arrange our meeting-up later plans after dinner) and the hostess was so rude and practically forbidding us from walking to our friend’s table because it would get in the way of the “server’s main artery,” yes I understand that but we were literally going there for about five seconds and not standing in the way.

  3. I might have to stop reading your blog- each post makes me drool more and more–> thank goodness I’m the only one in the office right now! I hate to admit it but I can’t believe Portland has an LV! Before reading your recaps, I also assumed it was more of a village-kinda place! Any place that has food like that scores big points in my book!

    That is super annoying about the hostess at Andina- can totally make or break the experience! One thing I definitely do not do if I experience bad service is tip….sorry sucker, you lost your chance! I should wear a sign: “Hi, I’m a generous tipper- serve me well”

  4. Okay seriously, every time I read your blog I end up with a rumbly stomach – I’m going to make a mad dash for the kitchen as soon as I’m done posting this.
    Food looks incredible as always (especially those fries).

    Usually if I experience bad service I’m not one to complain – I just avoid going back there again unless the food is so incredibly spectacular that I can’t bear to live without it (which, it usually isn’t). My mom on the other hand is the queen of confrontation when it comes to wait staff. She tells them point blanc if she’s unsatisfied and is not afraid to escalate to the manager. All in a very loud and obnoxious tone, by the way.

    She’s so badass.

    1. Haha our mums are quite similar; my mum is a hot-blooded Arab lady and people messing with her don’t know what they’re getting into…I have to say though that some of those genes got passed down; good to stand up for yourself!

  5. I’m actually working on planning some adventures for my mom and I to have when she visits next weekend!

    I hate rude service, but unless it’s awful, I don’t usually do much.

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