Gone in Sixty Hours: Classy in Portland Part 2

Where did we leave off?

Aahh yess, with Friday night, a night that ended not too late but still in epic degrees of exhaustion; alors waking up early Saturday morning was a tad of a struggle; however this struggle was alleviated by the fact that we were arising for an 11:30 gel manicure appointment- at the ridiculously reasonable cost of $25.

In all honesty, I had no clue what a gel manicure even was prior to the appointment; but the gist of it is that it’s a manicure that will not chip for at least two weeks due to the composition of the ‘gel polish,’ and you do not have to worry about spoiling it after the appointment as it dries in some sort of a UV ray machine:

Nothing too special; but nevertheless I bet my mama is proud to see my nails in a presentable state for once…plus manicures are most definitely an essential addition to a girl’s weekend, n’est-ce-pas?

Saturday was also spent introducing Ashni to the glory that is Peachwave, some taxfree shopping at Saks, and then quintessentially Portland food cart experience for supper

While Cartopia (the pod of food carts at SE 12th and Hawthorne) has become somewhat of a tourist attraction (and thus lost much of it’s hipster cred to newer/more obscure/gluttonous carts), it’s still the place to take your visitors- because the fries and pizza here ARE some of the best in Portland

Naz, the potato champion (just kiddddding)

Large fries with curry mayo, chili garlic sauce, mustard, and rosemary truffle ketchup. Heaven, if it was twice-fried.

And from Pyro Pizza:

White truffle: a brush of white truffle oil topped with romano and mozzarella cheeses and a dash of black pepper

Margherita: red sauce with fresh mozzarella and fresh basil leaves and a dash of olive oil

And of course, dessert usually comes from here:

Specially made nutella-strawberry crepe

Post-carting, we headed home, put on nicer jeans and FLATS and on spur of the moment decided to go clubbing. Classy clubbing…which consisted of the four of us using the photobooth-thing and making fun of all the inebriated patrons trying to get into our photos. Really though, we just wanted to dance with each other and ice the cake on a girl’s weekend out.


Sunday Morning however was another rise and shine to have one last day of glory for Ashni to experience the chic side of Portland (note: chic NOT hip). Which, in true fashion begins with brunch at Urban Farmer at the Nines Hotel:

SCRUMPTIOUS artisan cheese plate to begin (this is the beginning of a fromage-filled day, mind you)

Avocado Eggs Benedict for Nazu and I

Buttermilk waffles with strawberry-rhubarb compote for Ashni

Post-brunch, we hit the shops where we did some slight damage at Nordstrom, Kate Spade, and H&M…and where I saw these Vera Wangs; they’re actually on sale for $129.90…is it worth it? For practicality’s sake? Keep in mind the last time I bought flats was over a year ago…and I’ve worn them to shreds.

Apres several hours of power shopping, we headed home for a recharge and for Ashni to figure out the best method for packing all her newly acquired purchases; and headed to one of Portland’s most highly acclaimed Italian restaurants for dinner, Nostrana:

James Beard Award nominated! And they change their menu daily

The ambiance of the restaurant is very, very Italian and community-oriented; high ceilings and wood paneling, the wood-fire oven on display; and of course the best part is it’s own parking lot (something rather unusual around here)

We wanted to order the Burrata Caprese appetizer, but sadly they were sold out; so instead we went with:

Scamorza cheese: Shiitake mushrooms, bruschetta

Basically a hot pot of melted cheese and mushrooms; and absolutely out of this world

Caesar Insalata with Radicchio, parmigiano reggiano, and rosemary croutons

They also brought the bread basket, which honestly was far too good for our own good:

Foccaccia and crusty bread with olive oil. So fresh.

And for the main course, we knew we had to try one of their famous pizzas:

Funghi Verde: Shiitake mushrooms, house mozzarella, garlic, arugula, pecorino sardo, lemon oil

Some of the chewiest crust I have ever had; a delicious white pizza with the added essences of lemon oil, the umami flavours of the cheese and mushrooms, and the fresh crunch and spice from arugula. Yum.

We also got a side order of Polenta with robiola cheese:

We weren’t too crazy about it… a little boring and heavy.

Plus, I was already feeling like a little mouse due to the stats of our cheese consumption for the day

And in the spirit of dessert (and the cherry on top to Ashni’s Portland trip):

Vanilla gelato Affogato
Espresso gelato with hazelnut biscotti

Nostrana on Urbanspoon

How was your weekend? What was the highlight?

What’s your ideal brunch, sweet or savory?

Shopping-wise, what do you splurge on?


10 thoughts on “Gone in Sixty Hours: Classy in Portland Part 2

  1. Avocado & eggs = match made in heaven! Love your nails, especially the polish shade. I should really consider putting on gels, my nails chip so fast and it drives me beserk!
    Again insane looking eats: when is technology gonna come up with a food teleporting service?? ;)!
    Shoes are my fetish. I don’t mind splurging on them, for some reason I can justify the price mentally ha! I say go for the Vera Wangs…yes I’m probably not the best influence!

    1. I knowww, my nails chip nearly immediately- especially because I do a lot of hardcore things with them like peeling oranges.
      And yesss, I think I will go for the Vera Wangs…hope they still have my size in stock!

  2. All your eats looked super scrumptious…especially the pizza!
    My fav brunch would have to be sweet….I don’t usually have the taste for anything savory until after 12pm..

    1. I agree…I only eat savoury in the PM; in fact I usually wake up early enough to eat my sweet cereal bowl for breakfast before brunch (in which case I go for the eggs)

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