In the spirit of cultivating my culinary skills:

Organic basil, chopped

Italian parsley, chopped

Plum tomatoes

Mama’s Lil Peppers (from New Seasons Market anitpasto bar)

Balsamic-marinated cippolini onions (also from NSM antipasto bar)

Hazelnut & Panko crusted chicken breast

Grana padano

Black pepper, chili flakes, TJ’s chili sauce

Balsamic vinegar & olive oil


Sister’s Mexican Night In

Nora and I had an avocado in danger of going bad…which inspired our Wednesday night supper

Note: I would have made Khushboo’s tantalizing looking Pesto-cado; but I had mistakenly thought I needed a blender prior to re-checking the recipe. Next time.

Nora’s Nachos:

-TJ’s yellow corn tortilla rounds

-Yellow onion, diced

-1/2 small avocado, diced

-dash of TJ’s Limeade

-Roma tomatoes, diced

-Copious amounts of grated cheddar, Monterrey Jack, and mozzarella

-Serve with Chipotle Salsa & Greek Yoghurt

Sara’s Half-Way Chicken Quesadilla


-Chicken breast tenders, sauteed in olive oil, diced onion, oregano, black pepper

-Strips of onion

-Chili flakes, cayenne pepper, cumin, sea salt

-Lime juice, freshly chopped cilantro

Everything Else:

-Mini heirloom tomatoes


-TJ’s wheat corn tortilla heated with Mexican cheese mix

-Top with Greek Yoghurt, Chipotle Salsa, Chili sauce


Awkward Fusion

-TJ’s wheat corn tortilla topped with Lebanese garlic sauce, Eggplant hummus, and chili flakes

-Side of leftover fajita chicken, Saudi Foul Mudammas with cumin & olive oil

-Side salad of chopped Italian parsley, cucumber, tomato, chopped mint, sumac, vinegar and lemon juice


Lazy Lady Supper:

Frying pan with olive oil, onion strips

-Add 1 clove garlic, crushed

-Season with chili flakes, cumin, allspice, tinge of cinnamon

-Mix in strips of Mexican zucchini

-Add 3 chopped tomatoes to add some liquid

-Mix in 1 tbsp Za’atar

Top with Italian parsley; then add two eggs, 2 tsp milk, sea salt

Serving 1/2 (couldn’t fit the entire scramble on the plate in a visually appealing manner)

Top with chili sauce, side with Lebanese garlic sauce & eggplant hummus; serve with Dave’s Killer Bread

Can you tell I love chili flakes?

AndΒ  Toum (Lebanese garlic sauce)?

How often do you cook versus eating out/take-out?

And to those of you in the workforce, how do you prevent yourself from dining out/purchasing food on your lunch/dinner breaks?

PS: My sister, Nora is in the midst of starting a blog- once it’s up and running, I will link up- she’s got some wicked ideas up her (Zac Posen-designed) sleeve.


20 thoughts on “Kitchen

  1. I cook almost every single meal at home. But the weekends can get a little crazy and I love to eat out or get take out.

    I love your fabulous concoctions Sara. You really impress me with every single one.

    1. Thanks, Ameena but you are far too kind! I’ve become a little obsessive about saving money and learning how to properly budget so I’m trying to learn some kitchen tricks

  2. I don’t cook much anymore. All I do is precook vegetables, occasionally fry some eggs, etc. I eat out a lot these days, and I also just lazily buy bags of bolillos and eat that for a meal.

    My bank account hates me now.

    1. Haha my bank account has hated me for a while so staying in the kitchen is my way of trying to mend that relationship. My credit card bill reads like a Zagat guide.

  3. I’m excited to see your sister’s blog! I always to make lots of tasty of food (bread, yogurt, chocolate, nuts, fruit, granola bars, etc.) so if I’m hungry, I have something I can grab! I’d say I cook about 5-7 times per week, but sometimes it’s just really quick de-frosting, pretty much. πŸ˜›

    1. Yes! I’m excited for her to create the blog as well (it has a witty name as well…you’ll see)! And yes, you do indeed make lots of tasty foods!

  4. Ohh thanks for linking me up: I’d say you made pretty good use of that avocado! I seem to be on a never-ending Mexican kick lately- can’t get enough of the combo of creamy avocado, salsa and Greek yogurt! Looking forward to checking your sister’s blog out- given your meals, I am ready to bedazzled!
    As much as I enjoy eating out, I try to limit myself to 4 times a week max! I actually do enjoy cooking but on lazy days, simple stuff like pasta equally do the trick!

    1. Hah well your pestocado looks epic; I’m DEFINITELY trying it as soon as I purchase another avocado. And yes, “Mexican” inspired cuisine is rather easy to do on a whim so long as you have some cado, salsa, greek yoghurt, some sort of cheese, and perhaps some corn tortilla.

  5. those meal look great and so versatile! I cook a lot- mainly because i love being creative in the kitchen. but i also love to go out and explore new restaurants with my friends. but the more i cook at home the more excited i get when i go out. double points there πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, I agree! As long as I start cooking when I’m not TOO hungry, it can be a lot of fun coming up with various dishes; though I love to go out for stuff I can’t make at home (and for the experience of course)

  6. You are rather clever lady, all of these eats look glorious πŸ™‚ When I am alone, I don’t have take out but I do tend to have very easy meals that take absolutely no time or effort to prep…read baked sweet potatoes haha

  7. “Awkward fusion” haha I love it! And you have me craving Mexican and toumiyya/toum (which I also LOVE btw).

    I cook pretty regularly but I love eating out and can go overboard sometimes, so whenever I do I just make sure to eat in for the rest of the week to balance it out budget-wise.
    And I’m no longer a member of the work force but when I worked last year I took packed lunches (and sometimes breakfasts if I was heading to the gym at insane-o-clock in the morning) and had lots of fruit/nuts/snackbars/herbal tea stocked at my desk. I’m starting to do that these days with uni – I hate spending money on food at campus because a) more often than not, it’s overpriced and b) vegan options are scarce.

    1. Haha I have a tendency to over-order when I eat out…ESPECIALLY if it’s Arabic food because I’ll want a whole bunch of Mezze AND a main dish. And yes, I’m about to enter the workforce so I’m trying to figure out how to stay healthy while saving money/not eating out every night during my break.
      And Toum is the best! God help whoever comes near me after I eat it though πŸ˜‰

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