Sleeping in Seattle: A Holiday Itinerary to La Dolce Vita

Please excuse my brief absence, Nazneen and I decided spur of the moment to take a one night jaunt up to Seattle; where I have surprisingly never been to despite it being a mere three hours north of Portland.

While it was a short twenty-four hour vacation, we most definitely made the most of it in the terms of the type of mini holiday WE particularly wanted.

Therefore, I present to you the Naz & Sara Holiday Itinerary to La Dolce Vita:

1. Check in to hotel; mark territory with various hair products and perfume bottles and stick those little champagne glasses into the mini bar fridge

2. Clean out eyeliner smudges and set out to the mother of all Nordstroms:

3. Amidst the captivating scent of Coco Mademoiselle and freshly minted Louboutins realise how FAMISHED you are with it being 6pm already.

4. In that case, head to the Nordstrom Cafe for a very very very late lunch; which has to be light enough to leave room for dinner in a few hours:

Split a lime cilantro/cotija/chicken/pumpkin seed salad

And in case you’re thinking we’re on diets:

5. We’re not because we love cheesecake too much. Particularly ones with white chocolate shavings.

6. Proceed to window-shop, dish, and spontaneously squeeze one another in excitement over your very very fine idea to take a one night holiday.

7. Run into a cinema and decide to spend $11 on two hours of eye candy (and a riveting political drama):

Photo from Google

We recommend. Four thumbs up (two from each of us).

8. Head back to hotel, ask Concierge for dining recommendations, have a 10pm reservation set and run upstairs to (slightly) glam up
9. Take a Myspace style photo due to lack of personal photographer and lack of surfaces high enough to set a camera self-timer

10. Take advantage of the hotel town car and head to dinner in a Jag…two blocks away.

11. Replenish your depleted protein reserves with a Pan Asian meat feast at Wild Ginger:

Young Mountain Lamb: Lamb marinated in black pepper and Indonesian soy sauce. Served with an Indonesian peanut sauce.

Not gamey in the least; perfectly charred and a delicious accompanying peanut sauce (and pickles…who DOESN’T like pickles?)

Beef La Lot: Ground beef, peanuts, garlic, onion, lemongrass and turmeric, wrapped in fresh la lot leaves, grilled and served with a spicy dipping sauce with peanuts.

Delicious; the beef and filling are inside the leaves!

Thai Chicken Satay: Chicken minced with green curry paste, fresh coconut, lime leaves and fried shallots. Served with a green curry sauce for dipping.

Skewered chicken is almost always a winner whether Indian, Thai, or Middle Eastern

Panang Beef Curry: Slices of marinated flank steak, served in a Thai curry of cardamom, coconut milk, Thai basil and fresh pounded peanuts.

Naz finished the (unpictured) rice while I took on ze beef

Kung Pao Chicken: Wok-fried white meat chicken with fresh garlic, peanuts, red and green bell peppers, onions, chilies and soy sauce.

The only thing left on the plate: All the green capsicums; I ate the chilies with the peanut sauce from the lamb satay.

Wild Ginger on Urbanspoon

12. Return to hotel room and complete the following B’s: Bubble bath, bathrobes, and bubbly

13. Flip through the channels and find some old episodes of Friends to lounge/laugh/fall asleep to

13. Wake up in the morning to complimentary room service coffee and biscotti:

14. Sleep in until checkout then head a few blocks down to Cafe Campagne for some bistro-style brunch:

Two orders of Omelette au basilic s’il vous plait!

Cafe Campagne on Urbanspoon

15. Butter your baguettes and wipe your plate clean and head down to the famous Pike Place Market for some quality perusing

16. And due to your lack of Nordstrom purchases from yesterday, decide to peruse elsewhere for some self-spoiling; preferably in the forms of matching Karl Lagerfeld tees:

And a desperately needed new wallet

I can’t wait to wear the Kaiser’s face; Naz and I decided that if we ever take a trip to Miami and stay at Fontainebleau , we would use this as our pyjama top.

No, we didn’t do anything touristy other than our Pike Place jaunt, but then again with only 24 hours in Seattle we were looking for a leisure holiday- plus in the words of our friend, Kemi who came up on the ride with us, “When I visit a new city I want to eat the food of the people, drink the drink of the people, dance the dance of the people, and sleep the sleep of the people.”

The only part of that I would add would be “Shop the shop of the people.”

Have you ever been to Seattle? What did you do?

What would be your itinerary if you and your best friend(s) had a 24-hour holiday?

Ever tried cauliflower mushrooms?


19 thoughts on “Sleeping in Seattle: A Holiday Itinerary to La Dolce Vita

  1. That’s awesome you got to have a short vacation! If I had the opportunity to have a little getaway I would fly up the coast to Queensland or down to Melbourne for shopping!
    Love the photos of the fresh produce….especially the little green balls of death!

  2. Cauliflower shrooms look good – very curious as to how they actually taste but I’m imagining something truffle-esque in flavour?

    As for a 24 hour holiday, I’d love to take a trip to Brighton or one of the bigger UK cities I haven’t been to yet (like Manchester or Liverpool). Itinerary would probably consist of exploring, shopping and any significant sight-seeing by day then dining and dancing at night.

  3. This is a trip I NEED to do sometime over the summer with a couple of friends. Even in such a short amount of time, you still end up leaving with great memories!

    Actually, school is so busy that I don’t even mind taking a vacation by myself -__-

    1. Haha, a vacation by yourself? It actually sounds fun but now that I live alone I would prefer to vacate with friends (sounds so weird to use the verb for vacation as vacate…)

  4. oh wow- this trip looks amazing! will you take me to seattle too, please? the only 24 hours trips i did with my girlfriends were to Italy (2h drive to a nice beach from my place in austria). We usually just get a hotel room near the beach and relax for 2 days inclusive italian wine and ice cream. 🙂
    cauliflower mushroom? sounds exotic, havent tried it YET!

  5. Ok girl you are officially my idol- I keep saying I want/need to be more spontaneous but this takes the cake! This looks like such an ideal 24 hours–> totally what I would do with my best friend! And I like your ordering style: salad followed by cheesecake: my idea of a balanced meal ;)! Never heard of cauliflower mushroom but would love to try it- it’s like the marriage of 2 of my favorite veggies!

  6. I was in Seattle once, visiting friends of my dad, but all we did in Seattle really was go to REI, then we drove to BC to go skiing 🙂

    1. BC is absolutely gorgeous! I drove up to Vancouver BC for thanksgiving last year- absolutely stunning! I would love to ski up there though in Banff or Whistler!

  7. I went to Seattle for the first time this past July and it was fantastic! I loved Wild Ginger – at there twice. And ate at Nordstroms too.

    Pike Place was really far more interesting than I thought it would be!

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