Slice & Dice: Week 1

Allow me to introduce to you the first edition of Slice & Dice

What is Slice & Dice? I am an adult, a grown-up, someone who has stuff like “renew Costco membership” on their to-do list and who becomes infuriated to come home at night and find a car parked in her carport. I have tax forms to fill out, recyclables to sort, and general business to tend to…which also means I have to learn how to properly budget and thus not eat out as frequently as I would like to.

Therefore, every Monday (so long as I have the time), I intend to do a Slice & Dice post, a photographic exhibit of what I have been up to in the kitchen and a way to impress my mother with my skills and my father on my money-saving abilities.

So, let’s go:

Wednesday Lunch A meatless usage of leftovers:

Dave’s Killer Bread Powerseed with Lebanese Garlic sauce, parsley, black pepper

Dip made from Greek yoghurt, chopped mint & parsley, TJs chili sauce, garlic, cumin, black pepper, sea salt

Mini Caprese with chopped roma tomatoes, organic basil, grana padano, balsamic, olive oil, and sea salt


Headed to Barbur World Foods and Trader Joe’s for a grocery stock up- the TJ’s load included these pre-sliced sweet potatoes at the BWF run was for more parsley, mini aubergines, Mexican zucchinis, and some raw chicken skewers

On a baking sheet; sliced the veggies with some olive oil, chili flakes, and black pepper and baked at 400 degrees for something like 20 minutes;

In the meantime: Marinated the chicken with tomato paste/olive oil/cumin/black pepper/allspice/cinnamon/paprika then sauteed it on the stove

Dinner is served. With a side of garlic sauce, aubergine hummus, and greek yoghurt


Assembling, not cooking:

Trader Joe’s frozen Channa Masala (SO good), aubergine hummus, Middle Eastern whole wheat flatbread; Raita salad made from Fage, chopped cucumber/tomato/cilantro/red onion, garam masala, cumin, sea salt, chili sauce, garlic


Thursday night Dinner:

Parsley patties: Extra lean ground turkey mixed with diced onions, chopped parsley, smidge of ketchup, 1 whole egg, black pepper, sea salt, chili flakes, garlic; then pressed into patties and fried stovetop

Served with sweet potato fries, roasted veggies & greens, spicy brown mustard, chili sauce, and balsamic


Saturday Supper: Masala turkey patties

Ground turkey mixed with tomato paste, diced onions, garlic, WHOLE black peppercorns, spicy brown mustard, garam masala, tandoori seasoning, cumin

Masala roasted veggies (olive oil, garam masala)

Served with leftover chana masala, self-made baba ghanouj (topped with smoked paprika/cumin/olive oil) and greek yoghurt w/ cucumber and cumin


$6.99 PAID (real value: $28.24) worth of groceries from Whole Foods

Caveat: With a Living Social $20 off coupon, an Oikos 75 cents off coupon, and a Chobani 50 cent off coupon

Extra large zucchini, very lean flank steak (with a welfare rating of 4), shiitake mushrooms, olive bar goodies, 2 packs organic raspberries, Oikos Chocolate frozen yogurt, 1 KG Chobani, Kalona vanilla 5% milkfat creamtop yoghurt (anyone tried this before?)


(Cheating): A dinner out with Naz at Arabian Nights (which doesn’t really count as eating out since we only live there most of last year)

Essential Mezze Platter to share (tabouli, hummus, baba ghanouj, stuffed grape leaves, falafel)

With the best Arabic bread outside of Eastern hemisphere

Nazu’s lamb shank over bokhari rice

My Shish Tawouk with garlic sauce (I purposely over ordered so I would have leftovers)…

…for lunch on Monday:

Leftover shish tawouk with garlic sauce, baba ghanouj and a salad I made from: leftover roasted aubergine & zucchini, chopped cucumber/tomato/parsley, sumac, zaatar, vinegar & olive oil

Delicious. I can eat Arabic food every day (and I practically do)

How do you save money on groceries?

What have you cooked this week?

Do you tend to pay in cash/debit/credit most of the time? I always pay cash for material purchases (clothing/purses/shoes) but less so with food


27 thoughts on “Slice & Dice: Week 1

    1. Ahh yes it was by far the best thing I’ve seen on Living Social and I got to get it for free since three people bought from my link 😉 I hope they do something like that again

  1. This reminds me – cash in my living social deal. It is still sitting in my inbox! I am the worst when it comes to saving money shopping. I don’t really look at the prices and just buy whatever I have a taste for. I am pretty clueless as to how much I even spend a month on food yikes!

    1. Haha I almost NEVER look at prices as well, but I’m trying to become more cognizant of it- I admit my parents pay for all my food expenses but now that I’m starting a real life job/probably going to have to start covering much of my eating expenses I am trying to be more aware of where to get better deals at/how to budget

  2. Everything looks delicious, as always! I made my deliciously ugly pumpkin mash thing this week. 😛

    I’m especially loving the roasted veg and am so jealous of those pre-sliced sweet potatoes – brilliant! And couponing is *awesome.*

  3. Ohh I love the slice and dice idea. I save money by shopping at TJ’s because A. they are cheap, and B. I work there so I get a discount. ANND I buy only what I know I am going to eat so I don’t waste anything. I pay with a card because it earns me points for bigger badder items!!

    1. You work at TJs? That’s awesome! I have a few friends that work there as well; definitely a wonderful perk with the discount and all! Most of my groceries are from TJs because like you said they are cheap, and they have an amazing variety of ethnic-type stuff (and it’s the only place I’ll even consider frozen food from)

  4. Ohh you know I love your foods so I am looking forward to this series! Your mama (& pappa) are going to be so proud! I am the worst when it comes to spending money …I almost always pay by debit card (yes even for a purchase under 2 pounds). I probably should start paying by cash as I think it would make me more cautious about my expenditure. What is it about cards that make the whole shopping transaction less real?? That being said, it should probably be no surprise that I have a fat stack of unopened bank statements. Yes I am crazy but in my defense, debit>credit…at least I’m spending money that I actually have!

    1. Haha yes my mama called me yesterday to say how impressed she was 😉 I was quite flattered! And you are SO right about paying with cards making the transactions less “real”, I actually paid with a debit card the first time ever the other day; at Gucci nevertheless and it feels like I didn’t even pay anything (badddd)- because my thing is that I ALWAYS pay cash for clothes/accessories/etc even if it means forking over five $100 bills

  5. Omnom roast veggies! Also had no idea kousa could also be referred to as mexican zucchini – learn something new everyday.
    I also really need to learn to save/budget properly now – it’s really hard adjusting to being an unpaid student again! I never bother with a list because I’ll walk by something that catches my eye and be like “Ooh, I wan’t that” so it’s pointless. What I do try to do is re-assess before I head to the checkout counter. I look at everything in my basket (who am I kidding, trolley) and ask myself if I really need it. It works.

    Kinda. 🙂

    1. Yes in the US they call kousa Mexican zucchini…weird, I want to go switch the signs and write “ARAB zucchini”. I almost always put stuff in my trolley without abandon, but I’m trying to make an effort now and learn the art of budgeting

  6. oh my goodness! i seriously just based my grocery list off of this post..sweet potatoes, garam masala (never tried it before but really want to!!), stuff for raita salad, chocolate frozen yogurt (ummm YUM), and I’m definitely going to try to recreate those turkey burgers this week!

    thanks for all the awesome recipes!! 🙂

  7. Oh! and to answer your questions:
    I’ve fixed a lovely tuna from the package + hummus on a whole wheat wrap with an apple, bananas and pb, and canned soup. hooooray dorm haha.
    But I’m a huge couponer! Love Krazy Coupon Lady’s website. She pairs up supermarket sales + coupons to show you how to get the cheapest stuff 🙂

    1. Haha dorm food 🙂 You definitely do it better than most students do! And I am absolutely checking out Krazy Coupon Lady- never even heard of it!

  8. I have a lot to learn from you. You have sliced & diced your way through a pretty impressive menu & budget to boot! My tummy is just rumbling at the sight of all these!
    Omg! do not tell me that the ” Crazy coupon lady” is one of those people that has a coupon for a coupon? I would hate to be waiting in line behind her in a market! LOL! Sorry that was uncalled for! I am indeed going to check her out!

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