Vive le Vendredi!

The theme of the week sure has been European; Monday night was Italian, Tuesday was German, and well…Friday was French. Very French; more French than Tuesday was German

This past vendredi (friday) it was rather grey outside; grey and drab with the occasional leak from the skies. Usually, I would use this chance to wear something bright and robust- you know, just go all Emilio Pucci and Prada over Portland and it’s morose choice of weather. However, Pucci and Prada are Italian and the theme of the day was a tad to the North and the West of Milan. Alors, I busted out the Chanel- and by Chanel I mean a pair of earrings and my new Karl Lagerfeld-face emblazoned tee (and yes I know the Kaiser is German but he’s the current commander in chief of the best global contribution to come out of La France).

I guess Naz also telepathically got the memo that we were gonna go all Français on Portland today considering she was using her Longchamp tote and you know- smelling all like Coco Mademoiselle and stuff.

I fetched her little Chanel-ified self from school and we headed down to Boulangerie St. Honoré in downtown Lake Oswego; and in usual fashion, started out with dessert:

Strawberry Millefeuille: Caramelized puff pastry filled with mousseline cream and fresh strawberries.

Then, moved on to les sandwiches:

Turkey and Cheese Croissant: Croissant, Emmenthal cheese béchamel sauce and sliced turkey breast

Poulet aux Crudites: Baguette bread filled with tarragon chicken salad, sliced tomatoes, lettuce and slices of hard boiled eggs.

Naz and I decided we are going to start coming here for lunch every Tuesday and Friday…so we can also sample all the other goodies such as Brie Bartletts, Red Beet Salades, Mushroom Leek Quiches, and obviously each of the other tantalising showcase pastries and cakes

My only complaint: The service from one of the cashiers was rather snooty & snappy; and not in a culturally stereotypical manner; all I had asked was whether I could get the Brie Bartlett baguette sans prosciutto as I cannot eat pork and the reply that I received was, “No you cannot; they are pre-made.” Well, as I can see in the showcase I know that; but don’t tell me you can’t put on some gloves and fish the prosciutto out? Or at least put together a new baguette, all it takes is some sliced pears/arugula/brie to assemble? In my defence I spent a summer working at a similar French Bakery Cafe, with several pre-made options and I always made sure that customers were satisfied and accommodated, especially with such simple requests. But whatever I was in too decent of a mood to feel like making a scene over a disgruntled teenager.

St Honore Boulangerie on Urbanspoon

Post-lunch, the Naz and I galloped on our way and engaged in some afternoon errands: Runs to various jewelry stores to acquire earrings adorned with stuff like pineapples and forks, poster making for Naz’s upcoming main-stage show, lying down on my couch watching How I Met Your Mother whilst consuming Fazer Geisha chocolates and a pint of the glorious Oikos Chocolate Frozen Greek Yoghurt, watching a play on campus, then finally picking up Yurop from work to try our luck at getting a table at Le Happy.

And guess what? Le success. And therefore, a continuation of the French theme (I should also note that at this point Naz had switched her Longchamp school tote for a Louis Vuitton speedy and I on the other hand…had a Chloé coin purse in my bag so and smelled like a YSL perfume counter so if that’s not French then neither are croissants!

Yurop, who seemed sceptical of crepes (or rather thought they were all vegetarian) ordered Le beef steak…which I guess he didn’t realise came with a gorgonzola crepe

And their famous cremini mushroom sauce

Nazu and I on the other hand went straight for the Ma Provence: A buckwheat crepe stuffed with roasted chicken, thyme, garlic, tomato, green onions, and gruyere

And as you can see we also chose to add a half steak and salad for another $9 (note we each got an entire order of this and ate the entire thing)

We also each got a side of the creamylicious cremini mushroom sauce:

Bonjour there little vat of fat (I know that sounds gross, but it rhymes)

The food was DELICIOUS; amazing. I have been on a serious crepe kick lately; especially of the buckwheat variety- there is something very satiating about a savoury cheesy meaty veggie crepe.

I will note however that I was slightly peeved that not only was my half beef steak significantly smaller than Naz’s, but my order came out a good several minutes after both Naz and Yurop’s. But whatever, it’s not like I was still hungry after that entire plate.

Or actually…

I mean, who comes to a crepe place and DOESN’T get dessert? That’s utter blasphemy, which is why Naz and I ordered the Spectac- a crepe stuffed with nutella and bananas; then doused in Grand Marnier and lit on fire. Spectac it was.

Except I decided that I don’t like Grand Marnier on my crepes no matter how cool and flamey it looks…it just makes the nutella taste like booze; and I despise the taste of liquor. For some reason, I ignorantly thought Grand Marnier would taste like caramel or something. Mais non. Whatevs, Naz and I cleaned the plate till it was porcelain white all over again.

Le Happy on Urbanspoon

What’s your favourite contribution of French cuisine?

When you get dressed in the morning how do you decide what to wear? Does the weather influence you? Where you’re going? Do you have daily themes?


12 thoughts on “Vive le Vendredi!

  1. My friend and I were looking at the Longchamp website….I died because I loved their stuff. Every girl on campus has one and now I know why!

    You worked at a cafe? You must have learned so much!

    Good choice about the dessert crepe…sometimes, it must be done.
    And good TV show choice as well…I love Ted!
    Also, I want to try the frozen yogurt by Oikos one day.

    1. Right?! And their bags are waterproof too! Loveeee Longchamp 🙂
      Haha I’ve never watched Ted, but I should since we have a similar choice in humorous TV as it seems 😉 And do try Oikos fro-yo, in fact it’s on sale at whole foods this week (well, mine at least)

  2. The weather definitely influences me, but other than that I don’t really know how I decide…it’s always different! 😛

    And that Spectac looks *amazing!*

  3. J’adore cette post! It scares me how similar we are! I’m all about the bright colors when the weather is dreary outside- gotta add some light into my life, sun or no sun! I am actually considering going with bright color like orange or yellow when I buy my next Longchamp (I have a black 1 now).

    I just ate an omelet as I was reading this post yet wished with each bite that it was a croissant instead! You knoww my love for crepes- could eat them every day and be a very happy girl. My best friend is arriving in Mumbai tomorrow and Suzette is already on the agenda for Tuesday lunch! Generally though, I’m not a fan of French food as I’m not a huge meat eater. However their contribution to the popularity of baguettes and Fromage wins me over. For what it’s worth, French fashion more than makes up for the cuisine in my books 🙂

  4. Thank you for a little bit of France on this Sunday morning…I am already excited to have my French bread and butter with Nutella, quiche and omelettes. I also LOVE the Lebanese food in Paris. I’m excited to have all of these things in December when I visit Paris. I can’t wait.

  5. No matter how many times I tell myself NOT to read your blog while hungry, I never listen.
    I love that you guys ate dessert first – and that millefeuille looks perfect. And the mushroom sauce, homg. I know it’s probably not vegan but I can just tell it would taste incredible! I’m a sucker for al things mushroom.
    Not really a big fan of French cuisine but a good crepe is definitely hard to turn down. Or a warm and crusty freshly baked baguette.

    When I get dressed it’s a mixture of how I’m feeling, where I’m going, what new pieces I want to wear and what the weather’s like outside. These days I spend most of my time on campus but I still like to put together a decent outfit – I’m not a fan of the sweats and hoodie, just rolled out of bed look that most people tend to sport. Don’t know if I’ve ever dressed theme-y but sometimes if I have a new top or accessory I want to wear I plan my outfit around it. I’m not sad, really :).

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