Clicked: Five Bits of News

Consider this post a programme of announcements and links; because a sure lot has happened since the start of this seemingly measly mid-October week:

1) If you have an iPhone or iPad, download the Urbandig app; it’s free and essentially is a series of tour guides curated by locals of various cities. So far, there are editions for Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and as of yesterday, PORTLAND!

And guess what, I am one of the curators for Portland; I put together a quick and snappy “Global Grub” guide showcasing what I think are six of Portland’s best ethnic food jaunts and some of my personal tips for what you should order/ask for/do- and if you guessed that Arabian Nights and Bombay Chaat House are on there; then I know you’re a loyal Salt Water Coffee reader

However, there are also several other dining guides (such as Hangover Heaven or Late Night Carts) along with guides pertaining to fashion/music/art…you name it!

2) Remember a few posts ago I talked about how my little sister, Nora was thinking of starting a blog? Well, Mac N Chic is now up and running (please tell me you understand the clever title…which also uncannily sounds like my sister’s favourite choice of supper). She’s just getting started, but my clever little kinswoman has some nifty ideas up her sleeve of what she intends to post about

3) If you’re into music, I’ve got something excellent to share with you; my friend from college, Dan, an incredibly talented bloke from England has an EP out which you all should check out:

4) You all know Gilt Groupe, yes? If you’ve been following long enough (meaning since the inception of SWC) you may remember a post I did conveying my enthusiasm for a Prabal Gurung tote bag I had ordered from this high calibre luxury goods flash sale site. Yesterday was the official launch of Gilt Home, which like the fine food & drink-centered Gilt Taste focuses on luxurious and beautifully curated sales of fine home goods whether it be gorgeous Frette bedsheets, Monique Lhuillier candles, or awe-inspiring Parvez Taj artwork. Gilt also features high end clothing and accessories for women, men, and children (at up to 60% off their retail prices), City event offers, and wonderful gifts. If you for any reason are not a member yet and wish to view (and purchase) any of the incredible items up for sale, just click on this link and consider yourself invited.

-And just a note to all you international peeps out there; currently Gilt only ships within the US, however international shipping is due to begin within the next couple of weeks so get excited (I know all my relatives abroad are)!

5) I am employed; and Monday was my first day of work- which is also why there may be a slight reduction in my online presence.

And my besides the nine trillion reasons why I am already LOVING my job, it also helps that my bosses ordered us food from Arabian Nights for dinner last night:

It might not be the most attractive picture; but some of the best food is unattractive: 1 Shish Tawouk sandwich wrapped in Arabic bread with lettuce/tomatoes/tahina; plate of Kibbeh (ground beef/bulgur), the AMAZING hummus, yoghurt sauce, and WHOLE WHEAT doughy amazing pita brad (I had no idea they even made a whole wheat version! I guess it’s time I up my cred as their #1 customer).

Alright, my folks- that’s my top five for now, and now if you’ll excuse me I have a mailbox to check and see if those Artisana nut butters I won from Living Learning Eating have arrived yet

Any links or announcements you would care to share with me (and all the peeps who check out the comments)?

What’s in your office kitchen?

Have you shopped at Gilt before? (I am personally obsessed with the fact that Gilt Taste sells Portland’s own Pok Pok drinking vinegars and San Francisco Blue Bottle Coffee!)


15 thoughts on “Clicked: Five Bits of News

  1. From the blog name alone, I know I will LOVE reading your sister’s blog- so cute! SO glad you are loving work already. Clearly your bosses have good taste in food- match made in heaven if you ask me ☺! You’ll never believe what my office fridge is stocked with: Lindt chocolate, wine, champagne, and low-fat milk (to feed into our Nespresso machine). Clearly my boss has a plan: get the clients high on sugar/caffeine and too drunk to function and hence fork over the moolah ☺!

    1. Haha thanksss 🙂 Yes Nora is a mac & cheese connoisseuress (among other frozen/packaged foods…but she’s learning to cook her own as well). And yes, my bosses are pretty awesome- our fridge so far has artisan cheese plates (it’s like they KNOW ME), organic fruits, various types of local fancy beers/ales, other beverages, cereals, etc…and they asked us what else we would like to see stocked in there 🙂 So excited haha- have to say though I think some Lindt, champagne, and a Nespresso machine is reason for me to be a little jealous of you, Khushboo!

  2. Global Grub.. that’s awesome! As well as your sister’s blog title!
    What a family of creative artists 🙂
    Gimmmmme somme pita bread. And yoghurt sauce! Favorite combination. Ever.

  3. Definitely going to check out urbandig – I’m an app junkie and it’ll be useful for my next visit to the US 🙂 And I’m so envious you have 24/7 access to good Arabic take-away! Sounds like the new job is off to a good start.

  4. Yay for your sis starting a blog! Will have to check it out!

    Never heard of Gilt ever, I have to stalk it ; )

    Happy Weekend love! I hope it is a great one! xoxo

    1. You’ve never heard of Gilt Groupe?! Katie, you would love it!!! It’s a luxury goods site which has flash sales every day- amazing products for 60% off; we’re talking Marc Jacobs, Juicy, Theory, even Vera Wang wedding dresses 😉

  5. If you comment on my blog today with a wish for something, it just might be granted 🙂 That’s my announcement! Woooo hoooo for being employed 🙂

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