Driving Without An Influence

I’ve had a rough morning;

A rough Saturday morning to follow my exhausting yet exhilarating first week of work

I am not hungover, my Friday night was spent frying eggs with Naz

Instead, I woke up to a power outage; and it is during times like these that I am grateful to be in possession of a smartphone; one in which I could browser refresh the PGE (Portland General Electric) outage status

And the entire morning this is what I saw:

Cause: Unknown.

Estimated Restoration Time: 2pm

2PM? Keep in mind I am a woman who arises before 8; and I had a mamacita to fetch from the airport at noon?! Power outage? What is this day-altering blasphemy? I have e-mails to reply to, showers to take, hair to blowdry, and most importantly COFFEE to brew!!!

On that note; like most other edible and drinkable items, I admit that I am very much an elitist coffee snob; however I am also an addict- and a hardcore one of that; cases in point:

1) I refuse to stay in hotels which do not have ensuite coffeemakers

2) Don’t even try talking to me before I’ve had my first hit

3) I am Finnish; Finland is one of the top coffee consuming per capita countries in the world

4) When I got my wisdom teeth out, I couldn’t care less that I wasn’t allowed to drink water or eat food for 8 hours prior to surgery- I was most distraught that I would have to get out of bed and go somewhere before having coffee

5) My biggest apprehension about my study abroad in India was whether I would have access to NON-instant coffee (for the record I actually temporarily quit for around two months once I realised that most little villages in Uttarakhand do not have anything resembling coffee bean ancestry)

6) I’ve had roommate issues in the past pertaining to the intensity of my early morning coffee consumption patterns

Hence, after wallowing in bed for a good half hour desperately hoping that I would hear the glory of my fan lurching back to life and my closet light going aglow, I started on a hunt- a hunt for my coffee mug from yesterday; and lo and behold there was about seven sips of cold stale Peet’s Arabian Mocha Java left

This wasn’t gonna cut it. I could already feel the roots of a headache manifesting themselves in my temples; something had to be done…and fast. I grabbed my nearest pair of 7’s (the jeans), a chunky knit, and my closest clutch and ran out the door in a haze.

I was doing this. Going in public prior to coffee. All I could hope for was that I wouldn’t run into anyone I know; they would see the other side of me; the hidden “un-morning person” which was always shoved under a blanket of blissful java juice.

I headed to New Seasons Market, the closest and safest option; let me reiterate that driving without the influence of caffeine is indeed DANGEROUS; proof in point was that I once almost drove into oncoming traffic on one such morning for a 7am appointment.

I made it to New Seasons safe, albeit bitter-natured; bitter at the family standing in the way of my targeted parking spot, EXCESSIVELY bitter at the **********(your choice of swear word) who double parked next to me despite the fact that New Seasons has MASSIVE parking spaces, bitter at the woman standing in between me and the tap to the Stumptown Colombian Roast, bitter at the burly lumberjack in front of me in the queue purchasing enough tenderloins and cream of mushroom cans to feed stroganoff to an entire Russian principality when I had nothing but exact change and a measly sixteen ounces of liquid life


Upon returning home, walking up my front stairs sipping on my Stumptown, I arrived to a MUCH more pleasant surprise; no not restored electricity, but as you might notice in the above photo, I finally received my package from Artisana consisting of:

-One eight ounce walnut butter jar along with ten samples of their other tantalising yet healthy products: Almond butter, Cacao Bliss, Cashew Butter, Cashini (Cashew/Tahini), Coconut Butter, Coconut Oil, Macadamia Butter, Pecan Butter, Tahini, and another pouch of Walnut butter. I’ll do a proper review sometime after I have taken the time to taste each of these goodies, but so far from the raw walnut butter I did taste I will say that this stuff is glorious.

And then sure enough, at 11:58 am, after I had spent far too long baby powdering my roots (since there was no hot water to wash my hair with), the power came back on…and I had to leave for the airport. Awesome.

Oh, the humongous things we take for granted; I will admit that during my study abroad in India I stopped taking hot/clean water, power, coffee, meat, and not feeling itchy nor being eye-harassed 24/7 for granted; but then I came back home got nice and comfy again.

This post isn’t meant to be preachy nor a “look at how spoiled I am” diatribe of my cushy little Stumptown and Blue Bottle fueled life (and personality…alright, I do have genetics and environment to thank for that as well); it just is.

Hope you all have a good weekend.

And for the record, I did wash and blowdry my hair after I returned from the airport

What do you take most for granted?

What’s your morning routine? How adaptable are you to various environments?

How in the world do I eat/use coconut oil?


14 thoughts on “Driving Without An Influence

  1. Ah I FEEL your pain..no joke! After last weekend, I am never taking electricity for granted again. We had a 48-hour power cut in the whole area and I was about to shoot myself by the end of it. It involved stove-top cooking thanks to candles, walking up and down 15 floors, my blackberry, laptop and i touch battery dying, sleeping in the heat, and wearing unironed clothes. It went off on Sunday and boy, I have been never been SO excited to go to work on a Monday- I went guarded with all my electronics to charge up!
    Hope you reallly enjoy your coffee this morning (Sunday)! As for coconut oil, I love baking with it or even roasting sweet potatoes in it-yum!

    1. You always understand me! You and Ameena both 😉 Oh my God, a 48 hour powercut?! I mean, some of the places I stayed in during my study abroad in India the first time around would have shocked me if they even had power so it sort of met my expectation to not have access to hot water or working plugs in little cow-dung farm huts, but in a big city, in a home- aww hell nooo! And sleeping in the heat is the absolute worst; I most definitely feel your pain! I’m glad your power is back though 🙂
      And yes, my coffee was delicious even if it was an excruciating journey to acquire it; and thanks I am so trying that recipe with sweet potatoes!

  2. I fear a serious emergency because I fall apart at the slightest thing. A lack of electricity would really send me into a panic! I’m not even being sarcastic…that’s the sad thing here. I need a serious dose of reality!

    As far as coffee goes I have zero interest in it. I can drink a decaf here and there when I have to be social but really? I’m not much of a coffee drinker!

    Glad your electricity is back and everything is status quo again. 🙂

    1. Yep, I also have a tendency to go all “it’s the end of the world” on something like a power outage…I think what gets to me most is the uncertainty- not knowing a definite time of when the power will get on/when i can resume with my daily routine/life/etc.

  3. I’m glad you’re enjoying the nut butters! When I was little, I used to *love* snow storm power outages. But these days, I bet I wouldn’t like it half as much! I definitely take electricity for granted. 😛

    I’m glad you’re liking the nut butters! And coconut oil adds interesting flavor to stir fries, oven fries, and baked goods (like homemade granola). You can pretty much use it where you use any other oil, it just tastes different!

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a traumatic power outage, we used to get them every summer in bahrain but only for about 2-3 hours at a time. My mom would load us up in the car and we’d drive anywhere just to be in the AC – typical Arabs!

    I take a lot of things for granted but the number one thing would have to be technology/internet. Last week my laptop charger died and I spent an hour on the phone with the Apple store in a nearby city trying to see if they could fit me in for a last minute genius bar appointment before giving up and waiting till the following Tuesday – withdrawal symptoms were not fun.

    1. Oh my God, Gulf-region heat without AC is UNBEARABLE; I don’t think we ever had a power outage when I lived in Dubai, but if we did I know my mom would’ve taken us straight to the nearest mall! And yup, I definitely take internet for granted as well

  5. The worst thing in the world is when the electricity goes out. Not necessarily because I MUST have electric, but because all I can think about is how much money I am losing in food costs! haha, I’m so tight with my food money. It’s also really easy to realize just how much we take electricity for granted, once it’s gone. I’m glad a package come to make your day! Fun mail can always put a smile on my face. As for coconut oil, maybe make some really delicious fries, or the obvious; a curry dish!! Or, granola, perhaps?

  6. Power outages are always a shock. I always get an urge to do something I haven’t done in months that requires power, just because I can’t.

    I don’t even like coffee, so I think it’s hilarious that I run a coffee shop back home.

  7. I’ve owned an unopened jar of coconut oil for a good four months now. Still unopened. I’ve got nothing! Though Oh She Glows blog uses it a lot, so look there for some inspiration 🙂
    What’s a girl to do without electricity? Or better yet, how could a world run without electricity?! We’ve become so dependent on it, and with good reason. Makes life so much easier and faster.. we’ve gotten used to it’s convenience!

  8. Ahhh….the lessons we are forced to learn.
    I bet you look 200 times better pre-coffe sans shower than I do on a “go-out” night. LOL.

    My power was turned off (because my debit card expired and my auto-pay cancelled and I was in la-la land. Embarrassing. However, when I got home that evening and paid and was told “in 24 hours” it took me a good hour to resign myself to the fact that electricity was not gonna happen and then you know what? The most blissful night ensued. It was so liberating and relaxing.
    Reading and drinking wine in my bedroom by candelight in serene silence. Like camping indoors. Yet. I had to be forced into it.

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