Slice & Dice: Week 3

I’ve been terrible at proper posting; at wrangling my creative protons & electrons to come up with themes to use as excuses to display recent eats;

hence this (delayed) slice & dice will feature both my kitchen creations and other noteworthy munches of the prior week–

Stuff I made/assembled:

Pre-work snack: Dave’s Killer bread with shatta & hummus topped with za’atar roasted aubergine and a side of Tabouli

DELICIOUS Pesto Cheese bagels; eaten toasted with cream cheese, thyme, heirloom tomato & black pepper and a side of the very tasty n hearty Mediterranean chicken stew from New Seasons Market

Adorable bits of produce from Barbur World Foods

Eggs scrambled with a TONNE of Italian parsley, mint, and artichokes, Middle Eastern spices, za’atar roasted aubergine & zucchini, Arabic bread, hummus, shatta, garlic sauce

New Seasons Market Mediterranean Chicken stew topped with parmigiano reggiano; with a salad made from heirloom tomatoes, parsley, olive oil, and balsamic

Pre work lunch: balsamic/rosemary grilled chicken sauteed with zucchini, aubergine, shiitake mushrooms, garlic, olive oil, thyme, and parsley over a bed of mixed greens, heirloom tomatoes, and antipasti veggies; topped with parmigiano reggiano

Late night snack: Dave’s Killer Bread toasted; pack of Artisana Cacao Bliss (raw chocolate coconut butter) and Walnut butter; Oikos w/ raspberries. DELICIOUS; the Cacao Bliss is an addictive hybrid of cacao butter/coconut butter!

Stuff I didn’t make:

Mini Raspberry-filled croissant at St. Honore
Poulet Basquaise sandwich at St Honore
Panini Brie Bartlette at St Honore
Samosa Chaat at Bombay Chaat House
Samosas with chutneys at Bombay Chaat House
Alumni Event Brunch fare: Mixed herb eggs, fruit, roasted potatoes
Arabian Nights Mezze Platter
Foul Mudammas at Arabian Nights
Kebab Platter (Lamb, Beef Kafta, Shish Tawouk chicken) at Arabian Nights

Some random questions:

How do you cheer yourself up when you’re feeling drab?

How do you respond to awkwardness?


26 thoughts on “Slice & Dice: Week 3

  1. I’ve been mentally arguing with myself over what to have for dinner for the past hour but after seeing your spread from Arabian Nights, it’s got to be some foul mudammas! Delicious looking eats as always 🙂

    When I’m feeling down I call/skype my friends or my mama for a good heart to heart. Failing that I either go for a walk to clear my head or curl up with some feel good TV (Modern Family) and ice cream.

    1. Arabian Nights has the BEST Foul Mudammas; so so so so yummy! Arabic food is always my comfort food 🙂 And I agree with you about skyping with the mama and Modern Family to negate a negative mood 🙂

  2. Yum! The stuff you made looks *at least* as tasty as the stuff you didn’t!

    When I’m feeling drab, I like to listen to good music, read good books, watch a good movie, walk in the woods, or dance. Feel better! 🙂

  3. Your eats kill me- always so freakin good…especially that nighttime snack! I have something similar but instead of bread, I have an oat bran muffin crumbled over the Greek yogurt and nut butter..oh and applesauce instead of raspberries! When I’m feeling down, I go for a run, listen to music (slow, soppy songs, not allowed), watch something good on tv that I know will make me laugh (Hello Modern Family/FRIENDS), call a friend or go shopping (retail therapy is a godsend)! You doing ok?

    1. Why thank youuuuu Khushboo; your nighttime snack sounds DELICIOUS- normally i go for blueberry crumble or double chocolate cake but I was out which is why I had to make do with toast n nut butters- but the artisana ones are amazing!
      And yesss I was just having a drabby gray day but the sun is shining on my hood now 😉

  4. I wish I could dine with you. You’ve been out eating some freaking amazing stuff! I’m craving samosas now!
    Hm…I’ve been too busy to feel drabby these days, but when I do, I turn on good ol’ spunky Broadway music and dance along, or just go to sleep. 🙂

    1. Really?! I wish I could dine with YOU! You always know all these amazing hole-in-the-wall places! And samosas are probably one of the best fried concoctions ever created

  5. reading your blog makes me miss PDX food sooo much. what i would do for some bombay chaat house samosas with tamarind sauce, dave’s killer and gabriel’s bagels!!!! at least they import tillamook cheese over here if i ever want it… haha

    1. And PDX misses you so much! Ahhhhh I know, I’m so happy to be back here with the abundance of Dave’s, Gabriel’s, Upper Crust Bread…and of course our beloved carts! I’ll probably be here when you gt back 🙂

  6. I HATE awkwardness. I usually just leave awkward situations haha.

    I watch gilmore girls and bake when I’m feeling down.

    1. Hahaha I find awkwardness very amusing for some reason and always have an urge to pinpoint/elevate the awkwardness just for my own amusement. I suppose I’m strange in that way

    1. Same here! It’s especially funny though dealing with people who don’t know me well and seeing how they might feel awkward by my upfrontedness with a lot of stuff.

  7. I tihnk that every city has a Bombay Chat House, doesn’t it? I think it’s interesting you ate chat as I had some at a party this past weekend and it was SO GOOD.

    The only way I can really cheer myself up is to plan a trip. This is a very expensive solution but that’s the one good thing about getting older – I can actually afford things I never used to be able to!

    1. Yup I think every city does indeed! Ahh chaat is one of my favourite types of Indian food- more places need to have it!
      And ditto on planning a trip…unfortunately since I just started a full time job it will be a while before I feel like I can allow myself to use my vacation days

  8. PESTO CHEESE BAGELS?! I’m in awe. How come I have never seen nor heard of these beauties!? They look fannnnnntastic. I’ve been having a super “off” blog week too.. luckily i have some great guest bloggers to make up for my slack! It’s midterm week and i’m sick, so I have a little excuse, but I’m trying to get up and out of bed to make myself feel better.
    I usually don’t find many situations awkward haha, but when I do I tend to laugh!

    1. It’s a local Portland bakery and they are deeeeelicious! I feel you, blogging while working/in school is no simple feat; I barely have time to blowdry my hair let along blog 🙂

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