Six Things I Always Make Time For

Life has become quite busy.

Oh you know, just being such a cliche;

I’m too busy to blog/talk to my parents/(fill in the blank) now that I have a full time job, gruyere and kefir to replenish, car(s) to spiff & service, bills to pay, neighbour children who abuse their drum-sets at 7am to complain to management about…the usual. I mean, look at that! I barely ever eat out anymore unless it’s from a cart next to my office or a post-work artisan cheese platter and Lion’s Tale at Kask.

In short, if I cannot do it through my blackberry (tweet/bbm/stalk the the prices of my shares), the likelihood of getting it done has just plunged about 79%.

I did however have time to make buckwheat pancakes yesterday morning:

With 2% Chobani, maple syrup, kiwiberries & raspberries

But it was actually as a convenience since I was

a) out of cereal; couldn’t be bothered to drive the 2.5 minutes to New Seasons


b) The pancake recipe yields three servings: aka breakfast for three mornings


c) i wouldn’t have time to eat lunch prior to work which would mean I would need something to hold me over until my break…in many hours.


Now don’t think I am complaining, if anything I suppose this post is one gargantuan #humblebrag; I not-so-secretly relish getting to be tres pretensh and say stuff along the lines of “(insert filler chatter) my office,”, “(insert filler chatter) and i needed an entire 8 ounce mug full of Stumptown espresso to get me through that (insert work task),” and you know openly stress about whether I should have 3 or 5% of my salary put into my 401K.


With that all said, I have compiled a wee list of a few things in which I am never too busy for; and by never I mean until my empire-in-the-works becomes fully fledged in T-8 years and my airbrushed face is chuckling right back at you under a “Forbes” header:

1) Daily Bubble Baths: If you have time to shower; you have time to take a bubble bath- in fact I usually save time by lathering up the tub with pomegranate verbena scents while doing other very important things; like…

2) Ironing my pencil skirts: The sartorial atmosphere of my office is rather casual- we have people wearing everything from plaid (this is Portland after all) to denim that isn’t dark rinse. But, I have always loved my pencil skirts. And have quite an impressive collection:

Please happily disregard the slight toolishness of this photo and the fact that I have not yet prioritised putting away my vacuum cleaner and Goodwill-bound old winter clothing

3) Lifting Weights: I’ve never been a fitness fiend, and who knows if I’m even doing it right, but I feel best starting every other morning with a tad of a dumbbell sesh (which usually happens right after the first mug of home-brewed Peets and right before the bubble bath)

4) Updating my Playlists (or Nora’s rather): I spend at least an hour per day behind the wheel; which equates to at least 1/24 of my life and Portland almost never has traffic which means the I-5 is a solid cruise control, which also means I need some fresh Weezy F, Jay Z, Kanye mixed with a droplet of nostalgic Queen to enliven my commute to

5) Doing vain things before a mirror: I mean how else am I supposed to blow dry my hair or perfect the curve of my Chanel Ebene stylo yeux waterproof? Facing a wall?

6) Making time for my friends: What’s the point of being such a task-a-holic if you don’t even get so much as a break or an opportunity to indulge in the fruits of your labour? Never leave your social life on the back burner for too long or you might find it hard to rinse out the char that forms at the bottom- plus having David make my friend, Kat and I cheese plates (while he’s working- hah!) and helping-by-watching Clare and Megan make tater tot casseroles while dishing about the latest bold things we’ve done is a form of sanity reinstatement for me

Disclaimer: Don’t take this too seriously

What are some things you ALWAYS do regardless of how busy you are?

What kind of music do YOU listen to while on the road?


6 thoughts on “Six Things I Always Make Time For

  1. Gorgeous! And I like your outfit – very chic. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I try to make time for reading, sleeping, and doing something creative (preferably outdoors).

  2. Glad you have time to replenish the important things in life i.e. gruyere ;)! Your list of things is quite similar to mine! Two things i always have time for is my hair (vain much) and a run…oh and also BBM! Keeping in touch with friends/family is what keeps me sane, especially during busy times! Also I am LOVING your pencil skirt look- so chic :)! Mademoiselle Chanel would be hella proud!

  3. You do look incredible in your cute pencil skirt!

    I am a huge fan of making time for exercise and if I have to wake up at 5 am to do so (like I did this morning!) than so be it.

    I definitely need to make time to vaccuum…and I even have one so I have no excuse. ๐Ÿ™‚

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