Blood Sugar

Halloween isn’t really my thing;

and not to sound like a bitter fun-shun but I eschew mainstream Halloween candy, I want nothing to do with pumpkins (unless it’s their seeds roasted on my dainty artisan salad), and I am already battling enough “scary” situations on the daily in the form of my parking garage phobia.

Alright I exaggerate un peu

I am probably just too nostalgically in denial to face the fact that I am no longer in college and thus no longer surrounded by dorm-mates to draw my Amy Winehouse tattoos or…help me glue on my Kim Kardashian faux-lashes

I would post pictures, but there’s a 90% chance I do not know you (and it would probably be in my personal favour to not post pictures of a teenage me prancing around the dorms in bee-hive hairdos or leopard bandage dresses

And though I did not don an atypical outfit this year, I will say that I had some good costume ideas if I WERE to have partaken in dressing up:

1. Karl Lagerfeld

2. Lisbeth Salander

3. Donatella Versace

Naz, however who IS still in college is also not a fan of Halloween, which makes it all the easier to go about our daily lives:

At around 6:15 PM last night, my feeling-hungover-yet-not-actually-hungover (due to not partaking in an afternoon espresso) self had a sudden, drastic plunge in blood sugar with no meat in the house except for a frozen slab of unthawed Filet Mignon- hence I sent over a BBM to Naz inquiring if we can go have some meat for dinner

We headed downtown to Clyde Common, at the Ace Hotel- a very hip, very Portland establishment similar in ambiance to some of my other favourites around town- Laurelhurst Market and Kask

And we were both absolutely beyond the barren valleys of famished; my blood sugar was so low that I had to shun the wear-age of my patent pumps in the boot (of my car) so I wouldn’t trip and eat cement during the one block jaunt across the street from my parking place…and Naz, well I guess she just has better walking coordination…or Burberry makes sturdier pumps than Dolce & Gabbana.

We started with an app- roasted red beets doused with herbs, feta, and pine nuts. Sheer delight; and Naz remembered half way through eating them that she doesn’t even like beets. So I ate the rest

Our waiter also brought over some pillows of foccacia soaking in a bed of olive oil, sea salt, and black pepper; I swear if you’re blood sugar is ever teetering on the cusp of turning to salt, you need to scrounge the nearest trendy eatery for some chunky fluffy carbs ASAP!

Pour le/la main course, Naz chose the prosciutto-wrapped trout with lemon, greens, and mushrooms and topped with a stunningly fried egg

I, however was in desperate need of a gentrified form of meat & potatoes so I went for the medium-rare grilled steak with yukon fingerlings, glazed cippolini onions, roasted garlic, and beef tongue

It was phenomenal! The potatoes and the garlic literally melt in your mouth (I actually was confused over which bits I ate were garlic and which were potatoes), the onions were stewed into the jus and encasing a surprise of beef tongue bits in their centres.

We both cleaned our plates

And, the waiter was thoroughly impressed so naturally he brought over the dessert menu:

Remember how I said earlier in this post that I DO NOT like pumpkin; well neither does Naz, so as soon as we received the menu I looked at her and said, “Well I know which dish we are NOT having alluding to the pumpkin whoopie pie with pumpkin beer ice cream.”

However, upon further evaluation we both thought that the additions of cream cheese frosting and caramel sauce sounded ridiculously tantalising had the flavourings of the pie and ice cream NOT been of the dreaded P-word. So good, that I was willing to shun the idea of clove ice cream or a bleu-cheese almond streusel

So we took the plunge:

It was absolutely delightful; and not OVERLY pumpkin-ified; in fact we did actually order another dessert for good measure:

Chocolate cream tart with Elijah Craig butterscotch and chocolate crumbs

It was a tad too rich however; in which case we finished the pumpkin whoopie thing and around half of that Elijah cake; plus at that point we were both rather…stuffed? Who cares, I’m so happy to have friends who are insistent upon the inclusion of dessert

Clyde Common on Urbanspoon

Did you do Halloween? What did you dress up as?

What is your solution to too-low blood sugar?


11 thoughts on “Blood Sugar

  1. I’m not a huge fan of Halloween OR pumpkin. I’m not sure what it is but I can’t wait for it to be Nov. 1 instead of today. And to think I have a whole night of trick or treating with a 6-year-old ahead of me. Lucky me!

  2. Happy Halloween!! Feels weird saying that since we don’t celebrate it here.
    But I did get my first taste of Trick or Treating last night with the kids I was babysitting for…their neighborhood celebrates Halloween. It was so much fun, my only regret was not getting dressed up.

  3. I always carry candy with me. That’s my low blood-sugar fix. 🙂

    I do not like Halloween. I’m a Christian, so it’s just…not agreeable to me. But if I could dress up for fun, I would go as myself because I am just so fabulous. Heh. Heh. Heh.

  4. Chocolate sandwiches. 🙂 And deseert-sharing friends are some of the best friends a girl can have. Happy Halloween!

  5. Hahah well well well, looks like SOMEBODY gave into the pumpkin craze….it’s one of those ‘that’s when you know you’re a blogger’ moment!s Everything looks so yummy! I am not a big meat eater but do get the random urges to eat it, now is a perfect example! Unsurprisingly a majority of my close friends share my sentiments towards dessert- a meal’s not complete without it! Sugar is my solution to low-blood sugar levels- after blood tests, I’m THAT girl who asks for more than the one cookie everyone is entitled to!

  6. Stumbled upon your blog. Used to live in Portland. Loved living vicariously through your dinner. Looks amazing! Portland is all kinds of into trout now, right? I think I see it at every restaurant, yet don’t remember seeing so much of it 10 years ago…hmm. I guess trout is the new salmon?

    1. Thank you! And yes, Portland really does get into major food trends and I’ve been noticing trout on menus everywhere, then again perhaps there are a lot of trout around during this season since most restaurants here change their menus seasonally.

  7. I was totally thinking of going as Lisbeth Salander! I even ordered a fake dragon tattoo and everything. But it didn’t arrive in time and I didn’t think anyone would know who I was without the tattoo. Maybe in the future. I instead went as Lady Gaga. I do like Halloween, but probably won’t like it as much when I get out of college next year.

    And all the food looks great! But since I have a huge sweet tooth, the two desserts look the best.

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