Arguably, there are few things in the world as satisfying as a good sandwich

Satisfaction in my mind is the complete and thorough fulfillment of a craving; and a fulfillment void of any negative post-event repercussions

This picture is sketchy and grainy and blurry…yes, I get it. But, you see, having such a vestibule of glory before me means I cannot be bothered to get a “money-shot.” Too bad, guess you just have to get your own sandwich.

Allow me to preface; it was lunch time, I was famished and my fridge was meatless; conveniently I headed to New Seasons Market, decided to take the plunge and order a sandwich while stocking up on organic kiwis and fair-trade coffee

Of course, as I was famished I was also in a little bit of a…how do I say it…female-dog-like in the mood…and of course New Seasons was busy as ever, bustling in painfully slow motion with 80% of the over 70 population in the Portland Metropolitan area; and thus I become quite irritated when a shopping cart is blocking me from accessing a $2.50/cup rack of Icelandic yoghurts.

Back to the sandwich; I filled out the grilled sandwich form- requesting the seeded grainy roll with chicken breast, mama’s lil peppers, roasted red peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, caramelized onions, avocado, tomato, olive tapenade, hummus, and mustard. I am that person who will put everything and their mother on a sandwich.

Once the sandwich-maker mispronounced my name to allude that my bundle of glory was ready, I headed to the express queue (where I realised that it was a Wednesday in which seniors receive 10% off their groceries), and headed home.

Originally, I intended to only eat half the sandwich. Funny, I know.

Let’s just say I had some nice mama’s lil pepper juice dripping down my fingers a mere eight minutes later; plus as it was a grilled sandwich it would have been far too soggy to finish later ANYHOW

Plus, eating only half of it would have been a half-assed attempt at fulfilling my cravings which would have ultimately backfired and led me back to the kitchen counter to go look for some strawberries to binge on or something. Yeah. no.

Instead I was a very happy little camper and proceeded to go to work and be extra nice and social and productive, which really is a gigantic #WIN for everyone involved…thus me eating an entire sandwich indirectly affects the members of the company I work for.


Alors, seeing the success a sandwich brought on the prior day, I wholeheartedly accepted an offer from my co-worker, Joe to pick up some Banh-Mi for lunch on Thursday; he sent out an office-wide e-mail with thorough descriptions of the various types of Banh-Mi available at An Xuyen Bakery, a ridiculously amazing Vietnamese Bakery on the Eastside

There were several other factors affecting my decision:

1. It’s $3. $3!!!

2. Hello, I can blog about it!

3. Joe brings two Banh-Mi’s for lunch and dinner every other day…and we all fawn over it in the break-room as we eat stuff like trail mix and Honey Nut Cheerios

4.Baguettes. Jalapenos. Cilantro. Lemongrass Chicken. Pickled carrots and daikon…I mean do I really need say more?

I arrived to work early; Sriracha in tow, ready to demolish this little beast

And a new obsession has been born. If you have not yet tasted the glory that is Banh-Mi, then you are TRULY missing out. TRULY. I couldn’t shut up about this post-demolishment, it was so incredible that it warranted a Facebook status update, which warranted a linkage from my friend, Elle to a recent blog post Mindy Kaling did on her adoration of the Banh-Mi.

Wow. The world is a much more beautiful and optimistic place when one does not deprive or limit their carbohydrate consumption.

An Xuyen Bakery on Urbanspoon

If you’ll excuse me, I have a stack of buckwheat pancakes to tend to. Saturday morning b-fast, y’all!

Ever had Banh-Mi?

What is your definition of satisfaction? And the ultimate satisfying meal? (Note: my other runner-up is Finnish meatballs w/ mashed potatoes)

What is your relationship with carbohydrates?


19 thoughts on “Satisfaction

  1. Not going to lie, Carbs are my best friend. I’m constantly loading up on carbs before I go on a bike ride so I don’t crap out in the middle of It. On days where I’m planning a huge ride Pasta is the only way to go!

    There is only one thing more satisfying than a sandwich…

    And that… Is another sandwich

  2. Gah I want that sandwich! You’re so right though- nothing beats a good sandwich, and the bread makes all the difference! I think you know my love affair with carbs..Atkins can suck it! I went through a phase of limiting my bread intake to like 2 slices a week..crazy times! So many carbs satisfy me (men, take note) but there’s something about a bowl of spaghetti w marinara sauce & parmesan that always hits the spot!
    Oh and that “I can blog about it” line made me true!

  3. I love carbs! Probs too muc. 😛 I’m def a sandwich girl!

    I like your def of satisfaction – I pretty much agree. Feeling happy and having what you want or need without any remaining want/need and without any negative repercussions 🙂

  4. hahahha seriously. i’m the girl who asks for every vegetable or topping on her sandwich and gets comments like “would you like some bread with that salad?” alll theeee time. I LOVE SANDWICHES! both of yours look to die for. the grainy bread in the first one? ahhh i want. and baguettes are just always amazing. I really want to try Banh-Mi now…gahhh!

  5. Best definition EVER.

    Satisfaction in my mind is the complete and thorough fulfillment of a craving; and a fulfillment void of any negative post-event repercussions

    And yeah! Sometimes we do just need a freaking sandwich. A big one!

  6. Banh mi is so tasty and to me so much better than a standard sandwich! I love the vietnamese twist to it and the herbs and spices in it! there is a great little eatery in london that does take- away Banh mis and people line up for them like there is no tomorrow. i am not a huge sandwich fan because there is mostly too little inside layers and too much bread, but banh mis are a good start to changing my opinion!

  7. 1. No on the Bahn-Mi, but is sounds fabulous!
    3. I’m learning more and more about carbs in my nutrition course and I’m working on loving them a lot more!

  8. I’ve never tried Banh-Mi but Jamie Oliver did a segment on Vietnamese food last week in his newest show and I was instantly intrigued! (Despite the fact that it’s not vegan-friendly.)

    I’m still getting back to grips with carbs. One of the first things I did to lose weight was cut out starchy carbs and eventually I got so used to not having bread, pasta, rice etc. that I just stopped craving them altogether. Nowadays I’m purposefully trying to include more in my diet to fill me up and fuel me better during runs. I was inspired by this (and Khushboo’s) post the other day and baked some pita bread from scratch, then had a sandwich for dinner. I’d genuinely forgotten how satisfying a plain old sandwich can be, so thank you Sara!

    1. Any time, Nada 🙂
      And I’m sure there is a way to make Banh-Mi vegan friendly- the place I got my sandwich from makes a tofu version, and you can make a non-mayonnaise based spread to go with the veggies/cilantro/jalapeno

  9. I LOVE BANH MI!!!!!! It’s soooo awesome. It’s a good salad, pickle and sandwich in one bun. Ooooh so good. I used to fear carbs, but that was the stupidest fear ever. How can one live witout carbs? I guess that’s what basically ED is: it robs you off life, both metaphorically and literally.

    1. So true; once I started allowing myself to eat more than a serving of carbs a day it was almost like I got hit with some universal epiphany and started seeing the world through sparkling lenses- ALL over the fact that i let myself eat a sandwich. Wow.

  10. I’ve always wanted to try Banh Mi…there’s even a food truck nearby that sells Vietnamese!! I should get around to it…

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