Scarfing Beef and Donning Silk

The overlying themes of my life since the weekend have been fashion (oh really? how unusual!) and beef. Beefy sandwiches to be as specific as possible.

But before I proceed to spout my nonsensical ramblings into the internet, there is something I have a personal obligation to promote:

Gilt Groupe, the world’s most phenomenal luxury goods flash sale site has begun international shipping!

So, there you go, if you live outside the United States, you can now order Valentino couture, 7 For All Mankind jeans, or some posh household stuff for 60+% off retail price and get it shipped to your humble (or not so humble) abode In Bombay/Riyadh/Doha/Stockholm/wherever. And if you aren’t a member, just click here and consider yourself invited.


Alright, just had to get that excitement off my chest, but since we’re still on the topic of fashion, I might as well continue onto other ways this theme enacted itself on my life recently.

I was in a SEVERE shopping mood this past Sunday; and to anyone who thinks I am always in a shopping mood…yes you are correct, however it has been a stone age and a half since I have made a single purchase, and with this nippy weather sweeping over the Pacific Northwest, I can use some furry filled boots (which are NOT uggs), chunky knits, and other trendy-caj garbs to wear to the office.

Unfortunately, Portland is not exactly a prime shopping destination…unless you’re shopping for wild berry jams or organic food, hence I was rather disappointed with the offerings of Nordstrom, the Saks outlet (since we don’t even have a REAL Saks), and every other mainstream retailer.

Hence, I headed to Mario’s, a luxury boutique that even has valet parking up front (in an outdoor mall in the ‘burbs…I mean really is parking that hard?) just because I needed to see some Prada before my eyes

I stepped into the Mario’s, skimmed the racks for a must-have when I was greeted by Natasha with a champagne glass of Pellegrino. Ah, now this is service.

Natasha then proceeded to tempt me to try on an Elizabeth & James silk frock on sale…and who am I to forgo a plush fitting room?

A part of me hoped the frock would fit awkwardly…but it’s too beautiful.

And not dreadfully cheap, yet on sale- for $232 from $465. And it’s 100% silk. And it’s Elizabeth & James (one of my favourite contemporary designers)!

Natasha has it on hold for me; and so kindly put it on the mannequin so that my advice-hustling can be a little more concise:

It’s gorgeous, nah? By the way, it’s not as sheer as it looks…Natasha just didn’t want to stretch out the slip by donning it on the mannequin.

And I know, it’s not exactly winter clothing, but Natasha suggested I purchase the matching Rabbit coat…as if I’m leaking an extra 3 G’s.

Should I get it???


And on to the beef.

Yesterday I worked ELEVEN HOURS. That’s right, my people, an ELEVEN HOUR SHIFT from 1pm- Midnight, alors it is fair to say I work for my ice

Of course as one knows, plenty of sandwiches are needed to tide one over such a shift:

Oh hello. Confession: I actually arrived with a ridiculous $10 Whole Foods salad bar concoction which I thought would tide me over until dinner; but then one of my colleagues said he was heading down the road to Bunk Sandwiches…and the idea of getting a sandwich from a famous food cart in the freezing cold without having to leave my warm desk was quite appealing.

Hence, I gave Corey $9 and asked him to pick me up a roast beef/horseradish/cheddar/dijon bunk’wich

Yes I know it’s an expensive sandwich, but needless to say this was my first time trying Bunk and I do appreciate how much they PILE ON THE MEAT.

Come to Mama.

Nothing quite as fabulous as replying to e-mails at work while loading up on beef and espresso.

Of course, as it was an eleven hour shift, I had a dinner break later on to tend to…

So a couple of co-workers and I headed to Little Big Burger in the Pearl District for some 1/4 lb hunks of all-natural beef and truffle fries…for under $5. Oh and I got mine with Rogue Creamery bleu cheese because I am le posh like that.

Well, in good news, my iron levels are definitely up to snuff!

And in other news, Slice & Dice will be delayed since I just couldn’t wait to brag about how I had beef sandwiches for all my savoury meals yesterday…plus there is only so much time that dress will be on hold for…

Elizabeth and James dress? Yay or Nay?

If you work…do you eat out on your lunch breaks? How often?

What’s something on your shopping list for this season?


10 thoughts on “Scarfing Beef and Donning Silk

  1. Wow, that’s a stunning address – and it looks better on you than the mannequin! Just yowch to that price tag. 😦 But quality pays off? I mean, do you wear dresses a lot? Or have years of fancy events ahead of you? Then do it! 🙂

  2. Er that dress is a hell yes from me (I’m a dangerous friend to have around)! I would splurge since it’s your first paycheck and all…you can start saving from next month! If it makes you feel better, I spent 800 pounds of my 1st paycheck on a Tods handbag and I love the sentimental value of it (it soothed the guilt of handing over my card haha)! I don’t think I’ve told you before but I seriously love your approach to food…as much as I try to be relaxed about what I eat, I can’t let go fully but you’re really an inspiration 😀

  3. YES for the dress! It looks great on you and it IS on sale after all. I agree with Khushboo – you can save later. When I worked last year I didn’t eat out on lunch breaks that often because we had an on-site canteen with semi-decent food so if I hadn’t brought anything in I could always rely on that.
    Whenever my dad was in London though I’d meet up with him and he’d treat me to a very quick (lunchbreaks were only an hour long!) lunch which was nice.

    On the subject of fluffy boots, I know you lived in Dubai so I have to ask – did anyone ever wear Uggs there in the winter? The number of lemmings from my school who don Uggs as soon as the temperature drops below 30 C is ridiculous.

  4. I love the dress! I think you should definitely buy it because it is a really good deal seeing as it’s original price is a bit ridiculous. But I’m not a good influence…I just bought some beautiful Elie Tahari boots today and do I need another pair of boots. No. I have a total guilty complex right now…

  5. YES to the dress! ITS GORGEOUS! and a real steal if you consider it used to be almost $500 dollars before. sometimes a girl gotta splurge and i am sure you r gonna love wearing the dress. i used to always pack my lunches, i never felt like i could buy a lunch as good as my homemade one and wholefoods left me with a big hole in my wallet. i also prefer going out for dinner so i save up for the evenings!

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