Ladies who Lunch

*Two 12 ounce bags of Boyd’s High Rev Ground Coffee

*1 KG Chobani 0% Greek Yoghurt

*1 KG Chobani 2% Greek Yoghurt

*1 plastic container of diced pineapple

*2 bags of frozen mixed Northwest berries

*1 pint organic Driscoll’s raspberries


Coffee, yoghurt, and fruit have become the only staples that need a weekly replenishment thanks to the fact that I am

a) Out of the house working/errand-ing/trying on boots at Nordstrom from approximately 11am-midnight each weekday

b) Out of the house fueling my socialite fantasies on weekends at bougie cheese plate slash scotch hotspots

Alright, I’ll stop being a complete cliche and humblebragging about how busy I am all the time…

I’ve been eating out a lot; in fact every day. Despite this, I have also become rather lax on the camera; mostly because it takes too much time but truthfully because I have a sudden embarrassment of photographing my merguez sausage when I am already dangerously close to going over my alotted “lunch” breaks.

But for what it’s worth, Naz and I have atmosphere-absorbed in a few new places in which there was neither a rush nor a crowd, such as Cafe Castagna:

Naz ordered the burger with cheddar and bacon; it’s ranked one of the top burgers in Portland- around two years ago, Hallie, Anna and I came here to try them ourselves and I can attest that it is indeed a delicious albeit simple burger (not: when I ordered it I had it sans bacon).

I, on the other hand wanted nothing more than half a chicken to plow through so I went with the harissa-fied chicken topped with honey-glazed carrots upon a bed of couscous. Nothing phenomenal, but it eased the meat craving for the time being

As I am sure you know by now, Naz and I never say no to dessert; however sadly none of the items on the dessert menu caressed our fancy so we split the affogato…which was rather disappointing considering the amount of gelato in the cup had the circumference of a kiwiberry. Sad. Went home and had some Upper Crust Bread Double Chocolate Cake to make up for it.

Cafe Castagna on Urbanspoon

And since my new work schedule no longer accommodates my prior cheese plate & Laphroaig supper habit at Kask, we have started a new Tuesday Tradition:

Lunches at East India Co Grill:

Most Indian restaurants around here (and even that I have seen elsewhere) tend to stick to the “all you can eat” buffets as the sole lunch option. However, being a self-proclaimed Buffet Shunner (I will do a post on this sometime soon), we were delighted to see that East India Grill has a different take on lunch: Five Course Viceroy’s Lunch

Course 1: Dahl (they call it soup though since it’s America…but it’s really yellow dahl)

Course 2: Samosa Chaat (Split potato/pea samosa topped with channa masala, chutneys, and dahi)

Course 3: Tandoori Chicken

Fresh Naan

Naz: Goan Fish Curry with ladyfinger sabzi and brown rice

Me: Chicken Jalfrezie with ladyfinger sabzi and Biryani rice

Course 5: Almond Kulfi Dessert

Besides the food being high quality and fresh, the atmosphere of the restaurant is exactly how Naz and I like it; spacious, refined, table-clothed, and full of gorgeous ornaments such as sparkling napkin holders and pillows.

East India Co. Grill & Bar on Urbanspoon

For what it’s worth…our Sunday nights are spent with these:

Those would be $5 Chicken Shawarma sandwiches…depending on our mood they are usually from either Barbur World Foods or Arabian Nights (this one is takeout from BWF). And as you can see we have tonnes of tabouli, garlic sauce, and babaghanouj for dippage.


By the way; in regard to the container of pineapple I purchased at New Seasons: I brought it to work, ate it in one sitting and now I am permanently sick of pineapple. Ugh. Don’t eat too much pineapple…your mouth will forever taste like a tropical sugar cube…which I guess is not such a terrible thing, but still.

What is a food you are completely sick of?


10 thoughts on “Ladies who Lunch

  1. Oh I have been there with the pineapple my friend. Once I was in a costa coffee and STARVING without a decent salad or sandwich in sight so I ran to the nearest carrefour and bought a container of freshly sliced pineapple which I proceeded to inhale in under 5 minutes. Mouth = on fire. Let’s just say I found out why it’s often used as a meat tenderizer the hard way.

    Anyways, the samosa chaat looks delicious! Also I love that you’re a “buffet snob” – I totally agree. It’s the worst thing about Ramadan season (save for the hummus which is usually spectacular).

  2. The Indian food looks fabulous! I could eat like 5 naans right now.

    I am so sick of eating daal it isn’t even funny. I usually love daal but I overdosed on it and now I can’t even look at it!

    Love your pretty bag!

    1. Haha when I studied abroad in India we ate daal SO MUCH that I never wanted to see a bowl of daal again…but since it’s been a while and it’s freezing outside, yellow daal is quite the comfort food

  3. I’m sick of paw paw…I haven’t had any in 4 years! I had a bad experience with them!
    Lovely eats Sara. I’m jealous you get to eat out so much. I spy Biryani rice, my mum always makes this and I always smother it in a tomato chutney 🙂

  4. Thank you for not referring to yellow dhal as lentil soup- drives me nuts! Love that your LV Speedy found its way into the photo :D! Will keep that heads up about pineapple in mind- I am currently inhaling it like I’m holidaying in Honolulu & need to make the most of it…must.pace.myself! Overnight oats have completely lost their appeal to me- I ate it for breakfast every day for 3 months and hence can’t bear the thought of it anymore,

    1. Hahahahahah…it’s actually Naz’s speedy but whatever I’m planning on buying the same one so it’s like a shot from the future 😉
      Oh and as for oats…I got food poisoning from some overly sweet/milky oatmeal I had at some sketchy hotel in Rishikesh several years ago and since then the mere smell of oats makes me gag :/

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