Thanksgiving at The Nines

Preliminary Note: This is Salt. Water. Coffee.’s 200th post!

Portland is an oil rig on Thanksgiving for anyone who

a) Doesn’t have a family home to go to

b) Would rather fork over a few twenties to have someone else deal with all the cooking and cleaning

Several of the city’s most regaled dining establishments such as Andina, Bluehour, Paley’s Place, and Urban Farmer have Thanksgiving specials ranging from the traditional fare to ones with a tad of a twist.

Having heard rave reviews from my friend, Megan about Urban Farmer’s Thanksgiving spread, my friend David took it upon him to make a reservation there for a wholesome slash classy supper at Portland’s poshest hotel (The Nines…which is where Urban Farmer is located).

There was going to be five of us; however my sister fell sick at the last moment so it ended up being David, Kelsey, my fellow Versace-phile Kyle, and myself.

We showed up famished yet polished; Pilgrim chic if you will: Kelsey looked like she stepped out of an Anthropologie catalogue donning a fantastic pair of rouge suede high-heeled oxfords (if you can picture that), David and Kyle looked spiffy and suited up, and I showed up in a semi-conservative get-up consisting of a bright cardigan-accompanied LBD matched with my bejeweled Vera Wang flats.


Cornbread and butter for the table
Kyle, Kelsey, and I all chose the same starter: Heirloom chicory and spinach salad with honey Riesling poached pear and roasted pecan dressing
For the main course; Kelsey and I both went the traditional route with the Oregon honey & spice roasted Thanksgiving turkey

It was delightful; comfort poultry at it’s finest; and though turkey is not usually my first choice of animal protein, I was more than happy to have an entire plate of meat to polish off

Kyle chose the baked cavatelli with pear, fontina, chestnut, and olive oil
David on the other hand chose to go with the Great Lakes Walleye (fish), fall greens, agnolotti, ham hock, and turnip

An enticing array of Thanksgiving sides were brought out to compliment our respective entrees:

Cornbread stuffing, fennel sausage, dried fruit
Cinnamon Maple Candied Yams
Roasted Brussels sprouts with salted almonds

Β I skipped out on the Brussels sprouts…as I am allergic (no, seriously, I am)

Smashed red potatoes with creme fraiche and chive; housemade cranberry and orange compote


For dessert, I had had my heart set on the chocolate hazelnut dacquoise with praline sauce, salted hazelnuts, and black pepper ice cream; but sadly they sold out so along with Kyle and Kelsey I sprung for the apple galette

Apple Galette, Almond and Candied Fruit Noutgatine, Caramel Cream, Apple Sorbet

David, on the other hand continued his theme of swaying from the crowd and went with the Pumpkin Bread Pudding:

Pumpkin Pie Bread Pudding, burnt marshmallow, Ver jus, raisins, pineapple sherbet

It was a calm, relaxed, yet immensely satisfying affair with the perfect intervals of time between courses to allow proper palate cleansing and conversation

And more than anything, it felt fabulous to not be plagued by the rushing bustling of my regular life- the need to go refill my parking, respond to a phone call, make it in time to work or an appointment. Just peace of mind and a welcome lack of obligations for the rest of the night.

Oh; yes and I finished absolutely everything plated to me without even feeling like I overate. It was glorious and in the words of David, “You were the little engine that could!” Indeed, an analogy to live by…in ways other than just food that is.

What is your favourite Thanksgiving dessert?

Do you ever go out for special occasions?

PS: The location from my prior post was Pondicherry, India- a former French colony on the Southeastern coast of India; and if you are interested, here is a link to the thankful list I wrote while there two years ago. Just a disclaimer: The writing style is a little delirious and I am well aware of the plethora of grammatical errors


10 thoughts on “Thanksgiving at The Nines

  1. The salad, yams, and bread pudding look so good, but the *most amazingly delicious* looking thing there are the brussel sprouts. I can’t believe you passed – I want your portion! πŸ˜›

    My favorite Thanksgiving dessert is, without a doubt, pecan pie with vanilla bean ice cream.

  2. Wow the menu sounds fab and I’m pretty impressed with the price too, given all the food! So much deliciousness in this post, especially those yams…it reminds me of that FRIENDS episode with Brad Pitt haha! I would have gone the traditional route too as a means to get into spirit! No pumpkin pie for you this year πŸ˜‰ ?! Given the fact you hate the stuff and I’ve never tried it, we clearly we don’t fit the “blogger” mold…ah well!

  3. I too am impressed with all that food for such a reasonable price! I am all over letting someone else cook my Thanksgiving meal if it means I don’t have to clean it up. πŸ™‚

    Happy 200th post!

  4. I usually go out for birthdays and random girl’s nights, and my dad & I have been known to hit up the Chinese place on Christmas Eve haha.

  5. wow, what a feast! looks great! I didnt get to celebrate thanksgiving as i am in europe but I often go out for special occasions to celebrate. Mostly with my boyfriend or girlfriends and i love splurging on a nice bottle of wine and good food!

  6. I thought I recognized Pondicherry in those photographs πŸ˜‰
    My fave Thanksgiving dessert would have to be any pie filling with cool whip on top. crust not (always) necessary πŸ˜›

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